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6 dvd panel with prices

Set of 6 DVD's focusing on the application of Derobio Escrima utilizing different weapons.For more…
Apr 8
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Filipino Martial Arts
Apr 8
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Empty hand,panantukan,boxing, knife, blade,Filipino, martial arts,Kali,Arnis,Eskrima,Wiersch,Florida
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James Windholtz commented on the event 'Mokomoko Invitational 2019'
"Forgot to mention this is a "ROUND ROBIN EVENT". You get to spar everyone in your skill…"
Mar 4
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Mokomoko Invitational 2019 at Campbell Community Center

March 16, 2019 all day
I highly recommend this tournament in Northern California for those FMA/Karate/Shaolin guys out…See More
Mar 4


HI guys

Here you can find SOME CRUCIAL
POINTS for a better
understanding, there are even more points but

I think this is already a good start.

We should know for example the DEGREES of FORCE of the SWORD and how to EXPLOIT them to your ADVANTAGE (tersia)

during the ATTACK:

●Which PART of the sword must be used

according to the distance where you are


●Cutting without being cut

●how to remove any EXCESS of UNNECESSARY FORCE (a sword is NOT an impact weapon)

●The Concepts and applications of TIMING and MESURE

●How to switch from one guard to the other without having


●Where must be positioned the TIP of your sword to THREATEN constantly your opponent

●What TARGET has PRIORITY according to the distance where you are

●The TARGETS which causes DEATH
(You must be aware if it
TO KILL must be the LAST CHOICE)

●That there is no HAND movement without a corresponding FOOT movement

●That the attack is a parry, and the parry is an attack


●To do not go against the Force. (NO EDGE to EDGE contact) Parry beside or behind the plane of the cut.

●which part of the TRUE EDGE should be used and WHY

●which part of the FALSE EDGE should be used and WHY

●which part of the SIDE of the sword should be used and WHY

●Do not waste moves. A parry Which doesn't incorporated an
attack is a wasteful movement

●How to uses the force of the cut to deliver the counter

●WHEN and WHY the CHECKING HAND should be applied

●To Spill off the attack to the side counter and at the same time

PG Fabrizio Mansur

Abenir Kalis Ambassador

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Comment by PG Fabrizio Mansur on May 10, 2016 at 2:26pm
Thank you Terry!
Comment by terry joven on May 10, 2016 at 9:10am

Good stuff Sir!

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