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Punching and Kicking with stick fighting

Last night we trained at the park like we do every week. This week's topic was how to punch and kick while stick fighting. I took a lesson out of Manong Espi's book he used to say the you distract with stick and change ranges and punch. My students found that basic punches like jabs crosses, bolo and hooks worked the best. The striking area's with punching were limited to the upper and mid zones of the body. From the belt line down kicking and kneeing worked the best simple kick not less.…


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Of Spears and Lances

Of all of the weapons the spear is one of the oldest ones,  think about it, its a long skinny pole with a pointed end. It may or may not have metal pointed end and still is effective. It is not complex to teach someone how to use it as it is simple weapon, yet how many martial art schools teach how to use it or even throw it. I know some Kung Fu schools do they make it a bit fancy, I know groups like NAWA do and spar with them, the Hawaiian Lua schools do but only a hand full of FMA schools…


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Super Typhoon hits Philippines

My thoughts and prayers goes out to my friends and their families we know in Cebu. As we know currently the largest Typhoon to ever make land fall happen to the islands of Leyte, Samar, Cebu as well other smaller islands. With winds of over 150-195 mph in what was considered a category five hurricane force winds very few building can survive this! Typical framed homes will be destroyed. There also was storm surge of up to 10 feet in the coastal areas. All of us in the FMA community will have…


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To Breath, Move & Focus on Action!

So I guy I know sent this in chain e-mail on Survival methods I thought he had some good points.

Breathe! - Fear restricts breath. Practice breathing during your training, and in situations that cause you apprehension and fear. Be mindful of your breathing when you're feeling nervous and take control of it.

Move! - TOWARD and INTO the Attacker! It's the opposite of freezing up or retracting, and it's the only place you can effectively harm him with a counter-attack. Press…


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What is an Advanced Technique and how do we get there?

I hear people say they teach an advanced techniques, but what is it and how do you know it is  and it is not just an intermediate technique!  So lets take striking be it forehand or back hand, you are first taught to strike at general target area. Then you are taught to strike at specific target. This striking is done with fluid complete motion. Great so now you know how to hit something quickly and cleanly. So we have progressed from the most basic your teacher has slow you long range…


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The Basics of Filipino Martial Arts

I have heard people say that there are no basics in Filipino Martial Arts, but that is farther from the true then the Moon! Filipino Martial arts have some very solid basics that make it up. It may get lost sometimes in translation or just in explanation by a teacher but they are present!

Over the years I have had the great fortune to work out with cross train with and go to seminar with many Grand Master, Masters Guros and Instructors. Because of my work-place training as vocational…


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Long Weekend of FMA and Living History

This last weekend myself and seven other Eskrimadors were part of a living history event at old Fort Mac Museum in San Pedro, CA. We organized along with other Spanish American War Reenactors both American and Spanish to show the Philippine- Spanish War for Indepence and the Philippine American War. It is also known as the Philippine Insurrection. It was challenge to get three different FMA school together  for an event and put on a good show. We organized ourselves into group we called "The…


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Morning knife, stick and Bolo workout and safety glasses

So today is the Summer Solstice   and I had private lesson with another one my student David. WE had a good work in a small patch of shade at the park playing with double sticks, wooden Bolos and wooden training knives, and of course knife training. I believe and stress upon my students that every knife training session should always include empty hands verse knife while accessing your own, uses of foot work, using you live hand in conjunction to your knife and understanding the geometry of…


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Morning Blade Practice

Had great workout with one of my morning students on small blades.  We use a hard focus pad as the target and arm guard and glove with my knife hand, that is the secondary target. The drill is like a boxing drill of get the focus pad 1st, look out for the the punch but instead you use the the knife to counter attack. I always use safety glasses for eye protection safety. I have a variety of training knives in different sizes, these are great for working with copies of tactical folders,…


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Relaxed tension when fighting

It was Gm Leo Fong a noted Martial Artist who shared this concept with me. He has used this in boxing, Chi-Fong and Modern Eskrima. This concept in one that sounds so simple of just being relaxed until you just about to hit. This concept sounds funny at first but when you realize that this will allow you to strike harder & faster and last longer when fighting sounds almost too good to be true. GM Leo showed me this using little weights just 3 pounds. This when coupled with Chi-build ing…


