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Monday, April 27, 2009
Interview with the Author of Fundamentals of WSEF Serrada Escrima - Guro Michael Schwarz Of World Serrada Escrim Federation by Rick Kirkham

Interview with the Author of Fundamentals of WSEF Serrada Escrima - Guro Michael Schwarz Of World Serrada Escrim Federation by Rick Kirkham
In this interview martial arts expert and author Guro Michael Schwarz shares with us information about the deady Serrada Escrima proven bladed martial arts system. His picture driven and well described step by step book gives even the novice an opportunity to learn some of this devastating art of self-defense and combat....
R: Aloha Guro Schwarz Thank you for taking the time to grant me this interview. I know from conversations we've had what a busy schedule you have promoting both the martial arts and your martial arts and self-defense products and services. May I call you Mike sir? M: Of course R: Can you tell my readers how you first became involved in martial arts? M: My father was an old school boxer/golden gloves I believe. Although he had long given up his training due to family & professional obligations, he often encouraged my athletic pursuits, whatever they were.
It was shortly after I'd seen my 1st Bruce Lee movie of course, that I had initial interest in what martial arts was all about. But truthfully, it was the 1st Billy Jack movie that really peaked my desire. I bugged the heck out of my mother & father till finally we found a TKD/Hapkido school in a near by town. Now you have to realize that I grew up in a very rural part of Southwestern Illinois & the nearest "big town" was 30 minutes away. By today's standard it is not far, but in 1974 - 1979 it was quite far. Although my father did not see the value in a "foreign combat art", my mother finally got him to concede, and the real "love of my life" was discovered. R: Have you trained in more than one martial art? M: My initial training as I indicated was in Moo Du Kwan Tae Kwon Do/ Hapkido/Judo. After 10 years within TKD/Hapkido, I pursued Goju Ryu Naha Te, Aikijitsu & then I came upon the arts which I have dedicated the past 25 yrs to in Filipino Martial Arts; 19 yrs of which have been dedicated to Cabales Serrada Escrima & it's propagation. R: How long have you been training now? M: Let's see I started training the fall of 1976, so 33 yrs. R: Have you been in any situations where you've had to use your martial arts skills?
M: Yes I have had to utilize my skills on several occasions. As a former bouncer in drinking establishments, I've had to utilize my mental capacity & training as well as my physical ability. There have been instances outside of that work environment as well when it has been necessary to utilize my skill. R: What is escrima? M: Escrima means skirmish. Serrada Escrima means a closing skirmish. It is a mediam range to close quarter range blade based art of Filipino origins. R: You belong to the Word Serrada Escrima Federation. Does this mean there's different styles of escrima? M: There are not only different systems/styles of escrima but also other segments or movements within particular systems/styles of escrima. These segments/organizations or movements are often dependent upon how the founder of the organization was authorized to represent that particular system of escrima or arnis for that matter. R: You recently authored Fundamentals of WSEF Serrada Escrima. What prompted you to write this book? M: I have been given a gift by my instructors with in Cabales Serrada Escrima, but we have all been given this gift by GGM Angel Cabales by his creation of this system. It is in recognition of this gift & my desire to promote & propagate the system that has driven me to write this & additional manuals, as well as produce instructional curriculum dvds.

R: I remember consulting with you on this book. I hope I was of some minor help. It's very picture driven. It must have taken you a long time to both write the text and get the pictures just the way you wanted them. M: Indeed it did. Actually you were of great help & thank you very much. It was actually much easier to have the pictures taken, edit & compile them, rather than actually write the text. Writing the text actually required thinking about what I was R: Can you give us some details about Fundamentals of WSEF Serrada Escrima? M: The (WSEF) is an international escrima federation that was founded in 2003, by Grandmaster Anthony Davis and Prof. Leo T. Fong for the purposes of preserving the combative, scientific, philosophical, and the spiritual applications of the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales. As stated by Prof. Leo T. Fong " Much of Angel Cabales' system of Escrima I have incorporated into my empty-hand system called; "Wei Kuen Do". Additionally, Prof. Fong was one of Bruce Lee's and Angel Cabales' star students and personal friend. Grandmaster Anthony Davis began his studies in the field of martial arts at age 15. In 1984, GM Davis was extended a personal invitation from Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales to privately train under him in Stockton, California. Based upon the personal permission of GGM Angel Cabales, GM Davis has been keenly instrumental in spreading the "Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima" aka "WSEF System of Serrada Escrima worldwide. It is essential to note that the 'Serrada System of Escrima' as taught by Grandmaster Angel Cabales has extensively influenced several top notched Bruce Lee students such as; Leo T. Fong, Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo. GGM Angel Cabales is responsible beginning in 1966, for the emergence of Filipino martial arts in America, and also, that he is officially considered to be the "Father of Escrima in America" as well. In 1991, GGM Angel Cabales was named by 'Black Belt Magazine' as "Weapons Instructor of the Year".
R: Mike I understand you've granted me permission give a preview of your book to my readers. I'd like to thank you for that as well as taking your time from your busy schedule to grant me this interview. Download Information by Rick Kirkham Fellow martial artists, self-defense practitioners and martial arts enthusiasts, a FREE sample of this blood and sweat earned picture worth a 1000 words driven book is available simply by becoming a free member of my martial arts health and fitness forum You may then find your free sample of Fundamentals of WSEF Serrada Escrima by Guro Michael Schwarz in the members only section,10.0.html?eskint Want to skip the lite version download and jump right into the FULL-BLOWN version of this instant download printable ebook?! Mike has agreed upon a special price for the ebook of only $19.95! Order and Download NOW!
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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Tribute to Great Grandmaster Roland Dantes

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
WSEF hosts GM Arthur Sikes Comemoration


Bedford, Ohio- Recently a grand martial arts masterful affair took place at the "Martial Arts & Fitness School" in Bedford. The school run by Sifu Richard J. Prather II, in collaboration with special guest star instructor Grandmaster Dee has in the past, and is now hosting several top notched martial arts celebrities. On July 19, 2008, the late great Grandmaster Art Sikes was given top honours , and high acknowledgement on behalf of his many accomplishments in the field of martial arts. Many spectators, along with several of Grandmaster Sikes' master graduate students attended this illustrious affair. Long time Sikes Ohio representative Master Greg Mayo came out to pay his respects, and to be present at this unique gala.
Master Mayo expressed his zeal, and continued committment in continuing the 'Golden Legacy' of his former teacher. From Erie, Pennsylvania came Master Sam Copeland. Copeland trained under Grandmaster Sikes as far back as 1964. Master Copeland was the primary recipient that accepted a gold medal, and an honorary 'Great Grandmaster' certificate on behalf of Grandmaster Sikes. Also on board was Sikes master graduate student; Dexter Ivy. Master Ivy is one of Clevelands finest martial arts instructors. Always ready to serve with humility, Master Ivy assisted in the Gung Fu demonstration portion of the event. Putting a spiritual touch to the Sikes commemoration; was Sikes student Reverend/Master Edmonds. A man of many contrast, Reverend Edmonds represented Grandmaster Sikes in immaculate fashion.
Master Don Wallace, gave a remarkable Gung Fu demonstration, and answered many of the participants questions. Master Wallace was extremely instrumental in helping to bring the Sikes commemoration together. Filipino martial artist Tony Marcial not ony paid his humble respects to Grandmaster Sikes, he "siked' everyone out with his chain reactional stick, knife, and empty hand tactics. Master Marcial is one of the most highly respected, and prolific martial artist worldwide. Last but not least was the ambassador of martial arts, Grandmaster Dee. Grandmaster Dee gave an exceptional speech, and a Filipino stick fighting performance on behalf of Grandmaster Sikes. Grandmaster Dee was the main instrumentator, and the mastermind behind the Grandmaster Sikes commemoration. Says Grandmaster Dee " There are many untold legends in the history of martial arts, but this was one out of many master's stories that had to be honoured, and acknowledged." Currently Grandmaster Dee is offering classes at the 'All Sar Martial Arts & Fitness School'. The school is located at: 40 Northfield Rd. in Bedford. Additionally, you can catch Grandmaster Dee and other top masters at the upcoming "Martial Arts X-treme Exhibition". The exhibition presented by Northern Wind's Master Greg Mayo, will take place on August 30, 2008. For more information contact Master Mayo or Grandmaster Dee at: (216) 645--0906 or (216) 832-2194.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008
WSEF Workshop In Cleveland Ohio

On April 19th and 20th, 2008, the Prather Kung Fu Academy in Cleveland, Ohio was the scene of the most recent Davis Cabales Serrada Seminar held outside of the system's home base of Sacramento, California. Guest starring Punong Guro Tony Marcial of the Marcial Tirada System, Guro Michael Schwarz with primary appearance of Grand Master Anthony Davis; this local all star event boasted a the valued teachings of these great systems to an eager and most appreciative seminar audience. Academy owner, Sifu Jacob Prather, opened his Kung
Fu school to basic and advanced martial arts practitioners as well as the curious from around Ohio.

