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True or just part of the old Filipino Folklore

True or just part of the old Filipino old folklore, my experienced was somewhat strange or rather mystical. When I was a kid, my parents sent us to our ancestral home in Negros Oriental, Philippines. We had to spend the whole of summer to learn the ways of the country side. All this includes farming, fishing, and some ways were rather a bit enchanting. My great grand parents, they're both old already that time but amazingly still able. My great grand father was like on his early 90's and had so much to learned from him.

I've heard some of the oldest great stories of how life was way back then during his younger years. He possesses some unexplainable talents and knowledge in holistic medicine. Some of which I can't discuss myself in respect to him. Some things that were not meant for general discussion.

What I remembered was the Sigbin stories that other people talked about, when some of the people said they saw him walking so early in the morning with a big unknown creature walking behind him strolling along the beach and just suddenly disappeared when they tried to get closed to him. Well, the onlookers meant to check if he was alright and if he knew about the big creature walking behind him and just replied " what creature?" and just smiled and just walked away. People were scared to mess with him after some of the stories passed along were one time, some youngsters tried to jumped on him but was attacked by some strange creatures, after that, then they labeled my great grand father as " Sigbinan".

I know he practiced some mystical rituals and passed Oracions to us so to protect us from any danger. I remembered had to ware this strange empty bullet shell case believed to stuffed with Oracions for years. Indeed a lot of things happened and somewhat it serves it's purpose, not only for one time when it proves to be true but in so many times over the years I am grateful to be a survivor for so many things that had happen to my life.

He don't wanna teach anybody for it takes a lot of responsibilities to posses it and he thought that we will just end up crazy if we can't fulfill the obligations. There were things that beyond comprehension, unexplainable in nature and a taboo to discuss it here, but it was part of my life being a family member of the clan considered to be "Sigbinan." Wither if it was true or not, it instill a great measure of respect from people who don't wanna mess with us because of that particular incident.

Witchcraft and black magic is still practiced in some parts of the country and one area that are known for it is the island of Siquijor. Rituals and practices are still performed for personal protection or even for more dark intentions. I would not touch the full details as not to encourage the few that are fascinated with it's potential, but what I know that it would do more harm to you when people knows how to repel it.

The Pulahan or the Ilaga were one of the groups formed to counter insurgencies in the country and because of their said to be supernatural powers to elude bullets, the military took advantage of their capabilities and make them as a para-military units. The Salvatore and many other groups were known to have the same supernatural powers and were being utilized as a para-military organization to counter raiding Moors in the country side.

Sad to say these, but a lot of this things shouldn't be discussed over here because of it's superstitious in nature but it is up to the individual to discover it's natural gift as we all have a unique abilities and capabilities to a mystical proportions. As they always say that there is nothing wrong to just try it and in fact you don't loose anything from just trying. So what is your story?


Lumad Sigbin Kali- FMA

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Comment by terry joven on May 24, 2010 at 9:13am
Ramyer great story!
my wife" family are Ilaga.
Comment by Ramyer Asonalleba on May 24, 2010 at 8:36pm
Igso Terry,

Very interesting, I am a bet familiar with the Ilaga. Mostly they are in the Visayas and Mindanao where they are being utilized as a Para Military Group for insurgency. Most of these groups have the same traditions and rituals with other common groups like Tad-Tad, Sagrado Corazon de Hesus or the Kadre of the Visayas. In Negros they have the Salvatore which commonly have the same aspirations more or less.

Good Information and great part of the Filipino Warrior HIstory.

