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HILOT GARIMOT {Filipino Healing Arts}

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Just to think of it, we do our own thing all the times, we don't associates with other FMA on the area. Well I am really want to take this "CHALLENGING TASK". I was talking to Kapatid Guro Roberto Torres that I would like to invite all FMA in Florida just for a day of fun "Gathering" Symposium to be able to reach out to them and give them my hearted support to the system that they teaching.
My first thought was, their are so many Martial Arts out there and majority of them support of each other, by way of tournament, seminar, symposium and propagation of their loving arts. Well, I would like to invite every single FMA instructors and practitioners to get together and a day of Training from various system for FREE, NO CHARGE, NO PAGA NI SENTIMO, just to compete in other Martial Arts business startegy.

I have been thinking about this for so long and the idea come about during the Sama-sama in Orlando with Sayoc Kali, Pambuan Arnis, Balintawak, Modern Arnis and Garimot Arnis back in 1996. I would like to continue this and reach out to those groups that want to participate for this event. I would like to try for a day and see what how much the support, remeber this is not Tournaments it's a day of friendly training to each other, maybe I can Spearhead this event the first times and hopefully other master will took the ownership of hosting the next one, or we can agree upon ending the Symposium till everyone get comfortable to the format, then we can make more concrete plans and do things to the FMA in General here in the State of Florida and out. We can set a tone to the rest of FMA community nationwide or even worldwide.

ORIENTATION : Registration
FEE: Free for all
TRAINING: Depend of how many Instructor was involved, if their 8 system involved, then we can break it down to two instructor Classes to choose each Hour. And each hour of we gather in the center and have 15 minutes Demo of the next 2 Instructor to showcase their area of training to cover, so the practitioner can go ahead and choose which instructor to go and train for the next one hour.

For attendees will grant them with certificate of training with the signature of all instructor with no. Maybe we find a sponsor to give us few dollar to spend for materials and tools we need on this events (flyers, certificate and may be souvineers etc.) Well, when it become bigger and bigger then we can try to think other thing we can do to make it well attended.

Instructor I am calling to your Attention and If you are interested please e-mail me and let decide the date and time. I AM VOLUNTEER HOSTING THIS YEAR EVENTS:

E-MAIL: or all me at 954-432-4433 or 305-788-4403 (NO POLITICS I PROMISE YOU THAT)

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Comment by John R. Malmo on April 26, 2009 at 9:54am
This is a tremendous idea Abon! I would certainly be iterested in being involved with this endeavor!

A few suggestions - at Uncle's gatherings (Willem de Thouars), there are usually around 4 instructors teaching at one time. Each set is taught for approximately an hour.

Have this Gathering over two days. This allows all participants the opportunity to train with each instructor.

Thanks for suggesting this and volunteering!!!
Comment by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet on April 26, 2009 at 1:28pm
This great idea, and please help other practitioner to plan ahead for this event, Two days is fine, with me. Just need more interested instructor to support the events. So meaning you are IN? Yes? okay.. Salamat, Gat Puno Abon
Comment by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet on April 26, 2009 at 5:44pm
Maha Guro Nate Defensor the head of the Defensor Method of Kali is willing to join this events. So I have Garimot Arnis and Defensor Method and Kombatan on the list of Instructor. We just have to se the Date that work to all of us. Thank you,

Gat Puno Abon
Comment by John R. Malmo on April 26, 2009 at 6:28pm
Dean Truax is interested in representing Inosanto/Lacoste as well.
Comment by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet on April 26, 2009 at 6:34pm
Instructor so far for the Florida FMA Symposium (KATIPUNAN 2009):
Garimot Arnis
Kobatan Arnis
Defensor Method Kali
Inosanto Lacoste Kali
Comment by John R. Malmo on April 26, 2009 at 6:38pm
Perhaps someone with Luzviminda Arnis would be interested - or someone active within Sayoc.
Comment by John R. Malmo on April 27, 2009 at 9:23am
Comment by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet on April 27, 2009 at 1:41pm
I am calling everyone in Florida, we need everyone supports:

Luzvimida (GM Fred Lazo from Tampa)
Sayoc Kali Group (Tuhon Mike Sayoc)
Pambuan Arnis Tulisan Caballero (Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan)
Filipino Combat System (Tuhon Ray Dionaldo)
PIkiti Tirsia (Dino ??)
Inayan Eskrima
Serrada Eskrima
Comment by Sam on April 27, 2009 at 5:52pm
Sounds like a great idea! If I could make a suggestion:
Would it be a good idea to put a cap on the amount of instructors per symposium to say maybe 6? 3 can teach Saturday and then 3 can teach Sunday. Maybe have 2 hour sessions as oppose to 1 hour. To me, one hour seems alittle short per instructor. This would give the event an 8 hour duration for each day (6 hrs of training, 1 hour lunch and maybe 2 breaks in between at 30 mins. each for those who would like pictures taken, talk to the instructors, buy products instructors have brought with them, etc.). If there are alot of instructors participating, maybe have two per year (Spring / Fall)...
I haven't been to a lot of seminars but the ones I have gone to seemed like their wasn't much time to speak to the instructor(s) to try to get to know him/her better...
If this event would like sponsorships, I think at least 6 months is needed after everything has been "ironed" out. An information packet will need to be created, mailed, follow-ups, response time, screenprinting time (if shirts with sponsors are to be done),etc...
Let me know if I can help in any way. Again, I think this is a great idea!
Comment by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet on April 27, 2009 at 6:08pm


Everything is possible, as long as the other instructor is okay that suggestion. The more support we get the better and two per year is good is idea, may be we can invite the sponsor to sell stuff, like Smak Stiks from georgia and other company that can sell product on the symposium. Thank you looking forward to see you on Summer Retreat too, Gat Puno Abon


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