The event opened with the illustrious and fascinating stick, knife & empty hand mastery of Punong Guro Tony Marcial. PG Marcial wowed the onlookers with lightening speed. The transition techniques between stick, knife & empty hand was a dazzling display. PG Marcial in his always humble & jovial personality won admiration from all who attended.
After introductions and an overview of the Cabales Serrada Eskrima system as founded by the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, everyone got to work. First up was showing the 12 Angles of Attack as practiced by Cabales Serrada practitioners worldwide. As one could expect, seminar participants started out somewhat overwhelmed by the material covered but as the weekend progressed, they got the hang of things and quick! Besides being shown what the 12 angles represent, participants went through each of the stances, positions and strikes by the numbers.

Hungering for more, the majority of the weekend was spent introducing seminar participants to inside/outside deflections as well as cross block deflections. Working with the first angle of attack due to time constraints, participants learned about the counters to this angle of attack as well as
Preparations for other level attacks. Instruction in the flow picking drill of lock & block was the other major demonstration point to be covered during the fast paced weekend seminar.

Exhausted but happy, participants left with new appreciation for the teachings of Punong Guro Tony Marical; his style of Marcial Tirada Kali & GGM Cabales and the Davis Cabales system of Serrada Eskrima.

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Monday, December 31, 2007
Re: Personal loss for GM Davis & the WSEF
On December 6, 2007, Harold Davis (GM Davis' father) passed after suffering a long illness.
Born 2/12/31, Davis grew up in Chattanooga, Tenn. He joined the U.S. Airforce in 1950 and served 20 years as a Chef for Commissioned and Non Commissioned officers. Additionally, for his service Davis recieved numerous awards & accommodations for his service of excellence while in the military.
An outstanding soldier, a loyal husband and an above-and -beyond the call a of duty human servant, Harold Davis represented the epitome of a genuine silent soldier.
Please join me by paying respects to GM Davis and his family.
Memorials may be made to : The Davis Family, 613 East Colorado Street, Fairfield, Ca. 94533
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Friday, October 19, 2007
Warrior Traditions Interview Part II

Tue, 25 September 2007
Martial Arts For Real Life Situations- Part Two

Part Two of A Two Part Interview
Dr. Kevin Keough, clinical psychologist and host of Warrior Traditions and North Star Guardians, interviews Punong Guro Mike Schwarz about Serrada Escrima, martial arts and self defense.
In 1979 Mike Schwarz began instructing Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido(Moo Du Kwon) under Master Change Hee Jhoon. It was thru his TKD/Hapkido training that he was able to develop unmatched body conditioning/hardening skills. While in the military he continued training with Moo Du Kwon and obtained his 2nd and eventually 3rd Degree Black Belts.
His initial introduction to the FMA came in 1985. Upon his return from the military in 1991 he continued to study in Serra Escrima. Under Punong Guro Churk Caddell III, he achieved Pansiang Guro status. His empty hand, blade and stick/cane abilities increased under his instruction.
Most recently he obtained the status of Master Instructor level & 2nd degree Master Instructor level in the Davis/Cabales System of Escrima. Additionally, he has been asked to represent Martial Arts International & WSEF (World Serrada Escrima Federation) throughout the midwest and east coast. He represents the ICSDA as a Combat Martial Arts instructor. Recently he was honored by becoming a member of the WMAU Board of Directors and nominated to President of the WCAU (World Combat Arts Union.) Visit Punong Guro Mike Schwarz's website and blog.
Visit Dr. Keough on MySpace
Visit Dr. Keough's Light Therapy website
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Warrior Traditions Interview Part I

Mon, 10 September 2007
Martial Arts For Real Life Situations- An Interview With Punong Guro Mike Schwarz

Dr. Kevin Keough, clinical psychologist and host of Warrior Traditions and North Star Guardians, interviews Punong Guro Mike Schwarz about Serrada Escrima, martial arts and self defense.
In 1979 Mike Schwarz began instructing Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido(Moo Du Kwon) under Master Change Hee Jhoon. It was thru his TKD/Hapkido training that he was able to develop unmatched body conditioning/hardening skills. While in the military he continued training with Moo Du Kwon and obtained his 2nd and eventually 3rd Degree Black Belts.
His initial introduction to the FMA came in 1985. Upon his return from the military in 1991 he continued to study in Serra Escrima. Under Punong Guro Churk Caddell III, he achieved Pansiang Guro status. His empty hand, blade and stick/cane abilities increased under his instruction.
Most recently he obtained the status of Master Instructor level & 2nd degree Master Instructor level in the Davis/Cabales System of Escrima. Additionally, he has been asked to represent Martial Arts International & WSEF (World Serrada Escrima Federation) throughout the midwest and east coast. He represents the ICSDA as a Combat Martial Arts instructor. Recently he was honored by becoming a member of the WMAU Board of Directors and nominated to President of the WCAU (World Combat Arts Union.) Visit his website.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Welcome GM Lee

The WSEF's Newest Honorary Member
Founder/Honorary GM James D. Lee
One of the most magical and most beautiful things within the world of martial arts is how the different and various styles of martial arts are capable of bringing together the many diversed, but yet similar Master's and Grandmaster teachers together under one common bond. Mutual respect, humility, and lots of hard work seems to be the all-abiding attractive force that creates this unique phenomenon.
One of the primary purposes as to why the "World Serrada Escrima Federation" was founded, is due to the universal similarities and aspects that all martial arts systems share in common with one another. The more diverse that one becomes in the field of martial arts, the more expressive and expansive one' field of reference becomes as well.
Founder and 'Honorary Grandmaster' James D. Lee is a grand example of a person who has not only trained in various styles and forms of martial arts, but he is also a dedicated martial artist who consistantly practices and lives exactly what he preaches.
GM James D. Lee's martial arts career extends as far back to 1968, which is the time period that he first began training from his brother and cousins in the Okinawan system of military combat. With (38) years of martial arts experience behind his black belt's in various fields of self-defense systems, such as 'Kyo Kushin Kai', 'Ninjitsu', 'Hapkido', Ed Parker's 'American Kenpo Karate', 'Goju Karate', 'Kajukenbo', 'Kali/Escrima/Arnis', and 'Vee Jitsu Ryu' as taught by the legendary Professor Florendo Visitacion, GM Lee has been able to go on to formulate, and to establish his own effective method of martial arts known as, "Kuro Shinja Combat Systems" or (Black Snake Systems).
Because of GM James D. Lee's many years of study, competing, and teaching in the illustrious arena of martial arts, the "World Serrada Escrima Federation" as headed by the presiding President & Senior Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis, is very proud and honoured to accept {GM James D. Lee} as a lifetime member, and as an 'Honorary Grandmaster' within the ranks of the "World Serrada Escrima Federation".
The ''World Serrada Escrima Federation" welcomes our newest member with the 'Greatest of Regards' and with 'Immaculate Honour'.
"Welcome Aboard Brother GM Lee".
Highest Regards!
SGM Guru Anthony Davis/President
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WSEF Promotions


Friedrichshafen, Germany- It was a master-plan that planned out masterfully. Recently, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, two of the most prolific figures within the world of Filipino martial arts came together upon international soil in order to further plant the seeds of “Serrada Escrima” and “Jeet Kune Do”.

Both Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis and Grandmaster Richard S. Bustillo met at the main international headquarters of the “World Serrada Escrima Federation” in the south of Germany. GM Davis the co-founder of the “World Serrada Escrima Federation” and GM Bustillo the chief instructor and president of the “IMB Academy” presented their much respected styles of Filipino martial arts to well over (65) eager seminar participants.

For two-days of non stop intensive action in both the close-quarter systems of “Serrada Escrima” and “Jeet Kune Do” instructor candidates were close-order drilled into some of the
most highly advanced stick/knife/ and empty-hand secrets of these two dynamic and explosive systems of combat martial arts. Kicking off the first series of four of the two-day workshops was the indisputable “Iron Dragon” GM Richard S. Bustillo.

In spite of his (60) plus years; GM Bustillo moved like a man (35) years younger. Still very fast and accurate, GM Bustillo flowed effortlessly from one combat maneuver to the next awing the students continuously with his amazing command of skill and precise contact control. GM Bustillo covered everything in his workshops from the famous Bruce Lee ‘Stop-Kick’ to the amazing signature Bruce Lee ‘One-Inch-Punch’.

Assisting GM Bustillo was his Frankfurt, Germany {IMB Academy} representative, Guru Tobias Ricker. Guru Ricker did a flawless job of interpreting everything in German that was said by GM Bustillo in English. Additionally! Guru Ricker also did an excellent job in translating the fundamental theories behind every technique that GM Bustillo had thoroughly explained and demonstrated.

