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"lahat ay matupad ang buhay sa pamamagitan ng sining ng taba."
5 hours ago
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Back to the fight

I was out for awhile due to health concerns but am anticipating being back in the fight again soon.…See More
Rudy Gaytan commented on the group 'Sayas-Lastra Brotherhood'
"hello to all my kapatids out there.  much love to eddie for all he has given me that enriched…"
Jul 11
Rudy Gaytan replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"i was taught by eddie and got to train with his brother robert and sometimes  jorges son…"
Jul 11
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"Not complaining, but it has been so long to be accepted on this social media that I was not even aware I was."
Jul 8
Philip J Sipkov replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"Hello Garrett, I was taught by Jorge Lastra and  Marlan Fuentes. "
Jul 7
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Jul 7
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"Anything happening in the Tampa Bay area?"
Jul 7
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Jul 7
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Schools or Teachers in San Diego

Looking for a good teacher/school in san diego, anyone have any suggestions?See More
Jul 7
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Jul 7

Old School Lacoste Arnis Cross Stepping Double and Single Stick Drill

Double, Single and Single no Check Hand Stick Drill w Stick Tapping, Side Cross Stepping W foot stomp and bent knees. Need to get each segment to 1 minute ea...

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Comment by James Windholtz on July 9, 2017 at 8:00pm

Thanks Guro Zach for info and yes I am aware of him. He is about an hour away and time and resources are another issue. Thanks for feed back!

Comment by Zach Jenkins on July 8, 2017 at 7:21am
Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet
Hollywood, FL
United States

The above listed GM teaches in South Florida. He is highly skilled in my opinion and has a deep lineage in FMA. They spar all the time. The easiest way to reach him is through Facebook. If you're interested of course. I understand your situation because I went through it too before I met my teacher who had a complete system.

Comment by James Windholtz on July 7, 2017 at 10:41pm

Guro Zach thanks for your input. No judgement taken. I am sorry for my lack of knowledge and background in this drill. I learned it as a teenager in high school and as teenager you just did what you are told. I also learned a Sinawalli system, the Lacoste Basic 12, techniques and a few other things. Most things I have forgotten. Only a few things stuck w me. Its been a long time ago. I only just got back into FMA about 5 years ago. That training involved a week at a No Cal JKD/ESCRIMA school that liked to spar,which got my itch for sparring back. A month at a CTS school and a year at a Pakiti Tersia school both local schools that did not like to spar. I just wanted to get a taste of it and get back into sparring something I enjoyed and still do. I picked things up quick and the PT school the Sinawallis were very familiar but I think Lacoste had a system of 2 count, 3 count up to 12 count I think? There is probably overlap in styles on our end. I ll post a video on my You Tube page one day w an application of this drill. 

Guro AI S I came from a blended school so there are outside influences true. In 1980 there were no FMA local schools so I joined a Shaolin School that taught some FMA. I credit you and Guro Zach for keeping the training true to the style. If there was an FMA school only when I started my training I might have a lot more knowledge and have been loyal to my FMA style. I did not have the opportunity. I make no claim of knowledge and heritage. I showed this to the CTS master who did not like this drill w V stepping and the PT master thought it was interesting. Unfortunately schools in SO FLA dont spar so things I picked up from my youth till my recent entry into FMA is what I train. After training locally I decided I would rather invest in tournaments to spar a few times a year. I also get to see family in No Cal on a regular basis. Now if I had grown up in CAL..... 

Again I only wished to share something I learned a long time ago and I was actually hoping if anyone else had knowledge of this drill, a connection from the past or other interpretations. Thanks you again Guro AI S and Zach for your feed back. Much respect to both of you.

Comment by Al S on July 5, 2017 at 12:10pm

Guro Zach - "Lacoste style or Lacoste drill? Do you practice the style or only one or a few drills from the system? My guess it is only one drill and not the system, otherwise there would be no need to verify by asking whether it is from a particular system or not." - Excellent interpretation!

Guro James or Mr. Windholtz - what FMA system are you an instructor in? You stated the following "I know Guros dont always like this drill however we have all modified or taken parts of drills that work for you or your style." This may be true for you but not for me and I know my instructor would not be happy with me if I was to modify a drill and pass it on. The problem when modifying and mixing styles is that there really is no base, no glue to make a strong FMA system.

