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Filipino Martial Arts group originated from Paete, Laguna (Philippines) founded and head by Gat…See More
Nov 29, 2019
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"I talked to Mike Stewart from Bark River a couple of months back and he stated  that there is…"
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Back to the fight

I was out for awhile due to health concerns but am anticipating being back in the fight again soon.…See More
Jul 17, 2019
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Jul 11, 2019

Letter from Gm Dionisio Canete to Sharon Burns

July 21


In response to your E-mail of the 11th current

1. Remember, we are a democratic country. You can’t control us if we decided to send copies of our letter to anybody. You always behave as if you’re above everybody in WEKAF. We have been very patient with you although you keep on insulting not only us in WEKAF but the Filipino people as a whole, when every championship in the Philippines, you “always shouted” that “No Filipino Judges and Referees because everything is for sale here in the Philippines”.

This time we have to rise and defend against your verbal tirade/ assault as nobody has dared to cushion you when even in several occasions you interfered in US WEKAF internal problem. You have no business telling US members who is right or who is wrong and you can’t arrogate that authority unto yourself.

First and foremost, I tell you to shut up and stop “talking” about WEKAF. Effective today, WEKAF Australia and you personally are declared as “NOT in good standing” with WEKAF, primarily because for the past several years you have not paid the Country Annual Affilliation dues and have not remitted the $5 share of WEKAF HQ from the individual membership dues.

Moreover, you have not submitted any record of membership or any financial statement, at least even for the information of members, where and how their membership dues were spent because not a single cent has ever been remitted to the Philippines. And you should know that dues can be used or spent only for the purposes stated in the WEKAF By-Laws and upon approval by the Board. (We will discuss more of this subject in my subsequent letter after the Doce Pares event on July 21-27, since we’re busy at the moment).

2. You have no right to interfere in USA WEKAF internal problem much less the power to declare who is right or wrong since this is subjudice, being an issue with the Courts. How arrogant and pretentious you are as a leader when you don’t even have your own school/group neither a single student that you can be proud about. And worst, Australia WEKAF membership has dwindled to a number that can be counted in fingers. You have no moral reason to lead, and to continue being a leader of WEKAF since you can not even claim to have one follower/student.

You are there, we know because of money and this is what we want the members to demand for full accounting of funds that were paid to you. We will see it that this will be pursued if to clear matters up and to let people know who really you are.

3. You cannot tell us or dictate to us what system to use in the Championship. What power do you have to order us to pay and buy a particular system? Why, do you have pecuniary interest on this? You always speak money in the Philippines but you don’t mention about monies you collect from your members, portions of which are due for the World Headquarters and which remain unremitted. (We will take this up in subsequent letters). You better start checking your records as some of your members may go to the court for clarification/explanation and may possibly end up in a misappropriation or embezzlement issue.

4. I encourage you to meet with the Securities Exchange Commission so you will see clearly the entire set up of WEKAF. And I will be very happy if you get an International Lawyer, anyway perhaps you have enough money to pay, with all the membership dues and Annual Affiliation fees that have not paid to the World Headquarters. You give us an idea about this and its possible we take the necessary steps so you have a venue to explain if you ever set foot in the Philippines again.

I’ll be writing more about this subject later since we are busy at the moment because of the Doce Pares World Congress on July 21-27.

Meanwhile, I urge all WEKAF members to seek a reorganization of WEKAF AUSTRALIA in order to regain its status as a member in good standing and for it to grow and progress as in other member countries.

Expecting to hear more from you….

D.A. Canete

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Comment by terry joven on August 11, 2011 at 9:54am
NEWS / UPDATE, Regarding ....



Please Read.!!

--- On Tue, 8/9/11, STEVEN K WOLK <> wrote:
Subject: WEKAF news

PIMA Denver Members-

I spoke with GM Dong Cuesta this morning, who just returned from the Philippines. As many of you know, there has been political problems with WEKAF USA, and GM Dinoy Canete has given us an update.

Tom Sipin has been expelled from both WEKAF and Doce Pares. Sharon Burns of Australia has also been expelled from WEKAF. The version of WEKAF USA headed by Bong Jornales is no longer recognized by WEKAF International, and therefore competing in one of their sanctioned tournaments will not qualify competitors to compete in the next WEKAF world championship in the Philippines.

The current WEKAF USA formed by GM Fred Bandalan, assisted by GM Max Pallen and other Grandmasters, is now officially recognized by WEKAF International. Based on the guidance of my teacher, GM Dong Cuesta and his teacher, GM Diony Canete, I will now be supporting the officially sanctioned WEKAF USA, and playing an administrative role. We will again have a Mountain Region, and Guro Tim Mills will be our Regional Director. He is currently making arrangements for our regional qualifying tournament.

If you have questions, please give me a call 303-883-1831.



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