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Why are you here on - Filipino Martial Arts Network?

Considering all of the things I am thankful for, I would definitely have to include  There are literally thousands of other sites I could be on right now, but I always come back to this one.  I spend more time working to make sure that this site is the premier Filipino Martial Arts Network than I can possibly measure. 

Why?  Because I am passionate about the Filipino Martial Arts; because of the great people, great conversations, and wonderful friendships; because this network is bringing the FMA community closer together as one family. 

My responsibility to my teachers, my students, the FMA world, and this network is what lead me here.

But what brought you here? 

What is different about that keeps bringing you back?

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I'm here because my Teacher asked me to check it out so I did. I stay because I tend to lose focus and it helps to keep me on track. Being able to gather input and knowledge from such a variety of sources and influences is an incredible opportunity for anybody wishing to understand any subject, much less something as complex as the warrior lifestyle. This website is a wonderful resource and I think it will be around for a long time.
Your instructor must be a wise and knowledgeable man. And, you must be on the way to be a dedicated student. :)
I do believe I am on my way. Thank you for the compliment to my instructor, he is full of wisdom, knowledege, and many other things.
I'm sure he'll appreciate your compliments and reward you appropriately at your next class. =)
I came to that realization about 1/2 a second after hitting add reply. I suppose I will not have to worry about putting my foot in my mouth.
A friend asked me to check out this site myfma. Since joining I have been glued to it nearly everyday. I love the diversity of the material available and being able interact with other members cements this site as one of my favorites on the net.
It seems FMA has reached the 4 corners of the globe and the more we learn off each other, the stronger the art will become and all will benefit. Also the fact there are so many top Fma practitioners to learn from and listen to,, for me this is very mentally stimulating and a rewarding experience.
A1 thank you.
I'm glad you joined us Dave. You have been willing to help since your first day, and are a welcome addition to our moderator staff. Thanks for the feedback!
I think a big thank you goes to you John. I feel humbled that you are letting me help. For me it's like the saying " If you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life"
Keep up the great work my friend.
Vincente Batalla from Oberhausen Germany said why don't u check out this site. It took me a while but i finally checked it out and joined!. Prior to this i used to hang out on You-Tube to get my daily fma fix, looking at videos to see how Bahala Na Multi-Style matches up to the rest of the world. What i have found since joining that i'm able to stay up to date on what is going on in the FMA World i mean its amazing how much daily imput is entered into this site. I meet new people and make new friends almost daily! I re-establish contact with old friends that i hav'nt heard from in years. I watch all the new videos and see great pictures from a lot of amazing FMAers collection. I found out things i would have never known if not for this site!
I love the fact i can showcase my Brothers & Sisters of Bahala Na Multi-Style to the rest of the world. Leo Giron would be proud!
Thank you John for putting this site together bro! I spend more time on this site than anywhere. I hardly look at You-Tube anymore! Great job on all the updates and the constant changes you make almost daily!
Vincente is a smart and talented man!

Terry, I completely agree - this site has lead to friendships that may not have other occurred without it. I get to communicate with extremely talented practitioners every day that are spread all over the world. I am working on ways to steal even more people away from YouTube... more on that later. :)

Thank you as always for being such a constant presence here. It is a tremendous help! is the only place or source of information and knowledge (other than my instructor) that combines in one collective site the opinions and experience of so many excellent teachers and practitioners.From friends and conversations to techniques and videos this is a premier spot to find what I am looking for.I would also have to say that losing focus is an issue I have trouble with and keeps track of the things I sometimes don't spend enough time working on.
Thank You for allowing us a place to share our knowledge.
With respect Josh Pearce
As I said to Travis, your instructor must be one hell of a guy! ;)


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