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"Eskrima Workshop Sunday @ 10AM Burbank, CA"
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This year's SEACAF has the honour of being attended by two Special Guest
Instructors from California: Master Mark Mikita (
from Los Angeles, and Maestro Dexter Labonog, Head Instructor of Bahala Na
Multi-Style in Stockton, California. We also have the privilege of
attendance by Tom dyTang, designated head of the Kalis Ilustrisimo Orihinal
Repeticion lineage under Grandmaster Tony Diego. It is rare to have an
event attended and instruction offered by instructors of such high calibre,
and at SEACAF, it's all for free!

For his first time in Canada, Maestro Dexter be giving a special 3 hour
workshop the following Sunday after SEACAF (August 9) at the training
Warhouse from 1230 - 330 pm. Focus will be on bladed weapons including
Giron escrima and Serrada Largamano Decuerdas (SLD). For those who enjoyed
the workshop in June by Guros Terry Joven and Noel Tomboc, then you won't
want to miss this advanced training! For those who missed the last
workshop, here's our chance to train with the instructor that has taught
all the Bahala Na graduates since 1987!

Cost will only be $30 to train one of the most recognized FMA instructors
in California. Space will be *limited to 20 people* so contact Brent
Matsuda to preregister and hold a spot. Maestro's Dexter's training
techniques are highly recommended if you want to enhance your skills in
FMA. Particularly if you've never been exposed to SLD (to my knowledge,
this is not taught in Canada). Maestro Dexter provides unique insight into
techniques and training stemming from spending so much time being taught
directly by the founders of various FMA systems. He is held in high regard
by Guro Dan Inosanto (has given seminars at the Inosanto Academy), and has
led the Bahala Na fight team to several championships throughout the USA,
including the Cold Steel tournaments multiple times.

A summary of Maestro Dexter's profile is below:

Actively teaching and promoting Filipino martial arts since 1978 in

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Northern California locations. Supporting local communities, festivals and
Filipino martial arts tournaments. Co-founder for Bahala Na Multi-Style
school (2005). Co-director for Eskrima Coalition of Stockton, CA.

FMA Background

Bahala Na school of Leo Giron — Stockton, CA 1978 (GM Leo Giron)

— Completed Graduate program February 1980

— Issued Teaching Certificate 1987

— Designated Head Instructor

— Most Active student hours under GM Leo Giron

Serrada Largamano Decuerdas (SLD) Filipino Martial Arts (Dentoy Revillar)

Issued Teaching Certificate 1994

Key Skills

Core System:

Giron System of Escrima

Major focus in self defense using Filipino Bolo sword

Long Range direct contact with Cinco Tero striking and Multi-styles.

Core System:

Revillar SLD system of Escrima

Major focus in self defense using Filipino Bolo and Dagger

Medium and close range concept using Multi-styles.

Certified Grandmaster UFMAC

Certified by United Filipino Martial Arts Council

6th degree Blackbelt/Lakan 6    Presas Style Kombatan

Promotion acknowledgement by GM Robert Castro and affiliates of the
International Philippine martial arts federation.

Grandmaster Javier Method of Eskrima.

Honorary promotion acknowledgement to Grandmaster received directly from
Great Grandmaster Isidro p. Javier of the Javier Method of Eskrima.

However, nothing compares to actually feeling what it is like to train

under someone with decades of FMA experience, so find out why Maestro
Dexter is held in such high regard.

Please contact me to hold a spot or if you have any questions. And feel
free to forward this information to other FMA-interested practitioners.

Thank you,
Brent Matsuda
2015 SEACAF Program Coordinator

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