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Sina Tirsia Wali

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HILOT GARIMOT {Filipino Healing Arts}

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Cold Steel polypropylene kali / escrima / arnis stick review

CIMG0293Summary: Good, solid, very similar characteristics to rattan. Probably will out-last your rattan sticks.

Got some new polypropylene sticks from I had a friend, Jeremy Michael Jones, who also practices Kali recommend I get them. They're 32" in length and 1" in diameter, manufactured by Cold Steel. I've taken some photos of them next to other weapons so you can compare visually. From the description:

First impressions:
Heavy. Heavier than my rattan ones. Not surprising given that many natural woody materials have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Even my 1 1/2" diameter rattan sticks are lighter than these and these new ones that are only 1" diameter. To me this is both an advantage and a disadvantage.
Good quality. They feel solid, sturdy, etc. In the photo you may notice that they look like they're put together in sections, but they are one solid piece. I think the sections are for grip and visual purposes.

Read the rest of the post here on The Martial Explorer.

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Comment by Bill on June 13, 2009 at 10:07am
The reverberation after striking something solid with the polymer sticks is something that takes getting used to.. When polymer sticks were first coming out on the market, it made things interesting when hitting the tires.. The reverberation and/or shock from the impact takes some getting used to.. I used one of the african walking sticks that are put out by cold steel in a cane class that I attended in Michigan.. The impact was destroying some of the other participants canes that were made out of rattan and other soft wood.. I had been requested to use another stick due to the impact damage..

The polymer sticks are good for weight training and developing striking power in your abcedario, but I would suggest not using them on a routine basis due to the fact that it will eventually cause problems with your wrist and arms due to the weight..


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