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Apr 14

Last night I went to charity event, where I had donated for the group hosting the event a hand-made wooden Kampilan sword and two wooden dagas. They are made out of Selang Batu wood. ( I posted a picture of the sword in my picture album)

My host is very involved in her church so many of the people there were regular church-going people. They are good basic people but as always when they start to talk with you they realize that you have fangs like the wolf, so they have a tendency to shy away, predictably like sheep. The folks at my table found out that I was the artist that made the wooden blades as well as a teacher of the art, they quickly found ways to distant themselves. Again they mentally went "hey he has fangs like the wolf we should be scared to be next to him." As a career firefighter I would definitely put myself in the sheep dog category. It was funny that the only people that would chat with me was a former army tank commander-turned school teacher and lawyer.

As always at first they will invite you to their church then as soon as they find out you have fangs they quickly fade. At least they are predictable. Well when I left at 9pm no one had bid on any of my blades. Now the funny thing is that in our community if I bring blades they sell out like hot cakes. I guess it is just a difference of the neighborhood. These are just my thoughts.

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Comment by Jon rister on December 13, 2010 at 12:49pm

here is a thought , when among these people dont suggest that you are involved in martial arts it has two effects one they think you teach children to play Karate games, Two the think you are a nut, Just be yourself and tell them you are a teacher if they as what say history or militairy history. But dont let on you are a martial arts expert they wont like you or even know what to say to you. And if you go to church hide your weapns and your fangs it is not the place to bear them. Secondly if you can carve something more appropriate like book ends or spoons somethimg like that if you really want to help the church that is.


 do you expect the church to be filled with warriors howling at the moon? Im just saying after teaching this art 25 years I leaned that.

Comment by Marc Lawrence on December 13, 2010 at 8:27pm

Thank you for the insight, but expect a little better as it a community fund raiser, but hey live and learn

Comment by P. Greg Alland, MasGuru on December 14, 2010 at 6:26am

The real problem here is not what people think, but what we have led them to believe.  These practices that we have embraced since time began, is not martial arts!   This is clearly the art and science of human life. It began in American long before the baptist killed the Indians when we took over their land and destroyed there culture.  The culture of Americans belongs to other countries, where the white man thought they were better then others, and did so with the advent of the gun.  Of course other cultures were in turmoil long before we got into it, but insisted we were the predominate race, although it's still believed by some, what was excepted as the norm is always stuck, until some radical awakening occurs.  When we add the elements of truth to this art we call martial, it's clearly defined as having embraced, art, culture, medicine, philosophy, physiology and many of the elements that are easily forgotten for the thrill of punching someone out with great technique.  Too often it's just hype. So many of the techniques add more hype to it.  Ever notice that in these parlor games when someone attacks, they attack according to how the teacher wants them too!  In the real world it's not like that.  And if you use your brain often it will give you the win, without a strike ever being delivered.


I recall a time when six guys came into the subway car in NYC and two sat down one on either side of me, two on the other side of somone sitting across from me.  One on the middle pole, and one on the door.  When the train was to stop, the one on the door, would step out, hold the door until the other five attacked, me or the guy across from me.  What to do?  Okay, I knew nothing was going to happen until the train stopped.  So, I began my breathing exercise, with a strange look on my face, I planned the sequence I would follow.  Speaking in their own language, they decided not to attack, even though my gold chain appeared to be their goal. 


Crazy as it was, it worked better then any technique I could have come up with, even after 20 years of practice.  None-the-less on their way out the door, it was just as I new, the one at the door held it open and they filed out one after the other, surprise though the last one out reared back and was to slap the guy sitting across from me.  And being from a third world advanced culture, knew it, and he ducked the slap, and wow, that guy smacked the subway car, cursed as he left.  The train proceeded and we laughed.  


What's the moral of this story?  Five guys against one or two, what were our changes not to be hit?  And, if they pulled knives, where is yours?  Ready? No!  Violence is never the correct path. Patience and kindness is what this art and science of human life is about.  A life is not worth getting killed over a dollar or a dime.

Comment by Marc Lawrence on December 14, 2010 at 12:58pm

P.Greg Allen,

You were an awake sheep dog that day and the pack of wolves did not want to get torn up! You are correct that your job is peace & balance, but comes with price. Many people forget this. Remember to be awake and alert out there ,not napping in the sun.     



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