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FMA - Hollywood is using it why isn't TFC (or GMA)

Maybe I am wrong for I have not watched all TFC teleserye out there.  I am of course aware of a few special characters and shows such as si Bro, Scheduler and of course KuTe.  I have had many problems with these shows, for somehow logic gets thrown out the windows in many of these cases.  I am not here to talk about that, what I am confused about is how these tv shows with the ability to influence so many filipinos choose not to employ things that are truly pinoy.

I am talking about during fight scenes, many of the shows I have seen do not use our native fighting style.  I am not trying to offend anyone but just point out my observation.  In the TFC Juan Dela Cruz- Coco Martin from what I have seen uses a more of a  Kung Fu style of fighting.  Kung Fu is predominantly an empty hand fighting style.  Yet in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) we start with a weapon first.  So it is only logical that a FILIPINO tv show, employing weaponry in its fight scenes would use FMA in its show.

What confuses me even further is that, as Filipino is so enamored with things of the United States.  Lets face it many of the story lines are from Hollywood movies.  Hollywood is now using Filipino Martial Arts in movies such as the Bourne Series, The Book of Eli, iFrankenstein, Mission Impossible Series, etc...  So why are we not copying Hollywood and start copying them who are using our own martial art?

FMA is such an integral part of our culture that many of our own people do not know about.  It breaks my heart that most Filipino's have not even heard of FMA.  Well maybe just maybe if the tv shows in the Philippines would start employing FMA, more people would know it exist.  

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