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Back in the day in  Leo's basement.... If someone had a question about a technique Leo would get up and show you how to execute it. it would usually leave no doubt in your mind of the effectiveness of the technique. Sometimes after practice some of the senior graduates/instructors who would hang out in the basement after Leo would leave.. would be working on techniques from the class or other things they may have learned elsewhere. Of course arguments would arise on wether it would work at full speed under pressure. Who come to mind are Guros Dave Paer & Rot Atay...if they disagreed one of them would say " Lets put on the pads and see"  so they would pad up and the argument would be settled after a few skimishes.

This would happen many times back in the day... it was their way to test  theories, concepts and techniques. It is still the way that Bahalanamulti-style comfirms anything may have a question on.

i bring this up because i spoke to a graduate/certified guro last night. who was assiting a master in a  seminar in Spain.He questioned the master of his system... why every time he does a certain technique that he gets hurt.

The master than shows him again.. in slow motion how to execute the technique. Of course it works. The guro than does it at full speed and the master is unable to perform the technique under short the master got upset and did not work out with the guro for the rest of the seminar and talked bad about the guro to the other participants.

if this was in the basement back in the day..... they would have just put the pads on and lets see. 

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Comment by Henry Paz on September 24, 2012 at 12:09pm
Thanks for that great perspective Guro Lawrence. Always learning.
Comment by Guro Lawrence Motta on September 24, 2012 at 1:11pm

You're welcome Henry and thanks Guro Terry.  You know, teaching the technique is the easy part.  Teaching how and when to use the technique is far more difficult.  Most of the time, I have found that blocks fail because they are inappropriate.  That is to say, in reality you probably wouldn't choose to use a roof block in a hard blast attack scenario - hopefully because you learned in class from a qualified instructor that it has a limit to it's effectiveness.  In such an attack scenario, you might be better served to evade or use contra compas to thwart the attack.  I like what GM Mike used to tell me - "if you are blocking, it means you failed and you have no other choice".  Choosing how to respond to an attack includes gauging the threat and making adjustments to your actions - including execution of whatever defensive technique is appropriate.  This is the lesson that should have been taught.  It looks like someone missed out on a fine opportunity to lift an instructor to an even higher level of understanding.  That's a shame, but no surprise.

Comment by Charlie Rutherford on June 28, 2013 at 10:17pm

You know how many issues this would solve if people would man up and do this? Instead of the whole I am the inheriter of the system but not willing to back it if you are truely the head of a system back what you speak. Thats why I think I have seen it all to much people can run their mouth but are scared to back it up when it comes up to bite them in the ass.


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