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"update to list: Trampilla Arnis 1551 W. 13th St., Upland, CA Guro Paolo…"
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KABAROAN ESKRIMA: The art of the barons

TRUNCHEON PLAYS here you can have a glimpse of the Kabaroan Eskrima, we are using one of the several weapons, the truncheon. I'm showing how to switch from t...
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The Black Eyed Peas Bebot generation one

"Although your group's appearance is brief and blurry, it is still a great accomplishment and a…"
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"Thank you very much for you kind words of encouragement. After the video was shot, I cut down a set…"
May 23
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"Congratulations and I know you are proud of your daughter and family tradition. Just a suggestion,…"
May 23

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Vegas Talking Points: Garbrandt, Stephens, Caraway and more - Cody Garbrandt let out a ferocious scream as he stepped into the Octagon to take on fellow undefeated rising star Thomas Almeida. During the majority of the lead-up to the anticipated clash of pote...

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UFC Fighters React To Garbrandt’s Brutal 1st Round KO Win - Team Alpha Male’s Cody “No Love” Garbrandt stormed to the center of the octagon on Sunday night, ready to deal Thomas Almeida the first loss of his career. He didn’t even need a full round to dispo...

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UFC Results: Stephens Dominant Against Former Champ Barao, Takes Home Easy Win - Credit to Barao for withstanding this effort from Jeremy Stephens #UFCVegas — FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) May 30, 2016 Things got heated between Renan Barao and Jeremy Steph...

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UFC Results: Camozzi Batters Miranda Into A Bloody Mess To Earn Win - Man @ChrisCamozzi dropping BOMBS to end the second round! #UFCVegas Camozzi took to the center of the octagon and acted as the aggressor, trying to corner Miranda up against...

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UFC Results: Larkin Earns CLOSE Decision Win Over Masvidal — Watch! - Lorenz Larkin inadvertently pokes Jorge Masvidal in the eye #UFCVegas — FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) May 30, 2016 Who smiles and sticks their tongue out after getting the karate-kid to the face?!?! ...

Tweeted by @criscyborg mentioned in this video,men from the military,police and security forces have and are striving to have this what we call anting anting or agimat..illustrious eskrimadores like the late Tatang Ilustrisimo and Angel Cabales are said to have possessed such...believe it or ignore it...

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Comment by Jacinto R. Rocales on May 8, 2011 at 7:27pm

The group of Haring Bakal in the Metro Manila area finds its roots in the group in Mindanao called "Ilaga". These group were trained by Dodong Aquilino "Lagari" Gulang, also called "Tatay Lagari" and Commander Aguila (Eagle). Many of its blessors in Mindanao who migrated to Metro Manila formed their own group called "Haring Bakal". In essence, an initiate is being hacked by a razor sharp bolo 6 times, 21 times, 36 times and 57 times, for a total of 120 times strike (full swing). Actually, the more conservative members of the "Ilaga" ang "Haring Bakal" forbid their group to show their skills on Youtube or any form of video. This is a highly secretive Filipino art.        

Comment by Samuel Ibe on February 10, 2010 at 8:04am
Utol Jess was great in his group in here he gives them embeded mutya ,while here in the origin in Davao non ever give a embeded mutya to a follower.your great in here Tol. Utol Sammy
Comment by Samuel Ibe on February 10, 2010 at 7:59am
just to make a stand on this,I'm also a Haring Balkal in Bacolod acquired from Davao during the time the late Founder of the group Tatang Lino Lagari or Ka Aguila non of the group ever give this old man a honor on this film.
Haring Bakal in the late 80's in the height of insurgency is a secret org.of vigilantes armed with bulos and amulet.If any wish to ask about this group I can also answer that interesting question thanks.By the way I am also a Blessur of this group but none ever want to atemp to be hack by me.
Comment by terry joven on February 9, 2010 at 11:10am

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