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Not your ordinary training...From Ron Saturno

Master Ron Saturno

When my wife and I had broken up I was bout 28 years old. I was unemployed and things were getting really tight. My father said one day that someone was looking for help fixing their house in San Jose, Ca. San Jose was about 70 miles from Stockton, where I lived. A lot of people may not know about the unofficial coconut highway. Filipinos will mention to another Filipino that they needed or wanted something and some way and some how the information can cross cities, states and I'll even believe continents. I to mentioned to my Dad that I was broke and didn't have the gas money to get to San Jose. He said, no problem. I'll front the money and loan you my truck, just pay me when she pays you. A few phone conversations later, we set a date for the following week-end and bright and early that Saturday morning I find myself getting a walk thru the home that needed fixing. The ladies name was Carmelita ( name changed and you'll eventually know why). She has a beautiful home and wanted a hot tub built into the floor of her bed room. As I worked the week-end Sunday evening soon came around and she invites me to stay in a spare bedroom, so I could be ready first thing in the morning. I had driven back Saturday night and had returned early Sunday morning. It was a great idea and I said O.K., and stayed. I had carried some sticks along with me just in case there was a chance to get some practice in. About 8 p.m. or so, she came to check on me and without knocking walked in and sat on the bed and watched me. She made a few knowledgeable comments and itbecame clear that she knew what Escrima was. She eventually commented that I seemed to be able to use my stick very well, but then commented further that unless she saw me use my stick in real life it didn't mean anything. It pissed me off, but I needed the money and kept my mouth shut.
The next morning there was a full breakfast waiting for me around 6 a.m. I got started early and was worrying the whole time about the job. She wanted me to install the hot tub into the floor and I was worried about the subfloor and if I would have to do structural work. The plumbing that would go to the area was already somewhat done on Saturday and Sunday. While I was eating I couldn't help but notice that there were a few young ladies walking around the house and that they were very good looking. They must have came into the house that night. They didn't look related , but could have been friends of the owner. She was only about forty herself and still quite a looker, so they may have been running buddies. She mentioned that they had both just came back from Reno, Nevada.
That night she returns to watch me work out after I had stopped working on the project. She mentioned if I knew anything about using a knife? I said that I was O.k. and she then asks me if I had one. I had a decent Balisong and showed it to her. She took the knife from me and starts displaying a series of really crisp moves. She was good. She took the time to show me a few moves and we had a great time together. She asked me if I smoked weed and I told her yes. She went to her room and came back with a bag of weed and some rolling papers. As I sat watching her, she rolled a joint with one hand and it was tight and right. The smell of the weed was hella skunky and I knew that we were both going to get high and we did. I soon discovered that forty year old breasts could be damn good and also discovered that she did a lot of things really well besides working a knife and rolling a joint.
The next day after a long day on the project, she shows me how to use a bottle cap to cut someone with. She showed me how to quickly bend the cap, how to hold it and how to use it effectively. This woman had a lot of strange talents and I was kind of figuring out that she wasn't raised in a convent. I had been overseas in the military and kind of figured out that she had been a working girl, or had been in and around some rough bars in her time. I don't judge how anyone makes a living, bu only how they treat me and she was treating me pretty good. Did you know that you can reliably break a bottle safely for wet work? I do, she showed me this as well. Hell, I was getting a back door educaton and having a hell of a lot of fun. Consorting with a whore and learning how to break bottles, use bottle caps and working a priest wouldn't approve, but I was having a hell of a lot of fun. Then it was another long night of trying to break the springs on the expensive matress in her spare bedroom. Working all day and playing all night was starting to take a toll on me. She was working magic on me. I had been butt hurt and despondent about my break-up. After a few days I noticed that my ex-wife was hardly crossing my mind: I was too busy and too tired from lack of sleep and the demands of a Cougar. But like a good soldier I carried on and performed my many duties.
Like all good things the job eventually ended. She kept me away from the girls and I never knew who they were. She kept me so busy in so many ways that they weren't an issue anyway. I drove by her house a few months ago and realized that she would now be around 80. At forty she was still a looker and I'll bet that she is still beautiful wherever she is, because she was beautiful inside. She didn't know squat about sticks and blades, but gave me an invaluable education about using everyday objects that are within our work environment as make-shift deadly weapons. She may not have been a Ninja, but a Ninja would have got his ass cut-up if he didn't want to pay her his tab. She never let me feel before lesaving that she expected or wanted an occasional phone call, so we parted ways friendly, but not friends. When I teach Escrima at the many seminars that I am involved in, there are times that I want to teach a few of the non-classical things that I've learned alng the way. Escdrima is not just about weapons, but about a state of mind that is focused upon survival. I no longer practice much with a Balisong, California is felony prone, but I do laugh sometimes when I open a bottle of beer and hold the cap in my hand knowing that those around me don't know what that little cap could do to them. At near 60 I realize that I am 20 years older than this woman at the time that we met. As I sit here typing away on my bed, I can almost picture this woman rolling a joint with one hand and laughing and rolling around the bed that we shared, smiling and full of life. Not all of our Escrima education is in the back yard, seminars, or school. The desire to live and fight sometimes comes from the most unexpected place and situations. Knowledge about fighting is where we find it.

about an hour ago · Stockton

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Comment by Ethan F. on July 18, 2013 at 12:47pm
Great story with good insight. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Comment by Black Swan Tactical on July 18, 2013 at 1:40pm

Well, I can honestly say I will be asking Master Ron Saturno how to use a bottle cap the next time that I see him, and I will be watching to see the expression on his face to see if he laughs!

Comment by Marc Lawrence on July 19, 2013 at 2:57pm

knowledge is where you find it. Many people who have been through life pick up things. never discard what some may know, if they share it it is because they wish to.

Comment by Guro David Battaglia on July 20, 2013 at 8:52am

One of those "training adventures" that lets us know we have lived. lol

Comment by robert small on July 22, 2013 at 12:25pm

that's real for the story


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