Next up on deck was the Grandmaster of the “Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima” Anthony Davis. GM Guru Anthony Davis is one of the foremost authorities in the field of Serrada Escrima, and he is one of the primary promoters of the “Angel Cabales Serrada System of Escrima” worldwide. In 1984, GM Davis became a private student of the late GGM Angel Cabales the “Father of Escrima in America”.

Beginning as far back as 1980, GM Davis had begun his studies in the scientific, combative field of Filipino martial arts. Extracting information from some of the best in the FMA circles such as, Guru Dan Inosanto, GM Richard S. Bustillo, Guru Ted Lucaylucay, GM Rene Latosa, and the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, GM Davis was able to formulate a well rounded hybrid system of Serrada Escrima in which he has coined the “Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima”. In 1980, GM Anthony Davis promoted the very first “Kali/Jeet kune Do” workshops in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring the notorious “dynamic duo” Guru Dan Inosanto, and his main partner, GM Richard S. Bustillo.

GM Richard S. Bustillo told all of the participants at the recent German seminars that “GM Anthony Davis was one of the first persons to promote “Kali” and “Jeet Kune Do” in the early 1980’s”. In order to acknowledge GM Anthony Davis’ many promotions, accomplishments, and contributions within the world martial arts community, GM Bustillo awarded him the prestigious “IMB Academy Gold Medal Award” along with an “IMB” instructors T-shirt.

(L) GM Richard S. Bustillo (C) M/ Bernd Renner & M/P. Eischeid (R) GM A. Davis

As both GM Anthony Davis, and GM Richard S. Bustillo trained at different time periods under the same legendary stick/knife master Angel Cabales, this gave all of the participants at this illustrious gathering a parallel glimpse into the historical past, and into the present ongoing evolution of the art of Serrada Escrima and Jeet Kune Do. Although Filipino martial arts have become widespread all over the world, Germany has become the second largest market place for stick and knife fighting.

In order to secure GM Richard S. Bustillo’s special guest appearance in Germany, the World Serrada Escrima Federation’s president, GM Anthony Davis appointed two of his top German representatives Master Petra Eischeid, and Master Bernd Renner to aid in co-promoting this spectacular event. Master Eischeid in conjunction with Master Renner united as one fist in order to manifest this historical production which resulted into a rare ‘grand-masterful’ affair.

GM Davis stated “It was indeed an immaculate experience to co-star along side of one of the last great (Monongs) a man who was one of the first pioneers that laid down some of the first foundation stones on behalf of Filipino martial arts in America”.

GM Bustillo said “The nice thing about my seminar is seeing an old valued friend like Anthony Davis, and meeting new ones like Sifu Petra Eischeid, and Sifu Bernd Renner, and the students. The seminar may have passed, but the seminar experience and memories are lasting. My very special thanks to Grandmaster Anthony Davis for the hospitality and support in arranging the IMB seminar”. This last set of seminars in Germany represented GM Davis’ 10th. intensive Serrada Escrima workshop within a three month time period.

Simultaneously! as the “Davis/ Bustillo” workshops were taking place in Germany, back in the states the Midwest St. Louis “WSEF” representatives Punong Guru Mike Schwarz, and Master James Perkins, the founder of the “World Martial Arts Union (WMAU) presented a “Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima” workshop in Florida at “Anta’s Fitness and Self-Defense Academy”. Master Anta’s academy is an affiliate and authorized training center for the “World Serrada Escrima Federation”. Additionally! Master Anta is an Apprentice Instructor in the (WSEF).

Just one-week later as a spin off of the “Davis/Bustillo” workshops, the ‘WSEF’ German international representative Master Bernd Renner conducted a ‘Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima’ workshop in Luckau, Germany. As a result of this particular workshop there is now an official ‘WSEF’ representative headquarters in Northern, Germany.

Indeed the golden legacy of the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales is definitely being kept alive worldwide by one of Serrada Escrima’s most zealous and most enigmatic ambassador’s within the world triangle of Filipino martial arts, GM Anthony Davis.

For more information regarding the ‘World Serrada Escrima Federation’, products, membership, classes: private and group, seminars, and instructor trainee programs, contact GM Anthony Davis at:

(L) Master James Perkins, (C)
Master Anta; (R) Punong Guru Mike Schwarz

(L) Bernd Renner, GM Richard S. Bustillo, Petra Eischeid, (R) GM Anthony Davis

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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Serrada Escrima and Self Defense Workshop a Great Success

Saturday, September 15, Anta's Fitness and Self Defense hosted a WMAU/WSEF Escrima/Self Defense Workshop. Presenting the workshop were Punong Guro Mike Schwarz, Mid West and East Coast director of the World Serrada Escrima Federation (WSEF) and WMAU (World Martial Arts Union) Board of Directors and Master James Perkins founder of the WMAU and Shorinji Goju System.
Guro Mike did an excellent job teaching the Serrada Escrima angles of attack and counters. Two martial Arts instructor attending the event that had taken other Filipino martial arts workshops said that this workshop was the best and most comprehensive workshop that they had attended. Anta's Fitness and Self Defense is an affiliate World Serrada Escrima authorized training center. Master Anta is Apprentice Instructor in the WSEF.
Master Perkins worked with the kids in self defense as Guro Mike drilled the adults in knife vs knife techniques. There after both groups united and Master Perkins demonstrated numerous self defense techniques. Master Anta is on the WMAU Board of Directors and was inducted in 2006 to the WMAU Hall of Fame along side of Serrada Escrima originator Angel Cabales.
Anta has now added the Serrada Escrima curriculum to his Kung Fu classes. Students are now eligible for rank not just in the Chinese art of Kung Fu but also in the Filipino art of Serrada Escrima. Anta's Fitness and Self Defense would like to thank and congratulate Master Perkins and Guro Mike for an awesome seminar.
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Sunday, August 5, 2007
Upcoming Seminar
On Saturday, September 15, Anta's Fitness and Self Defense will host a World Martial Arts Union Seminar with Master James Perkins and Punong Guro Mike Schwarz.This is an 8 hour workshop 4 hours of Serrada Escrima and 4 Hours of fighting and self defense strategies.Serrada Escrima is a complete self defense system using numerous weapons and empty hands. Yet, the rattan stick is the main weapon. Serrada Escrima Grand Master Angel Cabales who passed away in 1990 was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2006 Serrada Escrima Seminar by Punong Guro Schwarz will cover:I. warm up drills & footwork drillsII. introduction of angles of attacksIII. basic deflections for angles of attack introduced in section IIIV. stick disarmsV. empty hand translations for deflections introduced in section IIIVI. empty hand disarmsVII. lock and block drills(stick and knife drills)VIII. basic stick flow drillsMaster James Perkins Street Effectiveness and Quick Knockouts will cover:Strategic Targeting techniques that will drop a man of any size.How to use every inch of your body to develop devastating power.How to wire in these fighting skills quickly and easily.Knowing when to use speed hitting techniques and when to use power (a critical distinction!).How to deal with a boxer.How to instantly disable even the toughest of street criminals.The single most important concept in street fighting (this is where everybody goes wrong!).A single technique (using just one finger) to stop an assailant in his tracks.Why it's not important to be physically gifted or even athletic!Three simple techniques that always work!The surprising reason most Black Belts lose fights!!An amazing technique that will stop ! even a g iant (you'll be impressed with this one).The three biggest mistakes most people make when attacked on the street.7 sure fire ways to drop the jerk now!How to be prepared for a sneak attack.How to deal with a kicker.For more information call Anta's Fitness and Self Defense at 305 599-3649 or e-mail us at
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Friday, June 22, 2007
Biography of Michael Schwarz Panginoon Guro Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima

April 2006
Michael Schwarz is a 2nd level master instructor with the title of Panginoon Guro in the Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima. He prefers though to be addressed by the less formal and more commonplace term, Punong Guro, which is of course abbreviated by the letters PG.
PG Schwarz was born on the 21st September 1961 in East St. Louis, Illinois right on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, more commonly known as the gateway to the great American west. Adopted shortly after his birth, his adoptive parents brought him up in the small farming town of New Baden, Illinois exposing him to sports like little league baseball and other activities common to many American children. His father, who as a young man played minor league baseball, exposed young Mike very early to the combat arts. Himself a Golden Gloves boxer, he was determined to provide young Mike with the tools needed to defend himself. Over the years, those early lessons from the age of 10 fueled his drive to seek out and learn from the very best and also those not so well known in the combat arts fields.
Like many of his generation, PG Schwarz became a fan of Bruce Lee and marveled at all the things he did with such explosive power. Prior to his movie career, Bruce Lee was on the small screen entrancing millions in his role as Kato, trustworthy aide to the Green Hornet, in an action series of the same name. Weekly, his ability to defend himself with his hands and feet pushed thousands like Mike, to pursue the previously unknown world of eastern martial arts. Following television, Bruce Lee made the successful leap to the big screen capturing the hearts of millions world wide and setting in place, a permanent interest in eastern arts that continues today long after his passing.
Because American culture in the 1960's was less violent than it is today, Mike like many others faced resistance from his mother when he expressed a desire to learn to defend himself. Finally after years of control, he rebelled at the age of 15 and began his study of the martial arts that continues to this day.
Breaking free of the chains of parental control, a now teenaged Mike looked at his available training options and settled on a combination of Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido/Judo. He began his studies in the system under the late 7th degree black belt Master Chang He Yhoon in the nearby city of Belleville, Illinois in 1977. As PG Schwarz describes it, the school rolled all three disciplines into one and for a while, all three were taught at once. As traditional as Korean schools can be he recalls such events as running in the winter snow barefoot for 10 minutes, lifting two people at once for throwing strength, and performing contusion blows, kicks and blocks repeatedly.

