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Rocky Mountain Kali Group

Currently Colorado's only Dogbrother Martial Arts training group.  Training involves development of…See More
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Winter Martial Arts Cultural Exchange

Come one come all,November 17, 2018 Martial Arts Cultural Exchange. Martial Arts Cross Training…
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Filipino Combat Camp 2018 / Kali Sikaran / Modern Arnis / JiuJitsu / Sebeobrana

Letní soustředění klubů Filipino Combat z Prahy, Židlochovic a Příbrami. Letošním hostem byl Jerry Obeng z Kali Sikaran International.
Dec 21, 2018
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Mokomoko Invitational 2019 at Campbell Community Center

March 16, 2019 all day
I highly recommend this tournament in Northern California for those FMA/Karate/Shaolin guys out…See More
Dec 5, 2018

I watch a few videos from time to time on techniques and real life situations.  I am often surprised by how barbaric and savage we have become as humans.  Maybe it was always this way and we are only seeing more of it since the birth of the information age.  But, I don't remember things being this savage; almost bestial.  Have we not evolved at all?  Are we devolving back into unrestrained, banal, barbarism?  It seems like we are.  So, train.  Train so you have some skills to fall back on should the savagery creep up on you.  But, mostly train so the savagery does not creep up within you.  There is nothing like training to show you what a dumb idea it is to get into a physical altercation with someone.  When we reduce ourselves to that level, everyone loses.  You may be victorious in the battle but you have lost the war for peace within when you let yourself become a savage.  Training will help raise your awareness, provide you with much needed humility, and will show you the inevitable outcome of your actions.  We are supposedly evolved animals, capable of higher states of being, capable of compassion.  When you allow your banal, savage self to rule your actions, humanity as a whole takes a step back on the evolutionary path.  Train so you can harness the savage within.  "Peace is not without conflict.  It is the ability to deal with conflict."

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Comment by Patrick Lee on March 16, 2015 at 5:28pm
Guro Motta,

Great point and lesson. One of my instructors said, " Everyone has a killer instinct, it's just a matter of how to bring it out of them." This goes to show we can take a good or bad direction with that power. Thank you for reminding us of the passion for humanity we are suppose to have, uphold and honor. They say the best way to develop camaraderie is pain. We experience this through the training you mention. In that, we should also be developing a sense of responsibility for one another and denying the emotions of, "I am more superior than you." Again, thank you for this great reminder!
Comment by CD Williams on March 17, 2015 at 7:45am

Robert E. Howard said it best. Civilization is a temporary state. Eventually we fall back into Savagery. I believe even among Savages there should be Honor. It is a lack of Honor and empathy that we are seeing now. Good post. 


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