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Why are you here on - Filipino Martial Arts Network?

Considering all of the things I am thankful for, I would definitely have to include  There are literally thousands of other sites I could be on right now, but I always come back to this one.  I spend more time working to make sure that this site is the premier Filipino Martial Arts Network than I can possibly measure. 

Why?  Because I am passionate about the Filipino Martial Arts; because of the great people, great conversations, and wonderful friendships; because this network is bringing the FMA community closer together as one family. 

My responsibility to my teachers, my students, the FMA world, and this network is what lead me here.

But what brought you here? 

What is different about that keeps bringing you back?

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I am on because it reflects everything that I love about being a martial artist. FMA is one of my favorites. I believe that it is important to join a community that shares my values in this regard. I know that my education and training is a life long endeavor.
Hello All!

I think that I came across while at work. I have many reasons for being here.

For the longest time that I can think of I have been trying to find a way to meet more martial artists in my own geographical area and reach out to artists in other countries. did it! All of the martial artists that I have ever trained with and many who I never would have had the opportunity to meet from all around the world are here on

At first I did not know much about the site, but I kept poking around and started following arts that I had researched and befriending the affiliated artists. I remember logging in one day to see a message from Guro Doug Marcaida on my home page, which totally floored me! I had seen his videos on YouTube and then I thought, what! This is for real? Hahahaha! It is. Since then I've communicated with many other martial artists and they have reignited my passion for martial arts.

My experience has been that upper level martial artists communicate with everyone regardless of level or affiliation, which is a pretty heady experience. Here the world is flat and as long as you stick to discussing martial arts everyone is willing to communicate with you so that you can cut though boundaries preventing you from seeking the knowledge holding you back from advancing as a martial artist. I am more involved now in martial arts than I had ever been in and out of the dojo.

In the dojo so much time is spent doing the physical, which is necessary, but here we also focus on the business of advancing martial arts, and the logical or mental behind the art is discussed all day, so this is a great place to spend time to get a more well rounded experience.

Bahala Na!
I came to this site very early on. I found there were some people that I knew and some that I did not. I have made new friends. I have enjoyed the discussions and exchange of thoughts on FMA, some have been ver candid. FMA is like making Adobo, everybody puts something a little different in it, but it is still adobo. Because of this site I have met new friends in FMA and gone met them and played togather had some great times that will always be great memories. Without this site that would not have happen! Keep up good work.

Marc Lawrence
Punong Guro
South Bay Filipino Martials Club,
I was directed to by a very good friend and sometimes instructor of mine. I've already been called a "Malmoian" so i guess that explains who I am referring to. The truth is that this is a great place to be. I look forward to hearing what others have to say and I really enjoy the chance to interact with like minded people. Truth is where you find it, and Arnis has shown me a lot of things that I didn't know i didn't know;you know?
I used to spend my time collecting belt ranks, and later groups of technical skills and drills. But I don't think that martial arts training has to be so ego-centric or memory dependent.Not that those are bad things, they are just the ways I have expressed my martial arts in the past. I now spend my time looking for the "flow", and I believe that Arnis and My can help me stay focused on flowing. Woo-Hoo, what a ride!
I was surfing and one of the results of the queries brought me here. I noticed that FMAers post their real names on this site so I thought that that was cool. Its a good start to know other FMAers.

Thanks for the observation. I think it is imperative for everyone to be open and upfront. Using real names is definitely a huge plus. It's easy for individuals to hide behind a fake username, and spout their ignorance. :)

Glad to have you here, and appreciate your contributions!
I came to join this network to be able to communicate with like minded people who train in FMA. We all are really a family and should be able to trade techniques and opinions.


I agree completely! That was the driving force behind the creation of!
Just like we have a mother and father, Eskrima and Silat are my martial parents and I love them both equally. Thanks again John for the invitation.

Zach Jenkins
I'm here because student should always seek a teacher and not teacher seeking student, to me is the Teacher of the world it binds us all together as one for we are all students of Filippino Martial Arts.
I am here because it seems to be a great place to get together with others who share a love for the FMA’s and who also leave theirs ego’s at the door making for great open minded discussions and continual learning. This is a great site that gives the art the respect it finally deserves. I used to get very anger with people when they would respond with “oh you practice eskrima, you guys just play with sticks” as if that is all we do; until my instructor told me not to get anger with them and instead just show them the multiplicity of the art. This website shows the diversity of FMA’s like no other site I have visited. Guro Mike


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