When you start modifying a drill it is either that you think your knowledge is greater than the creator of the drill or you have not fully understand the purpose of the drill. Now on the other hand, a drill may have little value if it is diluted enough hence the original question of "What's the point of this drill?"

Comment by Zach Jenkins on July 5, 2017 at 5:55am

My goal here James is not to discourage but to encourage. Sorry if my comments appear judgmental because that is not my intent. The drill displayed in your video takes skill to perform without question. I believe that as martial artists we sometimes cling to what is safe instead of looking outside of the box. In a future video I would like to see a drill that you created and what influenced it's creation.  


Comment by Zach Jenkins on July 5, 2017 at 5:31am
Lacoste style or Lacoste drill? Do you practice the style or only one or a few drills from the system? My guess it is only one drill and not the system, otherwise there would be no need to verify by asking whether it is from a particular system or not. I used to practice Kung fu many years ago. I learned a snake form so does this mean I practice snake style or a form associated with a snake style? There is an obvious difference between knowing a system and knowing a drill associated with a system. This is why I considered quitting FMA training about 20 years ago. When I finally began learning a system I stopped practicing the drills that lead nowhere. A drill in my system is used to teach a skill that we want to use in a fight. Some drills are standard while others are created on the fly by the teacher to help a student having trouble learning a particular skill. In my opinion a drill should not be practiced or taught without showing a connection to fighting applications.
Comment by James Windholtz on July 4, 2017 at 9:45am

Thank you Guro Al S for your feed back. Feed back and reflection is always good, that is how we get better. Some back ground on this drill. This and variations is something I trained in the early 80s as a kid, B4 my Shaolin School went into a different direction. Fast forward 25+ years. I got back into FMA training and one of the things I wanted to verify is, is this Lacoste style? You are told things and stories as a teen and wonder if it is true. I had the opportunity to ask Guro Inosanto if I can show him something I had learned as a kid many years ago and he said sure. I did the same w Lacostes Zig Zag Cross stepping and he immediately said it was "Lacoste and that is something Guro L use to teach in the 70s." I asked about the blocks and I am almost positive he called the angle 2 a Wing block. I asked was this a low stance style and he said yes. He added "this is old old style and no one wants to train this". I told him "yes I know it is hard". As a kid I was told "strong legs for strong spring". He confirmed my Basic 12 Angles which was cool. I also showed him a picture of an Innosanto Academy T shirt from the early 80s one of his students did a seminar in our school and he said "very old shirt, keep it." I have a picture of it on My Photos. I thanked him and checked off one more thing from this old mans bucket list. After reflection I told myself as a homage to Guro Lacoste I have another 52 years of life in me to keep this around. I know Guros dont always like this drill however we have all modified or taken parts of drills that work for you or your style. I am glad you see some merit in the strength and endurance training. Sorry for long post, I get carried away. I like to thank MYFMA for being an avenue to share information. I see lots of good discussions and rarely post. Finally I am a sentimental history buff and would hate to see this interpretation of Guro Lacoste be lost to the dustbin or history. I only hope I did him some justice. 

Comment by Al S on July 3, 2017 at 7:19am

In agreement with Guro Zach, I can see the value of this drill as improving endurance but from a FMA point of view I see some problems:

1. The lateral movement is wasted because although your legs are changing their position, your body remains center and an easy target on a 180 degree line.

2. Because when you move you are placing your leg behind your other leg you can be easily jammed if you are forced to move backwards.

3. The umbrella block looks more like an abaniko or fan block - this may be because you were taught this way.

4. Your check hand equals a lost hand.

and finally

5. You are still moving and blocking after your feeder has stopped all movement.

If my comments are considered an offense, sorry. However, if only one comment helps you improve your drill then my purpose for them has been served. 

Comment by James Windholtz on July 2, 2017 at 1:59pm

Sure, NP I am glad you see some merit in this. All drills have something to teach us. If you want to  make this harder you can knee tap or add weights to your wrist. I ll post a video in the future of me Knee Tapping.

Comment by Zach Jenkins on July 1, 2017 at 12:23pm

Thank you for your explanation of this drill. I can see the value in improving endurance and leg strength as you mentioned.

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