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Passing of Patron

On January 7th, 2011 a long time patron of the South Bay Filipino Martial Arts club, my mother-law & friend "Lola to kids" Elvira "Chris" Panis was laid to rest. She had a battle with cancer. She was a survivor of WW-2 being teenager during the war living in Dingras, Illocos Norte, Luzon, Commonwealth of the Philippines. She had supported the club, cheered on her grandchildren and son-in when they fought in tournaments, and performed at south land community events. Her service was…


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The Holiday Season-Filipino style

 Christmas season with my Fil-Am family and our Arnis club is my favorite time of year. This is the time of year when  friends & families get together sharing friendship & food. No sparring or completions, just good times and parties. Visiting old & new friends. December for us is from one party or gathering to the next. In the Philippines the light the Parol Lanterns and holiday season begins. i hope that other group are doing the same and remembering that season is about giving…


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Post Way of the Stick & Blade Tournament

Yesterday I took three of my fighters from our club (SBFMA) to the Way of the Stick & the Blade tournament. It was held at LAX Hilton Hotel. Unfortunately there was not kids their age group to fight. They were a bit disappointed about that but were up to do a demonstration match. Two of my fighter- one of my sons and my nephew did a full contact sparring (including punching & kicking) demo using mixed weapons for 1 1/2 minutes. The boys showed the using 36 inch rattan (long sword)…


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Life Changes from Sept.11th events

Sept 11th, 2001 created  a chain of events that is still moving forward today. This event was our generations "Pearl Harbor". I work as Firefighter so the events are very real still today. I was dropping my son off at my in-law's house for child care when the incident took place.  It is the series of events that happen after that stands out. This one of several that occurred for me.

A friend of mine pointed out that those events would have never happen on Chinese, Japanese, Koren or…


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Upcoming Demonstration at FPAC Festival Sept.11

The South Bay FMA club is doing public demonstration of Filipino Martial Arts as part of the FPAC -Festival Philippine Arts & Culture in San Pedro California, on Sunday Sept.11th. It will be at Point Fermin Park at the end of Gaffey street. We will be on the Generations stage at 1pm. Please come down and support us. Our kids will be demonstrating sparring WEKAF style, Sparring USFMAF style the audlts will demonstrating single stick fighting double stick fighting, hand on weapon methods and… Continue

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Arnis class for kids in Gardena

The South Bay FMA club offers kids classes every Monday night from 7-8pm and Saturday mornings 8-9 am in Gardena. Kids age 4 to 12 are welcome in this class. Kids classes are a combination of drills games and sparring with padded sticks. The classes are small, with limit of no more than ten kids to the class. We have been teaching a kids class for 4 years now. We do charge dues of 35.00 per month to pay for the use of Karate Dojo. Families get it for 60.00 per month, but they have to live in…


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Arnis Class tonight Shugyokan Dojo 6-7pm

We have Arnis Class at Shugyokan Dojo 6-7pm tonight. If you are in the area come by and visit

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Early Morning Work Out

Got up early and worked out while still cool @ dawn 0530 could not sleep any more so just worked out in the early morning quite. Just watching the dawn and building my Chi. It is great to work out then before the hustle and bustle of the day gets started. The Sayaw flows well with the breathing techniques. Practiced it three different ways with stick with out and small hunting type blade trainer.

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Last nights workout

Last night it I worked out in the late evening. I work in rural area that gets warm, it was 94 during the day. I did my Sayaw with breathing techniques as Grand Master Leo Fong taught me. I have described this as Filipino Tai Chi to others. I found that if you do your stick motions slow and clean while moving and flowing and using the method of building Chi you will be greatly rejuvenated after a 1 hour practice. I will then do my empty hands motions as well. i visualized my opponent and then … Continue

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My new book- The Basics of Filipino Martial Arts

After years of interaction with Guros,  Masters, Grand Master & Instructors I have completed my book. The Basics of Filipino Martial Arts. it is a 92 page book filled with details and pictures of what makes up the basics of FMA fighting system known as Arnis, Eskrima or Kali. It is the perfect companion to any FMA style you are learning. It does represnt just on style but what is the common threads of what makes up FMA.


I want to…


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