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HILOT GARIMOT {Filipino Healing Arts}

This page for the group of Hilot Garimot (Therapeutic Healing Arts of the Philippines)Disccussion…See More
Apr 9
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HILOT GARIMOT {Filipino Healing Arts}

This page for the group of Hilot Garimot (Therapeutic Healing Arts of the Philippines)Disccussion…See More
Apr 1
Our first shirt design is almost finished.  Here is the nearly completed artwork for the front of the shirts.

The back is not yet completed, but will prominently display the name of each style that was sponsored.

We will begin taking pre-orders for these shirts this week!


Based on the initial feedback - both here and through emails and network messages - we are completely open to swapping the front and rear images for this particular shirt design.

Here is a beginning mock-up for one of the possibilities for the other side (front or back) of this shirt.  It is not completed, and may not have all of the sponsored styles listed yet.  If your style should be listed and isn't or is misspelled or incorrect, please let us know.

Thanks for all of the feedback; positive and negative!

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looks great!!!
I am sorry but i think it sucks, it is hokey and gay!
Greetings,whilst I cannot comment on the sexual orientation of the shirt, I can agree that it is kinda cliche'. the weapons of moroland plaque is to the FMA ,what the yin yang surrounded by the dragon and the tiger is to gung ku and Karate. Its over done , In my opinion (which is only my opinon) the earlier version with the stripe on the chest and the sun was better. - Josh
I like it alot!
thats somthing i would putt on the back , ita alot of paint it will feel thick and heavy
I would rather have that on the back of the shirt as well. This is just my preference, what is more important is the preference of the majority. Weapons of Moroland......definitely Filipino. Just a suggestion, this on the back.... abit of "" then a small school logo by the front located where a pocket would be and a smaller "". Instead of the school logo, The stripe on the chest can be the front instead of a logo. This would be a composition of a traditional and familiar plaque with a new design of the stripe. The plaque if overdone, perhaps may be done in a new way. Maybe a different texture. Metallic, granite feel to the shield. Rattan look to anything that should be wooden. Give a 3D feel to the image perhaps even crystal? I'm just throwing ideas around. I hope others would dedicate their energies to giving solutions rather than just outright criticism or approval, personally that reeks to much of being a prick or a kiss ass.
Great design surely represents the common weapons used in the Moro land and that presents a singular representation amongst Filipino warrior culture. I wish there would be more historical, cultural and social representation of the Filipino warrior culture. Nevertheless it is a good start to represent a common views of these forum. Thank you! for the representation! Mapasalamaton!
yes I might be biased and i love this design but this could be a very very expensive shirt to print. I'm counting at least 6 different colors maybe more... And if this goes on a black shirt then you have to add the flash so that's another color totalling 7 colors.

Also the word Philippines isn't following the curve correctly.

I still like my design but that's just me...
All comments are appreciated and considered. Specific details and preferences are certainly easier to work with than generic statements. I can only provide services and products through a mutual relationship built on respect and camaraderie. If you have ideas, plans, or the finances to create "better" projects that work to strengthen the FMA community, please feel free to do so and you will have my full support!

This will not be the one and only design/shirt/product coming out. If you don't particularly like a specific design, no problem. We all have our own preferences; which should serve to make the community stronger.
You can buy these wooden shield like this out here in South East Asia.
I know this has been styled and re-drawn, but it isa the same thing they
sell to tourists here.
it's not bad though, I would say put it on the back and something simpeler on the front.
Just my 2 cents..
I like it! What is the price? I want one.
I guess that I was under the impression that the final shirt design was the one with the red & blue stripe representing the flag and the "" logo on it. Did I look at the wrong one? Granted I do like the plague and all, but I will admit that I have seen that wooden plague alot and putting it on a me doesn't draw me in like the other design that I initially say on the the website. Which one of the these two designs would be least expensive to produce?


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