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Highlights from the M.A.C.E. Martial Arts seminar on 3/21/2015

"Thanks Robert for posting Mace 2015 Spring!"
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Highlights from the M.A.C.E. Martial Arts seminar on 3/21/2015

Some highlights from the M.A.C.E. Seminar on 3/21/2015. The seminar was at the VEA academy in Manteca,CA - Unfortunately, my battery was dying during the las...
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Many might be suprised to hear it, but in many ways FMA (Arnis, Eskrima
etc.) does have a lot in common with Ninjutsu (X-Kans like Bujinkan,
Jinenkan and Genbukan). FMA and Bujinkan both also have many things in
common with arts like Wing Tsun, Krav Maga and other more streetwise

What they share is a way of thinking, i mean if you take a martial sport
like Taekwondo it becomes very clear that Taekwondo is about winning!
You train techniqes and drills for competing in tournements and getting
medals, this is also okay and fun….

But the difference is in Ninjutsu and Arnis you train to survive, if you survive you win!

This can again be seen in the way we train within our arts, the
drills and techniques. Many streetwise arts suggest finding weapons in
your surrounding and even train in a way so you are able to skillfully
use them, in Arnis they have pocket sticks that could very easily be a
ball pen and Ninjutsu have things like Metsubishi (blinding powder),
that could be dirt thrown into a attackers face (eyes).
Both FMA and Ninjutsu also use bitting and what by many modern martial
artist would be considered, unfair fighting or dirty. But what one
should remember in these cases, where these techniques would be used is
if you where in a life/death situation not on the mat!

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