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I thought it would be beneficial if everyone would post their favorite Filipino Martial Arts training drills.

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There are so many drills and each has their function, I really like chain drills= give and take technique flow.
I also have many training devices or set ups that help develop eye hand co ordination and learning how not to telegraph what your intentions are.
From Kombatan, we utilize Palitan. Palit-palit is a give and take drill that develops flow, range and distancing, timing, and speed.

It is taught with all weapon and empty hand possibilities - double stick, single stick, knife, espada y daga, and mano mano.

It covers long range, medium range, and close range and employs all defense methodologies.

A very basic description: as attacker advances with a strike the defender counters and then immediately advances as the attacker. This is done through a back and forth method of footwork and attacks/counters.

Here is a video clip of Guro Pedro performing palit-palit with a knife:
I like this drill its beautiful , I would however try to keep the motion tight and not wide .
I had a similar opinion at first that I would prefer to keep the motion tight and not wide. I found out that specially for beginners, wide angles is easier to teach. Wider angles is also easier to counter in terms of visual cues. Therefore, for a beginner it is suggestible to give them something relatively easier to counter so that they can develop confidence and skills in dealing with incoming strikes. Also, the wider angles is a great way to practice largo mano. If I am paired up to a junior, especially a rookie, I would give large angles. If I am paired up with a peer or someone my senior, I would prefer economy of motion while adding in large angles as bait and to mix up the techniques and vary the speed.
This is the chain drill with a beginning student done in my basement as a means for him to see what he was doing. Not a real good video- but , you get the idea- not preplanned or structured in any way. Here is another version with a black belt

Very nice indeed we have the same drills like Chi Sao Drills , empty hand or with weapon . what we call flow drills,
or energy drills we also do a lot of snake or paksaw hand and foot checking drills , relax and flow only tense up on the moment of impact using your chi
In my opinion, the most productive drill we do is what we call "hand hunting" -the drill starts with a feeder giving controlled angles, and the receiver striking to the hand and giving a follow up of their choice. Then the speed and resistance levels increase,feeder becomes less co-operative after feed and attempts to defend from the counter attack. This drill can be done with or with out protective equipment, to get the maximum effect it should be done with protective equipment and varying levels of resistance, speed and tempo. It is important to break up the rhythm. When we practice this I tell my students to always,always follow up, hitting the hand is only half the equation, it is making the most of the opening that is the most important. I have seen quite a few times people make great defensive openings but fail to capitalize on them. Teach to always follow up and it becomes natural.-Josh
MABUHAY FMAers ! the drills of Kombatan is i am pretty sure very good. I was for 20 years associated with GM Ernesto during the Ipmaf (now kombatan) time. Good catching, parries, footwork, timing & distance makes good control of the drill and enables the partnering enjoy the movements coming in instants and instinct. We have a long list of drill and exercises by The Philippine Classical Arnis International, the mother federation of Classical Arnis Abaniko Tres Puntas founded by Great Lolo Mateo D. Estolloso of Culasi, Antique, Philippines. DVD volumes 1,2,3 is available and 4 & 5 are under editing. It is available in eBay- UK or you may email me : or log on to is under reformatting. Drills are important. Any body close to New Forest, Hants, UK : Classical Arnis Seminar July 17-19, 2009 respectfully this invitation is extended. GM Rene Tongson of the Philippines is conducting the seminar.
Thanks Mabuhay to you
One of Bahala Na Multi-Style's favorite drills is "Miscla Contras". In the multi-style curriculim it is taught befor you move to the intermediate level! We feel the abilty to block multible hard strikes from mutible opponents is a great attribute to learn as a beginner! The abilty to counter is developed in our Defondo practice!
Please check out the you tube videos "miscla contras" or "block hard" on my page!
Can you please specify "your page" Perhaps a link? Thank you =)
I've never really been big on drills.. I was taught that your natural response in facing an attack was the best way to learn.. But due to the way that people are taught now, you as an instructor are forced to teach drills so your students can learn how to defend against the angles of attack..

I teach my people how to defend against the attack, be it weapons or empty hand.. The principle is to survive and continue on with your objective..

But this is my opinion and does not represent the opinions of others


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