Today of course, it would be considered cruel to subject children to this type of training and it's likely some adults would be unable to cope. Putting his heart and soul into training, he managed to earn his 1st Degree Black Belt just two years later in 1979. A change in priorities would slow down his progress as he earned his 2nd Degree belt in the later part of the 1980's and his 3rd Degree in 1992. However, while PG Schwarz does not currently train in the system, he is a lifetime member of the Midwest Martial Arts Association.
After spending some months assisting Master Yhoon in his school by teaching Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, PG Schwarz ventured out on his own. To keep his hand in the arts, he taught in community centers and any place where one could hold a class. Branching out into organizing and leading self-defense seminars, he began to broaden his knowledge base by exploring Goju Ryu Naha Te and Aikijutsu and studied these formats for 2 years.
In 1985, PG Schwarz discovered the California Martial Arts Academy (CMAA), which was located in St Louis, Missouri and where he began his on-going 21-year journey into the Filipino Martial Arts. Like many schools across America, CMAA hosted seminars by the noted Masters Dan Inosanto and the late Ted LucayLucay among others, where students could get an introduction to different martial systems for their curiosity or as a launching off point for training.
PG Schwarz with the late Ted LucayLucay
One seminar featured Master Jimmy Tacosa, himself a master in the Cabales Serrada Escrima System. At that time, Master Tacosa was living around the St. Louis region doing seminars and actively teaching others about the Cabales system. Unfortunately for PG Schwarz, his journey was short lived as he experienced the Cabales system with Master Tacosa for just five months. Why? Did he grow bored with the precision, the constant foot and hand drills, the repetition? No, life took a different route and training would wait.

In 1985, Mr. Schwarz became Seaman Schwarz as he began a tour of service with the United States Navy. After boot camp and advanced technical training, PG Schwarz traveled both nationally and internationally while working in the communications field. Not surprisingly, he continued his martial training, as it can be readily found in and around most military installations worldwide. While in the Navy, he was exposed to Burmese Bando and continued in his study of Tae Kwon Do where he received his 2nd Dan Black Belt. Continuing to develop his love of teaching, PG Schwarz also taught in his off duty time exposing other service members to the martial arts.
Serving honorably, he had left the Navy and resettled in Illinois. After some time to himself to decide the path he wished to follow, his spark for the Filipino Martial Arts was again re-lit and he decided to seek out an instructor. After some soul searching, he came upon yet another Master of Cabales Escrima, Pangulong Guro Charles Cadell. For just shy of a decade, he was involved with Master Cadell and his style of instruction. PG Schwarz always gives credit to Master Cadell for giving him a well-rounded understanding of Cabales Serrada that serves him well today. Master Cadell not only exposed him to the techniques of Cabales Serrada, but also provided him with an education based upon his own personal experiences and direct teachings, about the man behind the system himself Grand Master Angel Cabales. During his time under Master Cadell, PG Schwarz was awarded his basic instructorship in 1995 and continued to train with Master Cadell until 1997.
Master Cadell has and continues to be a leading trainer of law enforcement and corrections personnel within the state of Illinois as he also works for the state Department of Corrections. Due to the demands of his career, he currently teaches only a small select group of individuals who are ranked under him. While with Master Cadell, PG Schwarz and others assisted in the development and use of the techniques that are now trained to Illinois law enforcement personnel. It's safe to say that the blunt weapon and empty hand techniques currently used within the Illinois Department Of Corrections were tried and tested in those training sessions so very long ago. We look forward to the day when Master Cadell once again has the time to share his experiences and training in Cabales Serrada, as career demands have most unfortunately kept him off the training and seminar circuit. Recognized in most circles as the last individual personally awarded his Master certificate in Serrada escrima by Angel Cables, his place in martial history is secure as are his accomplishments.
During the time following his break from Master Cadell, PG Schwarz stayed busy perfecting his skills by teaching private lessons and doing seminars for local church groups. All the while he was doing this, he kept looking at what was available locally, regionally and nationally. Like all of those with a passion in their heart to be the best that they can be, he kept on searching for a way to move up to the next level in his personal martial training journey.
In 2003, he began to look towards affiliating himself with one of the remaining masters of GM Cabales. With Master Cadell as the only master within close proximity and no longer and started researching who best could lead him on his path to fulfillment. Clearly, any of GM Cabales' masters could teach, but PG Schwarz was looking for the connection on a person-to-person level. After speaking with GM Anthony Davis, he decided to become an affiliate and instructor in the Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima in 2004. Not only is GM Davis his primary instructor, he's also a mentor schooling PG Schwarz in the intricate details of managing a system and most importantly, he's a valued friend.

Growing an organization of course is not easy and between the two of them, Grand Master Davis covers the western half of the United States, while PG Schwarz has the eastern half as split by the US Rocky Mountain Range. To help build a unity with all those interested in the Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima, PG Schwarz hosts and maintains a discussion group at:
To spread the word so to speak, he also maintains his own website at where he has posted basic information on the Davis/Cabales system for the curious. Not surprisingly, he receives inquiries from those who study the Filipino Martial Arts both beginner to expert as well as those who do not and are either curious or wish to supplement the arts that they already study.
PG Schwarz has by his own count, influenced literally hundreds of students over his long martial career while teaching Tae Kwon Do and down to the five that he’s currently instructing in Davis/Cabales Serrada Escrima, to include two who wish to become instructors in their own right.
The statement that "Knowledge Means Power" is clearly evident in the Martial World as well as in life, something PG Schwarz is dedicated to showing to all who entrust him. Anxious to get back into the seminar circuit, he has appeared at the Fight Back Self Defense School providing the students of Sensei Joe Finchen exposure to the Filipino Martial Arts.
PG Schwarz with PG Darren Tibon

PG Schwarz and PG Jeff Finder

Since his association with GM Davis began, it's been a whirlwind of activity for PG Schwarz along with GM Davis in trying to get the WSEF up and running. As with any organization, things have to be planned and decisions made. One of the first things they wanted to do, monumental in itself, was to establish the WSEF as a premiere Filipino martial arts organization. They also wanted the WSEF to be open to all who wish to preserve, regardless of system or style, the legacy and teachings of the late Grand Master Angel Cabales.

To launch the WSEF in a matter befitting of their aims, they planned and held a recent seminar and banquet that honored the life, legacy and teachings of GM Angel Cabales. Held in Sacramento, California the event drew martial artists from across California and beyond.

The most remarkable and distinguishing honor that anyone could wish for was that GM Vincent Cabales Sr. himself, GM Angel's successor, was able to make it to the event. It truly was an honor for those present to have GM Cabales share in the celebration of his father's life and martial accomplishments. Not only did PG Schwarz receive his 2nd level masters instructorship in the Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima at this event, held in March 2006, but he was able to meet some of the people who have been closely aligned with the Cabales Serrada Escrima system itself. Three people among the many there that left a lasting impression and their mark were PG's Carlito Bonjoc, Darren Tibon and Jeff Finder. Each has their own story to tell about their special relationship with GM Cabales and how that has helped shaped their own contributions to the Cabales legacy and to their own personal achievements as well.

For the future, the sky's the limit, both literally and figuratively as far as the WSEF is concerned. Both GM Davis and PG Schwarz intend to make it their life's mission to preserve the Cabales System just as GM Angel would have wished. For that, they have our deepest respects and gratitude for not sitting back and doing nothing. As they say, actions speak louder than words!
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Excellent Flexible Weapon For Street Readiness
An old Italian man was tired of his little grandson getting picked on, so he purchased some handkerchiefs, marbles, and a teddy bear. The grandson was instructed by his Grandfather to tie a marble or steel ball bearing into one corner of the handkerchief, and in the far corner a knot to grip onto. A strike with the weapon hand palm up and the ball bearing or marble would be in the left hand, so that the impact of the swinging marble would crash down hard on top of the teddy bear's head. The grandson was instructed to continue practicing that technique everyday, which he did. One day the Grandson bounced the steely on top of the bully's head real hard and then the old Grandfather was accused of teaching his Grandson to hurt other children. The old man said he wasn't going to lie about it, that he taught him some other stuff too so that bullies can get hurt real good, then they won't pick on his Grandson no more because it won't be fun anymore once they realize it is them getting hurt instead of his Grandson. I don't know what the final verdict was, but apparently the technique almost killed the bully.

