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MIND OVER MATTER (don't mind it, it doesn't matter anymore)

    I remember the time, when Doc. (GM Guillermo Lengson) used to train us before a fight, what we called "a worst combat"  We are given individual instruction,that we should do before we practice together. On my part,I have to jog 30 minutes ( to build up my endurance ),the gym opens around 7:00 Pm. We do warm ups. Doc reminds us that the exercises should be done properly. it starts from the head going down slowly, shoulder,arms,etc.and it will end up to ten compound push ups.around 10-15 minutes warm up. We are only given one minute to rest,and to hydrate. Once Doc calls " Ready! ", we have to be in formation, within 10 seconds, those who are late, have to do 10 push ups. And It seldom happened (discipline ). Second part, we do the basic blocking drills,inside.etc. end up downward blocks,around 8-10 minutes. All in all one hour has passed. We are all exhausted and out of breath, but we have to prepare for a sparring session ( according to Doc.he does that for the main reason that if we are tired, our movement tends to be slow and uncoordinated, And our attack will be weak but we have to overcome such situation.)   I, as the youngest among the group is often times paired with a much better player.( according to Doc.I will learn , if I sparred with a much better player compared to a player that I can easily beat).  We used a cane made of bamboo strips, similar to a bamboo kendo sword but 2-3 inches shorter.  And it hurts a lot when it hits a part that isn't covered by the vest. The hands,forearms tends to cut and bleeds,red and blue bruises, when hit directly,the armpit gives you a shocked sensation of pain. The rule at that time, is first to hit, meaning a player who hits first, scores; and the referee will stop the encounter, and give a point to a player who scores. You can block with your arm. A score part will be only on the head and body ,no point in arms and legs.or below the waistline. a two round,and at two minutes each round .A sudden death in case of a tie. I tend to stop and look at the part where I was hit.( when Doc sees my reaction, he called my attention, by telling me not to mind it, (the pain ) ,its already part of the past but concentrate on your opponent's next attack.....Don't look at me, just listen to my voice) . We often sparred Twice a week.(to improve our skills,as well as to increase our pain tolerance).The unforgettable experiences of my life....The training is twice harder than the actual fight that we called "worst combat". A simple reminder that it takes a man to win but not a boy who cries.

Yours truly,

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Comment by Sony P. Sy on June 24, 2012 at 10:22am

My martial art club, Black Banders Fraternity ( KAFEPHIL ) 3rd floor Quirino Grandstand Luneta Park  ,Headed by GM Dr.Guilermo Lengson and Celia L.Aquino...37 years ago.



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