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Who do you think has had the greatest influence on Filipino Martial Arts in your country?

There are a lot of great instructors in the world teaching Filipino Martial Arts but my question is not who is the best or who has the best system, but who has had the greatest influence in each country or on the world?

In America, my vote goes to Guro Dan Inosanto.  Guro Inosanto in my opinion, has had the greatest influence in America and parts of Europe through books, videos, seminars, and movies.  Everywhere you turn you see someone explaining sambrada, inside deflection, outside deflection, Hubad, Heaven 6, and so on... In my observations, there aren't many in the Philippines that use Inosanto's terminology or drills yet outside of the Philippines there are hundreds if not thousands of "instructors", that use his terms, drills, and techniques.  My only criticism is that the majority of these "instructors", don't give him the credit that he deserves.

 Who do you think has had the most influence and why?

Zach Jenkins

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Hard to answer. I am in the Philippines ;)
Yes Simon, I can see how that would be very difficult for you to answer. :)

I know what you mean :)

I would say that my instructor really appreciates the work of Guro Dan for all he has done for FMA and getting it noticed and appreciated.

More people joining FMA is good for him as many instructors in the Philippines rely on foreign students coming to train to make a living (especially those that can not get visas to visit the USA / Europe :( )

One of the questions they ask on the first day is about "De-fanging the snake". If I'm not mistaken that is also Inosanto terminology?
Yes, I've heard Guro Inosanto use this term, "De-fanging the snake" on many occasions. I think because it was a descriptive term and easier for Americans to understand than agaws. I could be wrong but that's the impression that I got.

I think the benefit for people traveling to the Philippines to train is that there's so much more to see and experience than here in the America. Of course training from the source is usually the preferred method if a person can afford it and has the time to do so. I was fortunate to meet my instructor from Cebu when I lived in Germany many years ago. Prior to meeting him, I almost quit practicing because I was getting bored with the training to be honest. My instructor opened my eyes to so much more and I'm very grateful to him for that.

Thanks Simon for your input, it's very much appreciated!

De-fanging the snake is a phrase used in kali for "Limb destruction" I believe!
Greetings Brother Zach Jenkins,

I've followed many of your interesting topics regarding FMA, and the various topics that you bring up create a great deal of positive stimulation in the areas of combat. I'd like to comment on your question about "Who do you think has had the greatest influence on Filipino Martial Arts in your country?" I've always gone by the belief that "It takes a team to make a champion or a star". Guro Dan Inosanto is no exception to the rule. Although Guro Inosanto was extremely instrumental in popularizing Filipino martial arts particulary in America; he did have a great deal of help from the various Manongs from Stockton, California, back in the late 60's & early 70's; specifically from GGM Angel Cabales. Some of the Inosanto terminology that you mentioned such as, "inside deflection & outside deflection" are descriptions that come directly from out of the "Cabales Serrada System of Escrima" terminology...In order to spread the popularity of a little known system of any form of martial arts, you have to learn the insides & outsides of that particular art form, so that you can intelligently & effectively communicate that art form over to other people. Again! this is where GGM Angel Cabales played the key most significant instrumental role in schooling Guro Dan Inosanto in the overall areas of Filipino martial arts. Within America & within other western countries as well, if you do not have some form of visual or written documentation or official consent to prove your authority in any given field, you will most likely be viewed upon as a charlatan. After Dan Inosanto, Richard S. Bustillo & Ted Lucaylucay all had secured their "drivers licenses" or (Advanced Serrada Escrima Diplomas) from GGM Angel Cabales; all three of these men struck out on their own with a boldness on a mission to establish FMA all over America first, and then to other parts of the world second. When I first promoted both Guro Dan Inosanto & Guro Richard S. Bustillo in the state of Ohio for the first time ever back in 1980, both of these men told me & others that if it were not for the practical & fundamental escrima guidance & knowledge that they both had received from GGM Angel Cabales, they would not have had the confidence to spread Filipino martial arts anywhere in the world. When we watch a great actor or actress' performance in a film production, very rarely do we see all of the other people behind the camera scenes that helped to make that actor or actress able to give a great performance. Again! Guro Dan Inosanto is no exception to the rule..."It takes a team to make a champion or a star". To me, Guro Dan Inosanto's popularity & influence in regards to spreading FMA in America & elsewhere, is a "Collaborative Affair" which includes many unknown faces behind the scenes.

Thanx for the spot!!!