Found this posted sometime ago. I don't recall who the author was, but definitely valid information for our consideration.
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Reichenau, Germany- Recently Grandmaster Anthony Davis returned from the island of Reichenau located in southern Germany. GM Davis conducted and completed a series of advanced Serrada Escrima workshops on the island, and, he left such a great impression there that he was asked to return again before the year is out. The promoter of the workshops Petra Eischeid, is an Advanced Davis/Cabales Serrada Escrima Apprentice Instructor who is currently privately studying Serrada Escrima under GM Anthony Davis. Additionally, Gura Eischeid is currently working on her 1st Degree Master rank under GM Davis' auspices as well. The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance in Germany preserves the traces of the Benedictine monastery, founded in 724, which exercised remarkable spiritual influence. The churches of Saint Mary and Marcus, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and Saint George, mainly built between the 9th and 11th centuries, provide a panorama of early medieval monastic architecture in central Europe. Their wall paintings bear witness to impressive artistic activity. According to GM Anthony Davis, the training that the students on the island of Reichenau received was precise, well articulated and extremely effective. GM Davis gave the Reichenau workshop participants breakdown information about his own personal martial arts background, along with background history concerning his Serrada Escrima teacher the late Grandmaster Angel Cabales. Students also learned valuable insights about Filipino history, various Filipino cultures, and Serrada Escrima's unique footwork along with Serrada Escrima's shortstick close-quarter combat counterstriking tactics. GM Anthony Davis has been conducting Serrada Escrima workshops in Germany for well over 15 years. Also, GM Davis has worked extensively with Germany's special (Anti-Terrorists Division) known as [GSG9]. Various German criminal departments have found that GM Davis' close-quarter stick and knife combat training is adaptable to their own methods of close-quarter combat training. Stated GM Davis, "The science and the art of the Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima can be adapted into any art form or into any system of martial arts". Indeed many of the participants at the Reichenau workshops came from various different backgrounds and from many diverse professions. Doctors, dancers, martial artists, school teachers and massage therapists all came together in order to synchronize into one harmonious group in order to experience and learn the ancient immaculate art of the Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima.
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Interview With GrandMaster Anthony Davis

by Ronald Ruppin
( Part One )
This interview is reprinted from the book titled: The Legacy of Grandmaster Angel Cabales; Serrada Escrima Explosive Empty Hand Fighting; by Anthony Davis with Leo T. Fong. Additionally, as the book was published in 1999, some of the questions and answers in the interview have been updated for this blog.
Q: Grandmaster Davis, you look rather young to be a Grandmaster, just how long have you been involved in the field of martial arts?
AD: Currently, I am forty-nine years old, and I've been involved in martial arts for over 30 years.
Q: Of the many styles of martial arts you have studied, which style or styles do you prefer the most?
AD: There are three styles of martial arts that have worked well for me after many years of training; these are Tai Chi Chuan, Western Boxing, and Serrada Escrima.
Q: Why do you prefer these three particular styles of martial arts?
AD: One of the first principles that I learned from Tai Chi Chuan is the value of relaxation. By being more relaxed I am able to execute faster strikes. Western Boxing fine-tuned my hand reflexes and footwork. And most importantly Boxing helped to increase my stamina. Serrada Escrima is the bread and butter of my art of fighting. The effectiveness of Serrada Escrima lies within its simplicity of application. Whether or not a person uses weapons or their barehands, Serrada Escrima can be a vital asset to anyone's system of combat.
Q: Who were your instructors of the three styles of martial arts that you just mentioned?
AD: My Tai Chi Chuan teacher was the late Wu Shing Tai Chi Chuan founder and Grandmaster John K.Wong. My boxing coach and current trainer is a former champion boxer from Mexico City by the name of Jesus Lopez Sr. My Serrada Escrima instructor was the late legendary stick and knife fighter Great Grandmaster Angel O. Cabales.
Q: Grandmaster Davis, of all of the teachers that you have trained under, GGM Angel Cabales is by far the most famous of them all, when and where did you first meet him?
AD: I first met GGM Angel Cabales in 1984 in San Francisco, California. I had organized and scheduled a special Filipino martial arts seminar featuring world renowned " Jeet Kune Do/Kali " Guro Dan Inosanto. Due to illness, Mr. Inosanto was unable to attend the seminar. After a considerable amount of panic upon my part, I was able to obtain from GM Rene Latosa the telephone numbers of the late Jiu Jitsu/Escrima Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio, Bahala Na Grandmaster Leo Giron, and GGM Angel Cabales. GGM Angel Cabales was the primary Escrima instructor of three of Bruce Lee's top students, Prof. Leo T. Fong, Guro Dan Inosanto, and GM Richard Bustillo. The late Escrima Master Ted Lucaylucay had also received his Advanced Serrada Escrima certificate from GGM Angel Cabales as well. The seminar took place as planned and it was an overwhelming sucess. Additionally, Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio along with his assistant instructor GM John Eliab co-starred with GGM Angel Cabales at this same event making this affair a unique part of martial arts history.
Q: Besides having been a private student of GGM Angel Cabales, in what other capacities did you work with him?
AD: My special agreement with GGM Angel Cabales centered around me promoting him and his art of Serrada Escrima to the fullest of my capabilities. In return, GGM Angel Cabales agreed to teach me privately as much as he could about his system of Escrima.
Q: Grandmaster Davis, it seems that after GGM Angel Cabales died on March 3, 1991, a lot of old and new faces have surfaced. Also, I have noticed that all of these old and new personalities claim that they are teaching the pure art of GGM Cabales' style of Escrima. How do you feel about some of these people and the claims that they are making and have made?
AD: In my opinion there is no such thing as a pure anything. Even GGM Angel Cabales told me many times that he changed a lot of the information about Escrima that he had learned from his teacher Grand Guru Felicisimo Dizon. GGM Cabales said that he did this because there were numerous combative tactics that Dizon could perform that he could not perform, so in order to compensate for what he could not emulate from the old " Wizard ", GGM Cabales created new innovations that worked well for him. Thus, is why GGM Cabales coined his style of fighting the " Cabales Serrada System of Escrima ". Serrada or (Cerrado) is a Spanish word which means "to close". Escrima is a French word which means "to skirmish".
Q: About four decades have already passed since GGM Angel Cabales opened the first official Filipino martial arts academy in America in 1966, in Stockton, California. Did GGM Angel Cabales ever have any discussions with you concerning any of his first generation students such as; Mangisursuro Mike G. Inay, Grandmaster Dentoy Revillar, Guro Dan Inosanto, GM Rene Latosa, GM Leo Giron, Master Jimmy Tacosa and others?
AD: Yes he did. Basically, GGM Angel Cabales always spoke ninety-five percent positive about all of his former students. Even though some of his old school students had broken away from him and formulated their own Escrima organizations, GGM Cabales never really put any of them down. In my latter years I have come to realize that GGM Cabales had firmly established a personal bond with each and every one of his former students; as he had with me, and he inwardly knew that all of his graduate instructors would continue to represent him in their own individual ways. GGM Angel Cabales always beamed with pride whenever he talked about any of his students. However, whatever disgruntlements GGM Angel Cabales may have had with any of his students, he never voiced them too publicly. GGM Angel Cabales was a genuine gentleman, and a very seasoned fighter as well. If GGM Cabales did have anything to say to you he would confront you face to face if he could. This is what I really admired the most about GGM Angel Cabales, he was not the type of a person that would stab you in the back.
Q: Grandmaster Davis, I understand that you were one of the second persons that introduced GGM Angel Cabales' style of Escrima into various parts of Europe?
AD: This is true. The first Serrada Escrima student to introduce Cabales' Escrima style into Germany was GM Rene Latosa. In 1989, GGM Angel Cabales and I decided that it was about time to take his art of Escrima into the international market. So together we devised a master plan to first re-plant the seeds of his fighting style in Berlin, Germany. As I was born in Augsburg, Germany, I was pretty sure that I could firmly establish his art form there. So in 1990, I flew alone to Berlin, Germany specifically for this purpose. Once in Germany I began the first steps of constructing an international base on behalf of the Cabales Serrada System of Escrima. Once I had settled into Germany, I literally taught Serrada Escrima as a guest instructor at several German and Turkish martial arts academies. None of the schools in Berlin, Germany had ever been exposed to Serrada Escrima before, and it was a laborious and a monumental task establishing Serrada Escrima at many of these schools. I had to literally engage in numerous street battles in order to convince the German and Turkish martial artists that the art and science of Serrada Escrima was no joke and that it really does work. Additionally, I went on to establish Serrada Escrima outlets in Switzerland and in the country of Turkey as well.
Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis ( Part Two )

( Part Two )

Q: Grandmaster Davis, I understand that you are not only a great and talented martial artist, but, I have also found out that you are an extremely gifted writer as well.
AD: Well to tell you the truth, I have been writing since I was 13 years old. I hand printed my very first book. The name of the book is titled:The Dawn Of Man. The book is a take off story about the famous anthropologist Dr. Leakey, and is about some of the ancient human discoveries of early man that he made in Africa.
Q: Wow! thats amazing that you wrote a book at such a young age. Can you present to the readers of this interview one of your published articles so that we can get an idea about your particular style of writing.
AD: I'd be more than happy to share one of my latest articles that was published in the 'August 2004 edition of Inside Kung Fu Magazine'.

