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As mentioned in our September 2010 Announcements, we will have T-shirts that represent - Filipino Martial Arts Network and its members available in the near future.  We are working with Anthony Sell and a few other individuals on possible designs and artwork.

On the back of each shirt, we want to display the various styles/systems represented by members.  In order to get this project off the ground, we are asking that every style/system be sponsored by a donation of $50.  Any member, group, school, or organization may sponsor any recognized Filipino Martial Arts style/system that they wish.  Multiple entities may also sponsor the same style/system.

Every style/system that is sponsored will have its name clearly written across the back of the shirt - probably in a recognized design.  We will not be able to accommodate the various logos of each style/system on this first design.  That is something we would be excited about doing in future projects.

Note:  Placement of each style/system name will be displayed on a first come basis. (Unless determined differently by our members.)

We do not have a current deadline for the project, but the sooner styles/systems are sponsored the sooner we can make the shirts available.

We envision FMA events being overrun with our members sporting their new "Filipino Martial Arts Network" shirts!  Through our combined unity, the FMA community will flourish and prosper!


We now have a PayPal donation application on the right hand side bar.  Simply choose the amount that you would like to donate from the drop down selection and click Give.  During the check out process you will be given an opportunity to input comments/special instructions.  Please indicate the style you wish to sponsor.

You may also add the widget to your own websites by clicking "Add to Site."  This will help us generate more interest and garner more support for your own individual style(s).

For now, contributions and amounts are public.  If there is any concern over this, or if someone wishes to donate anonymously, please feel free to send me an email -

Please click on this Poll Link to indicate your preferred shirt colors, text colors, and your opinions on allowing premium placement locations based on donation amounts.

The image used in the sidebar is not the actual design.  (Although it could be if you like it)  I just had to have an image for the application.  *smile*


The deadline to have your Filipino Martial Arts style included on the T-shirts is October 1, 2010.  We want to allow everyone as much time as we can so that as many styles as possible are represented.  We also want to make the shirts available as soon as possible.

If you have not already donated to sponsor your style, please do so by utilizing the PayPal widget in the right hand side bar.  You may also contact me directly if you wish to use some other means to donate.

We are still accepting feedback through our online survey.  So far, black is by far the leading choice for shirt color.  You can take this short 4 question survey by clicking here.  The url for the poll is:


Poll Decisions
Here are the findings from our survey.

  • Shirt Color : Black (by an overwhelming majority)
  • Text Color: White & Red
  • Preferred Placement:  A very small majority of members voted for preferred placement.  Since there wasn't a clear majority, we will hold off on this until future shirts.
  • Price:  $17.50 plus shipping for members  ($25.00 plus shipping for non-members)


Deadline Extension
The deadline to sponsor your FMA style and have it represented on the t-shirts has been extended to Friday, October 8th.

The design for the first production of shirts is slated to be completed sometime this coming week.

We will start taking pre-orders for shirts shortly.  The shirts will likely go to the printer 2 to 3 weeks from today.


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Down the road , have multiple styles of shirts and have "don;t bring a gun to knife fight" on one of them. Guru Blackgrave was sporting on of these tees in one of his Seamok vids ( about "Debunking the Karambit hujib") and I loved it. See if one of the color combos on the shirts ( if you decide to have multi colors sets,cuz you know the girls are gonna want pink) to be OD green and black letters. This is a great Idea! Maybe an online store, maybe consider maketing items from the different styles/ schools and then get a % and the style or school gets a %. Its a win win! Books, DVD(s), training sets. Possibly someone could get some distance learning stuff going....Please? Great Idea! Can't wait to see the new shirts. Peace, Don
would like to know if you will have an affiliate design to fit with guru insantos style,this would be a nice touch ,he does a,lot of variations and styles,ralph
Don and Ralph,

Great suggestions!

Not to reveal too much, BUT there are a number of other similar projects coming in the future - ie, training videos, iphone apps, and more!
While I'm commenting, I forgot to mention that if anyone owns/operates a screen/printing shop or designs logos feel free to contact us. We are definitely interested in getting members the best deal possible!
count me in- do you paypal?
Excellent to hear Buzz! Yes, we will be setting up a payment link in the next couple of days. =)
Please add Sina Tirsia Wali to the back of the shirt. Thanks.
How many styles do you anticipate to be on the back of the T-shirt? Will it be white or black background? I like the black T-shirts myself.

We will probably take a poll of members' preferences. My guess is that the first shirts will be black - with future shirts in white and other colors.
We will be happy to place as many styles/systems on the shirt as possible. Any style/system that is sponsored will be featured on the back.
I was talking to Guro Glenn Abrescy about this the other day befor u posted this, a great way to help keep your internet site up. Glenn has his own shirt printing operation! i will get him to contact you!
Sounds good Terry! I have actually been approached by a few members that are interested in offering their services. The support is outstanding!


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