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I always hear talk and discussions on "WHO" do or did you train with? What "STYLE", what Lineage?

You hear conversations on Digests and Networks like this and more. 

Many people in my humble opinion, take the STYLE, TEACHER, etc. as to being more important, because they think it legitmizes them and what they do ! After all, if they train under a well known teacher from a well known style, they must know what their doing and must be good ! Right??

Well, in my experience as a fighter I dont believe this to be true.

I trained and fought as  an Amatuer and Proffessional fighter, and in my experiences in Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn NY, was that there were many very good accomplished Trainers/Coaches, who were very good fighters as well, and they trained many, many people. But not all the people who trained became good or successful fighters. Some because they were only recreational at best, others because maybe they just didnt have what it takes. They might of trained hard and often but it takes more!  After all to be a good fighter it takes much much more than just a good "System n Trainer/Instructor/Coach. It take a special something within the person. Attributes that CANNOT be taught ! Like "Dedication, Determination, Heart ", and the willingness to sacrifice whatever they have to, to be successfull. This along with being blessed with good physical attributes and athleticthism, is the combination to success.

So when some one says, "Oh I train with so n so, from !#@$Style" ???? What does that mean?? I doesnt mean much more than they trained with maybe a well known and accomplished Instructor from a well known style. Because its not the "Style" or the "Coach" or the "Gym" that makes a person a good fighter. Its the person themselves. 

Sure, if that person has what it takes, AND trains with a Coach/Instructor that is good and knows how to get the most n the best out of them, they will be very successfull.

But just saying you trained with someone or in some style doesnt mean automaticaly you are good.

 With all Respects,

Mabuhay Ang Arnis,

Guro Andrew "Tattoo" Filardo

MFA Boxing/Kickboxing/Arnis

"Happy New Year to All" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by terry joven on January 4, 2013 at 1:55pm

Guro Andrew..

great blog... i totally agree!!!


Comment by Henry Paz on January 7, 2013 at 6:35am

Nice post Guro Andrew. I agree that no one can do it for you. The proof is in the pudding there's no arguing with an incoming strike. I will say that lineage is very important to me to know who trained the person you are seeking training from and to preserve the FMA culture. But that is another topic.

Henry Paz

Spokane WA USA


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