LESSONS FROM ANGEL; " Learning from the great
Angel Cabales involved much more than fighting technique."
by Anthony Davis
This article is dedicated to the memory of the late escrimador Grandmaster Angel Cabales, whose pioneering efforts were responsible for introducing the Filipino art of combat known as Serrada Escrima to the Western world in 1966. Those fortunate enough to have trained with Cabales discovered his simple, but yet profound approach toward close-quarter combat. On the surface the different techniques that Cabales devised and perfected look simple and basic, but in practice his movements reflect depth and emotional content. Not only is the Angel Cabales Serrada System of Escrima a practical, spiritual and scientific system of combat, it is also an adaptable combat system as well. In his younger days, Cabales engaged in many fights, some of which were life-and-death encounters. The fact that Cabales survived his combat skirmishes is a testimony to the effectiveness of his approach.
Serrada Escrima is not only based upon technique, but also, on theories and, concepts that were developed and refined through the years by Cabales himself. Cabales learned the rudimentary foundation of the Filipino art of escrima from his mentor Felicisimo Dizon. I began studying Serrada Escrima in 1984 in Stockton, California. With several years of genuine combat experience under my belt, I knew that after having witnessed Cabales in action he was indeed a genuine weapons master. Cabales said to me that his intentions were not to inflict on me his style of martial arts, but rather to show me things that I could use to make my style of martial arts better. Cabales also said, "Any student whose primary focus is to be a carbon copy of his teacher is doing themselves a great disservice. No one can be exactly like the teacher and still retain their own personal identity." In essence, the Cabales Serrada System of Escrima was designed as a method of self-transformation of the soul. In this hands-on learning system, Cabales called the highest level of attainment " presence of mind " or spontaneous intelligent reaction. When a person is seriously engaged in close-quarter combat, there is no time for thinking, feeling, choosing or judging what is occuring from moment to moment. Here's how Cabales described it:
On June 3, 1990, I traveled to Cabales' home to conduct an interview. Although I had spoken to Cabales many times about his style, I was always reluctant to ask him about his death matches. Cabales told me that escrima death matches were an integral part of the ancient warrior traditions of the Philippines. " To willfully test one's skills in an actual match to the death is the ultimate test of true skill and courage, " he noted. Cabales added, " Whenever you are engaged in mortal combat you must forget about all of the antics of your opponent. One must not worry about things like how big or strong or how great your opponent's reputation is. One must remain calm but as alert as possible and strike the enemy down with accuracy, certainty and power. "
Cabales insisted that to survive in any life or death encounter, you have to bypass all negative and positive conflictualities. Any type of conflictuality constricts the natural flow or " presence of mind." Freezing in the midst of a life or death encounter can be fatal. It is only in a natural state of mind that one can effectively defend himself against myriad of attacks. Cabales taught me that obtaining high levels of rank or degrees should never be the primary focus of a martial arts aspirant. Instead, a practitioner should focus upon the metaphysical ingredients that lie behind all of the external formulas for fighting. According to Angel, no level of rank could ever equate with the raw courage and skill that is latent within the hearts and minds of every human being. A real warrior works from a position of practicality, and begins the process of becoming a master craftsman by using whatever personality he has at the time.
To Angel Cabales, befriending and assisting a person with the elevation of their mind was his greatest and highest achievement award in his life.The Cabales Serrada System of Escrima was designed for thinkers and for all those who are seeking a supreme martial arts lifestyle. The art of escrima as developed by Grandmaster Angel Cabales entails many aspects of the art of combat. " In order to make my art of Serrada Escrima serve the present time, we only have to assemble or reassemble my art into its fullest dimension scientifically, and then my students have to bring to life my art of escrima and then make it there own," Cabales suggested. Angel stated that his style of fighting could not fail him in any combative encounter. In Angel's mind his art could never fail him because he always thought in a positivistic way.
The Serrada System of Escrima as taught by Angel Cabales was very people oriented. Cabales was not only the first escrima master to open an escrima academy in America, he was also amongst one of the first Filipino masters to teach outside of his race. Finally, Angel Cabales believed in the eternal goodness of man. Even when the usurers were closing in on him, he still had faith in the Serrada Escrima system. After more than 21 years of practicing and promoting the Serrada Escrima System of martial arts; I still discover hidden clues that unearth some of the deepest secrets of the Angel Cabales Serrada System of Escrima. It's these energy-releasing secrets that continue to propel me upon an " Endless Journey " of self-discovery.
RP: " Thank you very much for sharing this story with our readership Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis. The article that you wrote for ' Inside Kung Fu Magazine ' certaintly serves to reveal some of the very intricate insights into the mindset of the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales.
AD: You are most welcome!

Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis ( Part Three )

by Anthony Davis
( Part Three )

Prior to his death in 1991, Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis conducted this last personal interview with GGM Angel Cabales at his home in Stockton, California. This interview will give to you the reader a more profound glimpse into the mind of Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales.

Anthony Davis: Grandmaster Cabales, how long have you been teaching Escrima in America; as well as in the Philippines?
Angel Cabales: Since 1936, I have taught some of my friends in the Philippines, and in this country, I started teaching Ecrima in 1966. But! unofficially I began teaching in America in 1965 before I opened my first academy.
AD: It appears that you were also one of the first martial arts entrepreneurs of this time period. For one, you held a business license along with a commercial studio as well.
AC: Yea, that's right.
AD: Has Escrima changed that much from the past as far as what you see today?
AC: No! not concerning my style, it's the same.
AD: I know that some styles of Filipino martial arts have different strikes or numbers. How many numbers does your style have?
AC: The serrada style as I teach it has twelve numbers.
AD: The word Serrada means close?
AC: Yes, it means close.
AD: Is Serrada a style that that you learned yourself?
AC: I originally learned Escrima from Felicisimo Dizon of the Philippines.
AD: How many numbers did Dizon know?
AC: Twelve, but he also knew an additional twenty-one numbers.
AD: So, in 1966 you had some pretty famous students didn't you?
AC: Oh yea! just like Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo, Mike Inay, Jimmy Tacosa, Leo Fong, and lots of others.
AD: So you definitely did have a lot to do with Dan Inosanto's training and Richard Bustillo's training during those formative years?
AC: Yes I did.
AD: Because Inosanto and Bruce Lee were so close, I can only imagine that Dan Inosanto taught Bruce Lee some of your stick fighting method?
AC: Yes he did, because when Bruce Lee left for Hong Kong, Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo were still my students, and at that time Bruce Lee was still living in Los Angeles.
AD: What year was that?
AC: That was in 1970, and 1971.
AD: That was right about the time that Dan Inosanto began to popularize Filipino martial arts?
AC: Right! it was during that time , and since that time when I first opened my academy on 136 East Harding Way, in Stockton, California, until now I'm still teaching.
AD: I've heard people refer to you as the " Father of Escrima " in this country?
AC: This is true, and I feel that I deserve this title because during the 1960's, there were no Filipino's teaching the Filipino martial arts to the public, just me.
AD: And at that time period Escrima was literally unknown, Kung Fu, Karate and Judo were the arts more popular at that time?
AC: Escrima was taught before the 1960's, but not to the general public. It was taught only in workcamps or in the backyards, but never to the general public.
AD: Do you look at Escrima as more of a sport discipline, or more as for self-defense?
AC: See! Escrima is more for protecting your life, and is really for self-defense, but, you can convert it to a sport.
AD: What level of Escrima do you prefer the most?
AC: Well, the combat level, because concerning the word self-defense. Escrima is designed to save your life.
AD: Angel tell me about the actual Escrima matches you had in Stockton.
AC: Right! there are a lot of escrimadors here in Stockton. And many of them tried me, and they never won because their style's only consist of numbers one to three, or five, and my knowledge is from numbers one to twelve.
AD: So you had the upperhand on your opponents?
AC: Oh yea! because their knowledge is different and they did not know all of the targets; and especially the " Largo Mano " guys or long range fighters. I had already tangled with their style in the Philippines. So I was already familiar with their method of fighting.
AD: Angel, as I understand it, your system of Serrada Escrima was once a secret system, even in the Philippines?
AC: Yes! because it was a hidden art, and only certain people could learn it, like family and " close friends." Besides that, I was going to at first teach Serrada Escrima secretly, but a friend of mine Max Sarmiento persuaded me to officially represent the Filipino martial arts in America. It took me a long time before I was convinced to teach Serrada publicly.
AD: So! since that time Serrada has become very popular, and you have attracted some new celebrities such as Graciela Casillas?
AC: Yea! because when other Filipino stylist see the Serrada Escrima style, they don't care about their long stick methods anymore. So, people like Casillas see the effectiveness of the close-range system of Serrada, so they convert.
Note: This rare interview on Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales concludes the first half of his personal story. In ( Part Four ) of this up-close and candid interview on the Great Grandmaster, Angel Cabales will further discuss more about some of his combat secrets; and, he will furhter discuss more about his special connection to well known former Boxing and Kick/Boxing Champion, and Serrada Escrima Advanced Instructor Gura Graciela Casillas. For those who are interested in purchasing the visual and audio production of Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales; contact GM Anthony Davis at:

Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis ( Part Four )



by Anthony Davis

( Part Four )

In ( Part Three ) it was mentioned that Graciela Casillas was one of Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales' Advanced Graduate Instructors. In (Part Four) we will further investigate the inner dynamics that went into play that brought the " Warrior Princess " into contact with the " Grand Old Master."

One of the primary reasons as to why a lot of people become fanatically involved in the study of martial arts is due to the superior level of self-imposed discipline, along with the physical flawlessness of mastery that can be attained by way of practicing martial arts. To witness a highly skilled and advanced martial artist in combative action, " Is to see poetry in motion ". The study and pratice of various forms of martial arts is one of the most effective ways to synchronize the mind, body, and the spirit into one harmonious unit.

When an initiate of martial arts is able to sucessfully combine these three ingredients into one harmonious accord, one will then have reached a superior state of mind in which the Buddhist call " Nirvana " or enlightment. When the state of nirvana has efficiently been messhed into the martial artist' mind, body and soul, the martial arts initiate then becomes " One'd or Yoked to the Supreme Being ".

Graciela Casillas is a prime example of an individual that has obtained this conscious state of mind or ' Nirvana.' A 1989 BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE: ( WOMAN OF THE YEAR ), Graciela Casillas formally held the,

'WORLD KARATE ASSOCIATION BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE'. Undefeated with a fight record of 30-0, with 14 KO's to her credit, Graciela Casillas personifies the essence of a modern day " Princess Josephina." Additionally, Gura Casillas is the first woman to be promoted directly by GGM Angel Cabales to the 'Advanced Instructors Level' within the ' Cabales Serrada System of Escrima.'

I first met Gura Casillas at a time when she was still known as Graciela Casillas. In 1987 by way of Wing Chun Master William Henderson, I had the distinctive honor of personally meeting one of martial art's most illustrious fighter's of all time. As an experienced martial artist myself, and prior to meeting Gura Casillas, I was already familiar with her notorious fight record.

My primary attraction to Gura Casillas was due to the fact that I was aware that she had been extensively trained by the " Ubiquitous " Guro Dan Inosanto. As I had met Guro Inosanto, and GM Richard Bustillo as far back as 1980 at a " Jeet Kune Do/Kali " seminar in Ohio that I promoted and hosted; I figured that if Gura Casillas had trained in Filipino martial arts under Guro Inosanto's personalized tutelage, then she was definitely upon a blazing trail; as Guro Dan Inosanto himself had privately studied and gained his teacher's credentials directly from GGM Angel Cabales.

Gura Casillas' reputation as a ferocious combatant in the arena of martial arts, and also, in the world of boxing, is what ultimately led me to personally introduce her directly to GGM Angel Cabales. As I was one of GGM Cabales' personal assistants in the mid 1980's, part of my duties on behalf GGM Cabales was to bring him into contact with as many viable martial artists as possible. I guess you can say that I acted as GGM Angel Cabales' scout. I was also very instrumental in recommending other martial arts practitioners to GGM Cabales such as; Master Guru Lee Foster, Advanced Serrada Escrima Instructor Jeff Finder, Wing Chun Master Bill Henderson, Master Guro Cliff Stewart who met GGM Cabales by way of myself and Graciela Casillas. And of course there are other top martial artists whom I personally introduced to GGM Cabales as well, such as; Actor/Kung Fu Master Eric Lee, GM Taky Kubota's protege Master Jim Mather, former Boxing Champion Jesus Lopez Sr., and my 'Wu Shing Tai Chi Chuan' instructor Great Prof. John K. Wong.

GGM Angel Cabales was just as eager to meet Gura Casillas as she was to meet him. GGM Angel Cabales was an avid lover of boxing, and he felt deeply convicted within himself that he could impart to Gura Casillas the " Master Keys " that are the chief ingredients that underlies his style of Serrada Escrima.

Personally, I found Gura Casillas to be extremely meticulous and very studious. Observing Gura Casillas working out under GGM Angel Cabales' auspices was indeed " Poetry in motion ". As meticulous as Gura Casillas was in terms of her study of Serrada Escrima, is just as meticulous as GGM Angel Cabales was in helping her to "fine-tune" her Escrima skills.

On the day that Gura Graciela Casillas received her " Cabales Serrada Escrima Advanced Degree " from GGM Angel Cabales, there were several top notch martial arts dignitaries on hand to witness her graduation such as; Prof. Wally Jay, Cliff Stewart, Jimmy Tacosa, Sultan Uddin, David Mau, William Henderson, and myself. Gura Graciela Casillas' continuous pursuit toward " Supreme Excellence " is truly what qualifies her to be called the " Indomitable Warrior ".

Grandmaster Guru Anthony Davis ( Part Five )

by Anthony Davis
( Part Five )

In (Part Five) titled " Angel Cabales' Last Personal Interview " GM Davis continues, and completes his journalistic interview on the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales. In this interview GGM Angel Cabales discusses with Anthony why he feels that his short stick method of Escrima is more superior than the " Largo Mano or long-hand style of Escrima." GGM Angel Cabales contends that no matter how long an escrimadors stick or blade might be, he states that he can still effectively counter them with a blade or stick no longer than 18 inches in length.

Anthony Davis: Grandmaster Angel Cabales, why do you think or feel that the short stick is more effective than the long stick?
Angel Cabales: Because it is short, and when the short stick is used in combat it has more power than the long stick.
AD: it seems like the long stick would have the command of reach in this case?
AC: It has reach but not a lot of power.
AD: So even with a short stick you can counter a long stick effectively?
AC: Even if a person uses a stick one mile long, I can still counter them with a stick eighteen inches long.
AD: This means that the Serrada Escrima system must be highly effective?
AC: Well, see in my style, once again I am very familiar with the long stick tactics.
AD: Even against any type of blade will the Serrada Escrima techniques still work the same way?
AC: All of the Serrada Escrima defensive techniques are the same, nothing changes. For instance, we have at least nine different counters for a number one strike; which is the most basic attack in all styles of fighting. Whether or not your opponent strikes you with a weapon, or even if you have no weapon at all, you will still be able to counter your opponent in the same way.
AD: I've noticed that the Serrada System of Escrima is a very tight style of fighting. It's as if you let or allow your opponent to commit an attack upon you purposely, is this correct?
AC: Well, Serrada Escrima's favorite strategy is that the opponent will hit us first, but once a fight has started, and if the opponent doesn't hit us first, then we hit them.
AD: It appears that most of the people who come to you for training are already experienced in some form of martial arts?
AC: Right! well see the people that are involved in the martial arts, especially the one's who have been involved for many years, are smart enough to figure out which system of martial arts that they prefer the most. They know what they are looking for.
AD: When you have actually engaged in combat like yourself, would you say that you can more readily teach a person what to expect in an actual confrontation?
AC: Yea! thats right.
AD: How do you work on honing a persons reflexes in your system in order to make a person react more quickly to an attack?
AC: Sparring, and a drill that I call " Lock and Block."
AD: You have another technique in your system called " Picking." Exactly what is picking?
AC: Picking is the art of faking a person out so that you can force them to commit an offensive or defensive maneuver in order to counter-attack them more easily.
AD: Are there things that your master teacher Felicisimo Dizon taught you that you do not teach to anyone else?
AC: No, I teach everything I know.
AD: A lot of people would consider that to be an unwise business strategy on your part. Why dont you see it that way?
AC: Because my reason is; is that if I teach everything that I have learned my students will be prepared to face any kind of an attack. " So I teach everything that I know."
AD: Would you say that Serrada Escrima is a complete system of martial arts?
AC: Oh Yea! because all of the other styles can easily be found mixed within Serrada Escrima. So whatever you are looking for you can find it within Serrada Escrima.
AD: So where do you see Serrada Escrima ten years from now?
AC: I see Serrada Escrima expanding all over the world and passed down from generation to generation.
AD: Are there any last words that you would like to leave your readers with before we end this interview?
AC: Yes, I hope people who practice Escrima will not use Escrima as an instrument to oppress anyone, but instead, will use their craftsmanship as a shield for other people's rights.
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Inayan De Cuerdes DVD Review
It is my pleasure to present a second review on the Inayan Brotherhood of Eskrima (IBE) recent DVD production of the Inayan Dequerdas.

