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Niwlrae X posted a status
"Balintawak, Saturday at 3 p.m."
Oct 20, 2017
Ron Kosakowski commented on the blog post 'A very interesting fighting method from the Philippines...'
"Jorge R.Miranda, and that it is. :)"
Oct 18, 2017
Jorge R.Miranda commented on the blog post 'A very interesting fighting method from the Philippines...'
" Kumtao "Kumo sa Tao" and ladyug or layug (grappling)...I feel it is wrestling in…"
Oct 18, 2017
Niwlrae X commented on John R. Malmo's page School Directory
"Kali & Silat (Long Beach, CA)Sundays, 9:00…"
Oct 14, 2017
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Oct 11, 2017
Tomas Severa posted a video

Filipino Combat Camp 2017 - GM Dieter Knuttel / Modern Arnis / Kali / stickfighting / panantukan

Tilius Filipino Combat Czech is group of Modern Arnis and various Kali styles. Special guest of camp 2017 was GM Datu Dieter /10.dan Modern Arnis/. Special t...
Oct 2, 2017
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Oct 2, 2017
Allan Joseph Perez posted a status
"thank you sir."
Sep 25, 2017
Tony Hondo posted a status
"Thank you for adding me to this forum. I welcome the opportunity to meet other practitioners and also meet masters of Arnis\Eskrima."
Sep 10, 2017
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Aug 29, 2017
Gerry Valido posted a status
"What's new?Thank you for adding me to this forum. I look forward to networking with like minded FMA teachers and students alike. Maraming S"
Aug 28, 2017
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World Serrada Escrima Federation

The (WSEF) is an international escrima federation that was founded in 2003, by Grandmaster Anthony…See More
Aug 28, 2017

Today I attended the FMA Summit at VEA Martial Arts Academy in Manteca hosted by GM Art Gonzalez and Guro Mike Cardenas and sponsored by MACE (Martial Arts Cultural Exchange).  I was happy to see old frinds such as Rocky Twitchel from Bunga Cantik Pencak Silat, Michael Butz from Kada Anaan Escrima, Master Carlito Bonjoc from Mata Sa Bagyo, Guros Jon Ward and Norman Malanzo from Inayan Escrima and many others.  The teaching was top notch, the students were terrific and the facility was increadible.  Events like this are rare and many of you may not know that even just 10 years ago, it was nearly impossible to get this many schools and Masters in one location together, cooperating and sharing.  By the example set today, I am certain the days of segregation and rivalry between different schools of FMA are over.  Thank God!  I just wish everyone could have been there to see how many smiles there were, how much mutual respect was given and how many friendships were established and renewed.  Thank you MACE, GM Gonzalez and Guro Cardenas for putting so much time and energy into such a worthwhile event.  All of you who missed it better put it in your calander for next year because I plan to be back and you should too.  DO NOT MISS IT!  AWESOME!!!  I am so excited.

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Comment by Henry Paz on July 30, 2012 at 5:10pm

That sounds like an awesome event! Will try to make it next year. Wish I could have been there.

Comment by Michael Cardenas on July 30, 2012 at 5:36pm

Thank you Guro Motta,

All of the work that goes into hosting such an event is paid back in full by comments such as yours and by the positive feedback from participants. I will always strive to do what I can to bring the FMA groups together, in the end it is the sharing and collaboration which will help promote the Filipino Martial Arts and insure that the art we have come to love never dies. With regard to the MACE FMA Summit, I was truly humbled to be amongst so many talented individuals at one time and to have been given an opportunity to teach, it was an epic event, made possible by everyone who attended.  I will be working on the post video that will contain photos and the video interviews I captured during the event. Thanks again for your support and your visit. I have every intention to host next year’s event and do what I can to make it better.  It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person Sir, until we meet again I send you many blessings.


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