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DM Serrada Seminar synopsis and Katipunan 2009 Links

Hello All,

Hope this blog finds you in good health, great spirits and a not so "blue" Monday.
Seminar Synopsis from Serrada Seminar Yesterday:
*Inayan Serrada Angles of attack broken and linked, solo and with partner
*Counters to angle 1: Outside sweep, inside sweep, cross block, umbrella, roof block, outside thrust, outside slash
*Counters to angle 2: Outside sweep, shoulder block, outside cross block, inside cross block, umbrella, inside sweep, roof block
*Angle 3: cross block, pass block, umbrella
Discussion: went over importance of close/medium range in relation to weapon vs weapon, weapon vs empty hand, & empty hand vs empty hand. How Serrada training/theory/strategy can improve any of the fighting tools, ie...striking, grappling, trapping, etc...

Next Serrada Follow Up seminar date will be slated for November 8. Be ready to rumble! You will get locked and blocked and clocked and rocked! LOL!

In attendance: Donald Motley, Joy de Jarden, Jason Brigham, Sapu Bob, Paris Ng, Adelle Canares-Jackson, Michael Querubin, Christopher Dino, Robert Beard, Tasso Ketsios.

Eats: Jakes Broasted chicken had good corn in the kob, gyros and chicken (Broadway and Montrose).

Below is a post to my facebook profile by Suro Jason Inay:
Jason Inay to Nate Defensor:
Im gonna be in Wisconsin this weekend if any of your guys are interested

Memorial workout for my Dad on Saturday in the morning is free. The DM guys are always BTW I found an old pic with you, my dad, and uncle dan in it. I think you are like 18 in the picture. It's in my backyard.

All the best
Suro J. InayRead More
Wisconsin Inayan System of Eskrima Seminars | Inayan Training Organization
Learn Eskrima at the Inayan System of Eskrima Seminars in Wisconsin. From September 23rd to September 26th seminars will be conducted on general Inayan Eskrima, Inayan Kadena De Mano, as well as self-defense and street fighting. ...

Below is more on Katipunan Vids at
Announcement video on Katipunan schedule by Nate Defensor::

Video produced by Doc, one of the videographers on camp with music, interviews, and all:

Video on Suro/Sifu Lee Peacock Inosanto/LaCoste System:

Video clip on GM Bram Frank Demo:

Video clip on Guro/Shihan John Kovacs Arnis-JuJitsu:

Katipunan Video Footage on
Demos by Mas Guru Greg Alland, Guro Johh Kovacs, and Mahaguro Nate Defensor:

Demos by GM Bram Frank, Guro Dan Medina, and Guro Felix Diaz

YouTube Videos posted:
Day 2 Session with Guro Shaun Burley showing Nate Defensor Bigay-Tama Drills:

Photos from Katipunan 2009 on Billy Langella's album

Photos by Gat Puno Abon Baet:

Photos by Gerson "Jayson" Pena:

Nate Defensor

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