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'Kali & The Ethereal Connection'


Grand Master *D*

The term ethereal is a seldom used word when speaking about the masterful martial art known as "Kali". Ethereal! Which means resembling ether or air, delicate or spiritual, of or existing in the upper celestial regions, is the pristine key reason as to why and how this ancient system of martial art science is still into existence to this very day.

Although the combative tactics of Kali have already proven throughout history to be a highly effective method of combat, the more holistic aspects of Kali that gives Kali applications their effectiveness is seldom explained, or more fully examined. When tracing the initial formula by which the ancient system of Kali first received its inception, one must first research the primitive symbol which underlies Kali, "The Triangle".

Additionally! the ethereal or spiritual training in the realm of the 'Filipino martial arts' is likewise based upon a thorough understanding regarding the triangle. As an all inclusive martial art form;

Kali is the 'mother art' from which an assortment of various Filipino combat styles descended. Kali can be divided into three major categories which correspond to the northern, central, and southern parts of the Philippines.

Northern areas seem to stress more of the combat style known as 'Arnis' a long range method comprising single stick & double stick combat applications. Bladed weaponry, and empty hand components are not as heavily emphasized. Central areas seem to accentuate more 'espada y daga' {long blade-short blade} tactics. The short blade is used for close-in fighting, and is accompanied by the longer blade for long range confrontations.

An excellent example of this particular style of fighting is the legendary "Supreme Grand Master" Angel Cabales' 'Serrada System of Escrima'.

{'Serrada is a Spanish word which means to close} This particular style of Filipino martial arts was first introduced into the United State of America by Angel Cabales in 1966. Serrada Escrima was passed down from family member-to-family member; and then from family members to friends of the family. Based upon certain old traditions, and old customs, Cabales' teacher Felicisimo Dizon taught him in secret while still in the Philippines.

Espada y daga, and Arnis help to heighten ambidexterity in that each hand bears weapon responsibility. Southern areas of the Philippines employ various types of bladed weaponry in lieu of sticks or other bladed weaponry substitutes. It has been stated that all Filipino martial arts systems & methods have their roots in Kali. However! Each particular art form has become an amalgamation of this ancestral art form. Another all important role that the triangle plays in the symbology of Kali is that it defines the true essence of which all of life is composed of, thus! "cosmic fire".

The ancient pyramids of Egypt, and also those of South and Central America represent in their triangular structures the "Great Cosmic Fire" in manifested form. According to ancient lore of old! Man represents this "Great Cosmic Fire" in human form. Additionally, many of the old 'Manongs' also believe that man is the most potent of all forces within the universe. In conclusion! I will quote an old ancient Egyptian saying, quote:

"Remember oh man! That all which exists is only another form of that which exists not. Everything that has 'being' is passing yet into other 'being' and thou thyself are not an exception" unquote.

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Comment by Grandmaster "D" on December 7, 2010 at 10:20am
Greetings Brother Ron,

it's always a rare treat to discover a much awaited discourse from you, as you never fail to peak the profound levels of interest & understanding. It's really not true that you have not reached the level of obtainment that you for many years have aspired to reach. Having been in your opulent presence on a few unique occasions at different time periods stemming as far back as the mid-1980's, I have somewhat been able to observe your growth & attune-ment with the universe. As a matter of fact, you are far much more swifter today in all that you do, than you were yesterday. I was once told "It takes a master to recognize another master"...And my fellow Brother in Arms "you are indeed a genuine master". "Just remember that there are different types of masters, and they are all distinctive & unique in their own sometimes 'strange & kooky' ways.

"Salute to you my Brother"

Do you know any of these shabby pirates all dressed in different colors?
Comment by Tasi H. ALO on December 8, 2010 at 12:14am
Derobio Eskrimador Creed

“An Escrimador(a) must have the wisdom and discretion to know when to use his/her art. When forced to use it, he/she must show humanity against aggressors who cannot defend against it and the humbleness not to boast about the power he/she holds. In doing so, he/she will gain harmony both with his/her art and with his/her life.”

Wisdom: understanding of what is true, right, or lasting.

Humanity: humane quality, kindness, mercy.

Humbleness: deeply respectful.

Harmony: a pleasing combination of parts or elements.


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