Again, this DVD was made in a cooperative effort between Masirib Guros: Emanuel Hart, Steve Klement, & Cory Hanosh, with narration by Datu Dieter Knuttel. Also assisting in the video is senior student Randall Crisp.

Resulting from the previous review and the kind appreciation of the IBE, I was asked to review this additional work. Again, it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to critique this work and to acknowledge the accomplishments of the IBE.

Through a distinct understanding of our similar yet different perspectives of Serrada Eskrima, it is apparent to me that when creating this segment of training curriculum, Suro Inay had a intent of controlled force and use of restraint in mind. As is stated by the IBE, the Inayan Dequerdas is one of the designated training methodologies used, while training law enforcement, correctional and security officers.

A viewer can definitely see the distinct “root”, if you will to Suro Inay’s historical training with GMs Angel Cabales, Max Sarmiento and others. Similar angles of attack are used although they are limited to 8 angles of attack in comparison to Serrada’s 12, the flow is still remarkable.

This is the 2nd “family” of Dequerdes that it has been my great fortune to view. My 1st opportunity to see a “family” of Dequerdes in action was that of GM Gilbert Tenio, on tape just a few days before his untimely passing. There are similarities of course as well as both have their unique manipulations and training format.

With those thoughts in mind, I would like to present my views and thoughts on this fine production.

As I’ve been on record previously, the production and DVD quality is very good. Several camera angles are shown for better understanding of techniques. The lighting was perfect for the demonstrations and the background is not obtrusive, so that it does not take the viewer’s attention away from the techniques offered.

Production quality remained a constant. I have taken as much from the technical filming qualities of the production as I have from observing and working with the techniques.

The instructors demonstrate great understanding of the Inayan Dequerdes techniques.

This DVD is separated into several sections for view; from viewing the DVD as a whole to viewing individual angles and their defenses.

There are several follow up options offered for each defensive counter. Additionally, basic disarms are covered.

An added benefit to this DVD offering is the reflex drills included to provide further proficiency and efficiency in movement.

Again, I must say, viewing and studying the movements on this DVD will enhance anyone’s martial arts experience. However, I do not feel that any previous experience with FMA drills is necessary to retain and work with the valuable information on this DVD.

The instructors have tried to present their material so that it is palatable for almost anyone and with proper practice the techniques can be understood by anyone.

I definitely would recommend this DVD production to anyone interested in a unique martial art. Why? Because this DVD provides knowledge that can assist anyone to learn the basics of Inayan Dequerdes in a efficient manner.

Again, I was pleased to see that there was no wasted space or long winded explanations of technique. The instructors are straight to the point and the narration is a special bonus. The narration is an option I would definitely recommend to those of us who may produce instruction segments or DVDs in the future.

I recommend all other productions that the IBE will be producing.

I hope to work more closely with the IBE in the future and would recommend anyone to seek out their instructional DVDs.

My respects and regards to all.

PG Michael Schwarz
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Inayan Kadena De Mano DVD Review
It is my pleasure to present a review on the Inayan Brotherhood of Eskrima (IBE) recent DVD production of the Kadena De Mano Basics.

This DVD was made in a cooperative effort between Masirib Guros: Emanuel Hart, Steve Klement, & Cory Hanosh, with narration by Datu Dieter Knuttel. Also assisting in the video is senior student Randal Crisp.

In communication with Masirib Klement and Hanosh periodically, I was aware that this as well as other DVD’s were in the making and to be released. As a Punong Guro in the Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima, I had anxiously awaited this production. As I share similar backgrounds with several of my associates in the Serrada Escrima community, I found I do as well with these gentlemen.

Though we have had different paths of learning Serrada Escrima, it is refreshing to know that the spirits of Angel Cabales and Max Sarmiento have shown thru in our collective efforts to propagate Serrada Escrima.

The production and DVD quality is very good. Several camera angles are shown for better understanding of techniques. The lighting was perfect for the demonstrations and the background is not obtrusive, so that it does not take the viewer’s attention away from the techniques offered.

The instructors demonstrated a great understanding of the Kadena De Mano(chain of hands) techniques. Although I am familiar with the basic techniques offered, it was refreshing to see someone else’s understandings and perceptions on these techniques.
There are several offerings of each technique. Offered on this DVD are the basic defenses, grappling and take down maneuvers, as well as disarms. All of these offerings are terrific in their own way.

Viewing and studying the movements on this DVD will enhance anyone’s martial arts experience. However, I do feel that one should have at least a very basic understanding of the angles of attacks offered by Serrada Escrima. That too, is covered on this DVD.
The instructors have tried to present their material so that it is palatable for almost anyone and with proper practice the techniques can be understood by anyone.

I definitely would recommend this DVD production to anyone interested not only in Kadena De Mano, but all martial arts. Why? Because just as Serrada Escrima “flows”, so does Kadena De Mano.

I was pleased to see that there was no wasted space or long winded explanations of technique as I have found on some of our contemporaries offerings. The instructors are straight to the point and the narration is a special bonus. The narration does not detract from the instruction.

If this DVD is any indication, I recommend all other productions that the IBE will be producing.
I am looking forward to viewing the De Cuerdes DVD very soon and would like to offer a critique of this DVD as well.

My respects and regards to all.

PG Michael Schwarz
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Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima Seminar
White Tiger Martial Arts Academy
June 16 & 17, 2006
Presents: Punong Guro Mike Schwarz

Punong Guro Schwarz
Demonstrating of angle 1 outside deflection (initial pass)
On June 16th and 17th, 2006, White Tiger Martial Arts Academy in New Haven, Indiana was the scene of the first Davis Cabales Serrada Seminar held outside of the system's home base of Sacramento, California. Punong Guro Mike Schwarz, teaching under the direction of Grandmaster Anthony Davis, made the trek eastward from his home base near St. Louis, MO. to an eager and most appreciative seminar audience.
Academy owner, Sensei Mark Best 3rd Dan ITF TKD, opened his Tae Kwon Do school to basic and advanced eskrima practitioners as well as the curious from around Indiana. Aikido practitioner and Videographer Sensei Jim McCoy, recorded the event for a future compilation into a CD training series that PG Schwarz plans to release in coming months. Other seminar participants included Tae Kwon Do Sensei Brock Brown, Inayan Eskrima Advanced Practitioner Ron Robertson and other students of the Filipino martial arts Brent Marple, Steve Ames, Jonnie MunLeon, Jason Harbeit and Kirk Bowser.
Due to prior commitments, Inayan Eskrima Guro Kim Satterfield was unable to attend, but he expressed his gratitude to Punong Guro Schwarz afterward that the event was eye opening for all of his students that were able to attend. Guro Satterfield noted the difficulty exposing students to other systems, which allow for growth and comparison to those they actively study, as Filipino Martial Arts styles/schools are limited or difficult to find in many areas. So for his students, this event was indeed an eye opener.
Punong Guro Schwarz demonstrating a possible follow up strike for angle 1 inside deflection
After introductions and an overview of the Cabales Serrada Eskrima system as founded by the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, everyone got to work. First up was showing the 12 Angles of Attack as practiced by Cabales Serrada practitioners worldwide. As one could expect, seminar participants started out somewhat overwhelmed by the material covered but as the weekend progressed, they got the hang of things and quick! Besides being shown what the 12 angles represent, participants went through each of the stances, positions and strikes by the numbers.
Hungering for more, the majority of the weekend was spent introducing seminar participants to inside/outside deflections as well as cross block deflections. Working with the first three angles of attack due to time constraints, participants learned about the counters to each angle of attack as well as lower level attacks. Instruction in the free flow drill of "Sumbrada" was the other major topic to be covered during the fast paced weekend seminar.
Exhausted but happy, participants left with new appreciation for the teachings of Great Grandmaster Cabales and the Davis Cabales system of Serrada Eskrima.
Punong Guro Schwarz instructing participants on the inside deflection of angle 1.
Defensive Combat Initiatives
Punong Guro Michael Schwarz
P.O. Box 413
Highland - 62249
[618] 979-3558
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