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Greetings, recently I have been doing some training with my Guro and we have been working on Kampilan/ BIG heavy stick stuff. Unfortuanately I am unable to buy a proper Kampilan trainer so I am going to have to build one. In all of my research I still have a few things that I can't figure out, most Kampilan have the naga/croc style pommel, the open portion of the jaw (the angled part) is usually pointed toward the shorter edge on the blade, however I have also seen then facing the other way. Was this just a stylistic difference? was it just "detail"?  Is this regional? Does it make a large difference in terms of Ergonomics and handling? Thank you for any assistance you may be able to render - Josh



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Bob Ulep can make u a good training blade or give u some insight on how to make one!

I know u already have ur kampilan but here is a trainer from ulep its going to be the grand champion prize for the Stickfighting Championship's in san Francisco this weekend.

Hey Joshau,


We train with the Kampilan though my instructor no longer makes them as they are such a pain to make.


Here is a good thread for you for when one of our guys made one for training:


I also saw Ray Dionaldo has a very nice Polymer one in stock too.


Going back to Bahad Zu'bu here is GM Yuli's design:


The Kampilan / Kampilan Stick is an important part in our training.


It is great for involving whole body mechanics, footwork and the live hand.


I was a bit confused with your description of the crocodiles. On our blade only the shorter edge is blunt. So the other side has that nice, kerambit like curve sharpened too. The main difference is that the sword as a whole is curved and not straight as the other designs. If you read "Moro Swords" or check on-line there does seem to be a lot of differences. I am not sure why :(


GM Yuli designed this one because it is easier to hook and then rotate for an upward cut after a downward cut.


Here are a couple of vids:


(with a straight blade)


(with the above training blade)


Hope this helps and great to read others are training with the Kampilan.



Greetings, Simon I read thjst tread about a billion times over the few days, thanks was helpful. I knew  I should have jumped on one of those Kampilan while I had the chance.  I found a thread on vikingsword forum which had an extensive thread about the handles and really helped get a better picture of the symetry on the lines of the trainer. Although my trainer will be larger than the standard @45 in All in all I'm really happy with the design so far should start on the actual build on saturday provided the weather holds out. I'll let you know how it turns out. -Josh

Please do. 45" wow - pretty cool!


Yes, vikingswords and Filhistory


are also two good resources.


All the best Josh,


Greetings, I got my kampilans done and man they look sweet, bamboo and sisal wrapped handles , they are awesome looking. ill post some pics whis weekend thanks for the assistance guys -much appriciated




Dear Mr. Morale:

I have been collecting Filipino blades since 1961 (USMC Subic Bay/Cubi Pt.) and Kampilans, among others,since 1980.  In all the years I have seen, handled, owned and studied them, I can say that there are modified versions, generally occurring when a handle is replaced but, as a standard, the straight portion of the handle conforms with the generally straight and longer cutting edge, while the curved portion of the handle conforms with the back spine of the blade, usually ending with a spike at the tip.  While I am no expert in the mystical or spiritual traditions of Filipino blade making, I do know that many of the ways in which a blade is configured, especially Moro blades, carry the weight of centuries of tradition and a bladesmith would not lightly violate such norms.  Please enjoy a few pics from my collection.


Guro Hines

great blades! Thank you for sharing!



Wow super cool , Now I need to make a sheath , suppose a router would do the job nicely ,@ David , your collection is beautiful. I dont own a live kampilan yet but would like to find a large one 45" preferably, but never seem to have the budget when one becomes available :( . Any how here are some pics of the trainer I made


handles are bamboo( plank) and sisal wrap

1/4" thick 6160 aluminum

the overall length is 45"

the blade is 2 3/4" at the widest point

handle is 10 "

the guard is 4" wide

full tang (including the guard)

weight??? pretty heavy est 4.5 pounds

Dear Mr. Morale:

Your dedication to the art is obvious in the care you take in crafting your training weapons.  

Good luck in your training and, yes, a router will work fine.


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