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The GSBA USA 2015 Western Regional Tournament hosted by is up and running but I wanted to take some time to explain why this tournament will give you the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

NO HIDDEN FEES:  That's right - what you see is what you get.  There are no obscure instructions just straight to the point pricing.  

ONE PRICE FOR ALL DIVISIONS: Most fighters compete at least more than one event/division in any given tournament.  What can we say, we are crazy about FMA - we love it and we practice it and we test it, but it can be very expensive.  With all the added cost of going to a tournament, the travel expenses and lodging can really add up.  Unfortunately I do not have control over gas and or hotel prices.  (I wish) I can control however the cost for the tournament.  So at this upcoming tournament we are offering one price for as many divisions you want.  Now if you sign up during the early bird special, to compete at the regional tournament will now just cost $75.00 for as many divisions as you want.  If you always wanted to try the padded engagement now you can at no added cost. The deadline is JUNE 1, 2015 after that then its still $75 for one division but $10 for the 2nd and $5.00 for each one after that.  

NO MORE SPECTATOR FEES: Fighters that compete are not the only one sacrificing.  Its their family as well.  When a young kid who spend months training their parents were the ones driving them to the practices, and paying the tuition.  Or a spouse who sacrifices spending time with their partner because of preparation for the tournament.  Then at the point where all the hard work and sacrifice is about to bear fruits, at the point where the family and friends can see their loved one's shine, they have to pay for the privilege to do so?  I think that's unfair, the fighter is NOT the only one sacrificing its their family as well.  The people that have supported that fighter has earned the right to watch their loved one watch their love one compete.  

Again, with an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of One Price Many Divisions and a Free to Spectators, It is about time that we make tournaments cost effective and finally get more BANG for our BUCK.  

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