Comment by terry joven on May 24, 2010 at 11:15pm
Igso Ramyer
My wife is telling me that her parents me at a Ilaga meeting and that her dad was also Tad-Tad he is also a member of the Gaurdians. her uncle Alejandro Turno had over kills in his younger days.
She is also telling many stories about the Sigbinan, one of her aunts was supposively killed by a Sigbigan. or Wak wak.
Comment by terry joven on May 24, 2010 at 11:52pm
Igso Raymer
My father-in-law Ruben Palomar was also born in Negros Oreintal asked me if you heard of the Akolbe family they are also reputed to be Sigbigan!
Comment by Bill on May 25, 2010 at 2:11am
When we used to go TDY with the medical unit I was with while stationed in the Philippines, we would go to the mountains of Luzon and elsewhere in the country.. It was there where I had my first encounter with this type of superstition and practices.. We went to the mountains north of Baguio and did a med cap mission where the faith healers and herbalarios were in the locations as we were.. I saw some of the anting antings and orascions performed by these individuals when I went to a holistic provider to take care of a knee problem I had sustained while in eskrima training.. I had seen the medics with the unit I worked with, but all they did was to prescribe meds and anti inflammatories.. This Herbalario performed a couple of orascions and placed some herbs on my knee, all the while I am thinking what the devil did I get myself into.. It was when the swelling and bruising had disappeared that made me a true believer from the western part of the world.. Now I prefer to see the holistic healers of the Philippines more than I see the western medicos, if time allows..
Comment by Marc Lawrence on May 25, 2010 at 9:04am
To often people say they do not believe something because they can not see it, but that does not mean it does not exist, A good example is the use of thermal imaging cameras, they allow us to see in to another spectrum of light that otherwise we would see just the edge of on hot day where you see heat waves. I find it interesting that they could only see the creature early in the morning walking behind your grandpa. Most native peoples would say he had spirit guardian. The power of internal spirit for healing is amazing thing. People forget that we are bio-mechanical machines that use energy to function, our modern science is just starting to see this with machines, yet we all know it is there. For those of you who scoff, you have at least once felt someone staring at you and it made you look for them.
Comment by Ramyer Asonalleba on May 26, 2010 at 7:16pm
To all of my Igsoon here at My FMA, at first, it was a bet awkward and uncomfortable to divulge information of supernatural proportion because we are in the 21st century already. We can't deny that much of all of these things still very much alive if not stories we often heard from our Old Folks before but when you go back to the countries deep in the Philippines, some of these things are still pretty much practice. I know there is two side of it. Thigns that brings forth good health and protection and the other side is much darker to cause harm or even death. I do believe that some people with mystical powers do have some kind of a regular obligation in order to keep the source of it's power, but to fail to perform these obligation would be the last thing he or she would do because they know the consequences. All of these were and are always part of our culture and there is no way we can deny it. The Sigbinan and the origin of WAk-wak is not the same. Some people believe that a wak-wak is a human being turned into a savage blood seeking creature, which often seeks it's most precious target the newly born babies or pregnant women. They oftentimes flew on top of the roof of the house and make a whole then drop there extended tongue into the belly button of the pregnant woman and suck everything inside. A Sigbinan is believe to be a person who possesses a mystical creature they commonly called a Sigbin that believe to bring good luck, fortune, and protection. No one ever saw what it really looks like and a lot of people say it looks like a kangaroo, a big rabbit like or a huge dog like creature which oftentimes bend backwards while walking. So funny when we started talking about all of these things but good to know somehow the other aspect of our Filipino culture.

Comment by Ramyer Asonalleba on May 26, 2010 at 7:30pm
Igso Terry,

I am sorry but no way I could remember any of these family known to be Sigbinan, but I was told that families considered to be Sigbinan never associates with other Sigbbinan families. Most of the times they were even secretive about it within their family member. The Sigbin, believe to be, and obeys only the owner and not the other members of the family. It is the head of the clan that usually owns it and by it, the head of the clan protects the family that belongs to the clan. A successor will be chosen as the owner dies and only if the Sigbin wishes to stay with the chosen one. What I know, and I am not an expert to these, but Sigbin only eats the fresh squash sprout, pure wood charcoal or drinks the "Bula sa Dagat". So the answer to your claim might be a Wak-wak and not a Sigbinan.

Comment by terry joven on May 29, 2010 at 8:31am
Igso Ramyer
it probably was a Wak wak cuz she was pregnant. and had lost a lot of blood and had a lot of black bruises?
When we st starting talking about the Sigbin she also said it looked like a Kangarro.
Comment by Ramyer Asonalleba on June 16, 2010 at 9:51am
Thanks for all the great stories, folklore or not, it's all part of our cultural heritage and still searching for better understanding of our past.



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