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Rudy Gaytan commented on the group 'Sayas-Lastra Brotherhood'
"hello to all my kapatids out there.  much love to eddie for all he has given me that enriched…"
Rudy Gaytan replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"i was taught by eddie and got to train with his brother robert and sometimes  jorges son…"
Issu Delabyme posted a status
"Not complaining, but it has been so long to be accepted on this social media that I was not even aware I was."
Jul 8
Philip J Sipkov replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"Hello Garrett, I was taught by Jorge Lastra and  Marlan Fuentes. "
Jul 7
Gena Martinez updated their profile
Jul 7
Ben Germano posted a status
"Anything happening in the Tampa Bay area?"
Jul 7
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Jul 7
James Han posted a discussion

Schools or Teachers in San Diego

Looking for a good teacher/school in san diego, anyone have any suggestions?See More
Jul 7
Latosa Escrima and Adam M Cauler are now friends
Jul 7
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Jul 7
Garrett replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"Yep. Still keeping it alive out here in Maryland. I was taught by Curtis Knight who was taught by…"
Jul 5
Master Ron England posted a photo

6 dvd panel with prices

Set of 6 DVD's focusing on the application of Derobio Escrima utilizing different weapons.For more…
Apr 8

GM Carlito Bonjoc is a master of Serrada and Largo Mano, and teaches three Filipino systems: he is a fourth generation master of the Cadiz-Lapu Lapu Escrima system. Roy Ornor's Talawan Largo Mano system, and Grandmaster Angel Cabales', Cabales Serrada system. He also holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt and is the Head Instructor of the Filipino Martial Arts division of the Silva Kempo, Silat, Eskrima System by Sijo Paul Silva.

Mata Sa Bagyo -

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Comment by terry joven on September 20, 2013 at 6:08pm

Great interview with a great martial artist, good friend, mentor & brother!

Comment by Black Swan Tactical on September 20, 2013 at 5:34pm

To All,

This GM Bonjoc video is currently completing processing and may take a few minutes before it is ready for viewing.  We performed more than 20+ hours of editing on the audio to overcome issues that we had recording.  There are an equal number of hours in the video editing by Sifu Arun Sharma.

I've obtained a 50+Mbps download and 10+Mbps upload stream for all future interviews!  We will have great audio.

The Google+ Hangouts on Air (HoA) are going to be open to those who obtain a Google Gmail email address and add the user "MyFMA.Hangout" to their Friends Circle.  Register for your Gmail email address at Google.  Registered participants will automatically be invited in to the HoA when we start the HoA.  The first 8 participants are welcome to sit in on the interview and ask their own questions at the end.  All that you need is a Google Gmail email address, Google Chrome browser, computer and decent bandwidth to participate and receive the invitation.  Then watch for announcements and be logged in to Gmail to receive the invitation when the interview is about to begin.

The main YouTube Portal is at:


We are currently communicating with GM Castro and GM Ron Saturno for interviews in the near future.  Be part of the show!  The GM Saturno interview should be a blockbuster interview!  He is writing a book, and he is one of the most exciting people to chat with in FMA.




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