Highest Regards,

Note: Guro Dan Inosanto & GM Richard S. Bustillo are the two last persons kneeling in the front row. GGM Angel Cabales is centered kneeling in the front row as well. Ted Lucaylucay & Leo T. Fong are the 5th. & 6th. persons pictured standing in the back row.

This photo was taken back in 1980, in Cleveland, Ohio. GM "D" was the first Filipino martial arts promoter to bring both Guro Dan Inosanto & GM Richard S. Bustillo, to the midwest & east coast areas at a time when "Jeet Kune Do" & Filipino martial arts was little heard of. Note: Inosanto is kneeling at left; GM "D" is at right; & Mila Davis is centerd in the back middle.

1983, Guro Dan Inosanto & a young escrimador stand proudly together at a "Lucaylucay/Inosanto Seminar" sponsored by GM "D" in Fairfield, California.
Greetings to you also Grand Master "D"

Thank you for your sharing your input and your photos in response to this discussion. It's rare that we get the opportunity to hear directly from individuals that have your experience and background in the martial arts, and especially the Filipino Martial Arts. Although I've never met him, I know from what I've seen from his former students that GGM Angel Cabales was a legend in the art and was instrumental in the success of many instructors that followed. The list of individuals whose contributions had a tremendous positive impact on the FMA is a long one and many of the current GM's, especially the ones that you mentioned, the GM's and GGM's from the Philippines, along with yourself, make the FMA one of the premiere martial art systems in the world! Fortunately there are still practitioners from the GM's and GGM's that are able to perpetuate to some extent, the art as it was practiced by the FMA legends that are no longer with us.

Thanks again for your comments and I hope that you will continue to share your experience with us in the future.

Zach Jenkins
I would have to agree with GM 'D', and adding more, the GGM's from Stockton (GGM Angel Cabales, GGM Leo Giron, GGM Johnny Lacost, GGM Gilbert Tenio) were the greastest influence with Master (Guro) Dan Inosantos documentation and demos all influenced FMA here in America.
In the Philippines my vote would have to go to the Labanong Fenceing / Doce Pares Club of Cebu, with the Saveedra's, Canetes and Bacon before the Balintiwak split, documentation has it that GGM Cabales instructor GGM Felisimo Dizon also trained with some of the members of the Doce Pares club.
Lastly, I would also have to say the GGM Remey Presas had a lot to do with spreading the FMA here in America and the Philippines (Manila) through Physical Education class's, seminars and written documentation (book).

There are probably many other FMA Masters who are not mentioned above that played key roles in influencing the art.
I myself have to concur with GM D, Dan Inosanto had to search for the knowledge that he teaches now, not only did he explore the manongs in Stockton but went Hawaii in searching for Filipino Martial Arts knowledge. We must also take into consideration that many top 'eskrimadors' left the Phillippine Islands back in the 1920's seek their fortune. I heard stories about those times in Hawaii when there were full contact & death matches. Yes Dan Inosanto was the one that shed the light on FMA deserving all the credit due for doing that but to me it is SGM Angel Cabales that I view as the Father of American Eskrima just because he was a REAL 'eskrimador, a person who actually lived the lifestyle similar to that of a gunslinger from the American old West. His specialty was 'dueling' thats how he taught it.Dan Inosanto had to meet this man and learn from him before he could bring the spotlight to it.Chronologically it seems to me that it all started with SGM Angel Cabales and those Hawaii eskrimadors then it expanded to where it all is today. IMHO!
Thank you sir for commenting on this thread. I agree with your observations and I think I can speak for many when I say that we appreciate all that these GGM's and/or teachers of teachers have shared with us and what they have done to help further the Filipino Martial Arts. I only hope that we as teachers and pratitioners of the art will keep the Filipino martial tradition alive as it was taught to us by our teachers, for future generations to enjoy.

Zach Jenkins
Guten Tag Brother Zach Jenkins,

It's always an honor & a great pleasure to participate in viable FMA diologue. Additionally! thank you for your sincere compliments regarding myself & GGM Angel Cabales, along with the many other illustrious Manongs all around the world. Your statement regarding "FMA as being one of the premiere martial arts systems in the world" has now become a statement of fact. I'm just proud to know that master craftsmen such as yourself will continue to keep the pristine aspects of Filipino martial arts alive & flowing from one generation to the next.

Also! It's good to see Brother/Guro David Ducay is still in the house. "Take Great Care Brother Jenkins & keep on stickin und moving"

Deepest Respects!


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