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Philippine Sports Commission To Lead Implementation Of Arnis Law | AHN By marppio

Philippine Sports Commission To Lead 

Implementation Of Arnis Law | AHN 

By marppio  


Philippine Sports Commission To Lead Implementation Of Arnis Law | AHN. 

Manila, Philippines (AHN) The Philippine Sports Commission will get P5 million to 

lead the implementation of a law declaring the martial art of arnis, a form of stick 

fighting, the national sport. 

President Gloria Macapagal signed into law…


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Learning to Heal-find the Spirtual side of FMA

In my FMA journey, I have come incorporate my spiritual side with my physical side. I made change in my style when I teach I try to include Chi building exercises in to the lessons. I have added learning about the spiritual side in the higher levels as well. Many of the old FMA Masters & Grand Masters were also spiritual/mystic people. Many people just focused on their GM's physical fighting side not their spiritual side. Keeping yourself in balance in your spirit is as important as…


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Guro Jamie Lagang New Instructor Bahala Na Multi-style Escrinma


Jamie Lagang

In the early 1980s, Jamie Lagang was exposed to the art of escrima by GM Regino Illustrisimo. His parents would often bring him when visiting GM Regino and his wife, who were close friends of the family. GM Regino would take him aside and show some basic techniques and encouraged him to learn the art. This sparked his interest.

In 1983, Jamie was introduced to the Largo Mano…


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The mother of Modern Arnis By: Buboy Bilon

Before the martial law was proclaimed in September 1972, various foreign martial arts were making a major ingress to the archipelago. Japanese Karate, Korean Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Kung FU, to name a few. Capturing the hearts of many Filipino Martial Arts practitioners. Many soon noticed that its own Martial Art, its Indigenous Filipino Martial Art, Arnis, was already taking a backseat in the Martial Arts Scene. Many were about to give up, others preferred to shut up. But not Grandmaster Remy…


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Introduction from Kelly Phillips

I have been involved in FMA for almost two years. My main course of study has been in Serrada Escrima. I have begun expanding my studiy into Balintawak. As with other forms of marial arts, I fell they each have their place in a persons arsenal. I appreciate the warm welcome I received from myfma.net. It is this hospitality that I have admired from the FMA communitee. Thank you again.


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Filipino WWII Social Studies Bill Signed in California


Proud to be a part of this piece of legislation and it's final approval.

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Interview with Dr. Remy Presas Jr. FMA Digest Publisher Steven Dowd

 Living in Quiapo, Manila and before Grandmaster Presas left for the 

United States, promulgating Modern Arnis at the school when other instructors were not 

around Grandmaster Presas would work out with his son Remy Jr., certain things he 

would practice with Remy Jr. that he did not with others. Grandmaster Presas had 

thoughts that if he showed everything to others he would be challenged later on. So there 

were things that were kept to himself or were…


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MARPPIO Mataas na Guros

Demetrio Jose P. Presas is the second son of the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas. He is considered to be the Modern Arnis Marvel in the Presas family. Having had a precocious upbringing in the warrior arts, Demetrio showed great intuitive…


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MARPPIO Mataas na Guros

MARPPIO Mataas na Guros

Mary Ann P. Presas is the second daughter of the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas. Mary Ann Presas She is the Arnis prodigy of the Presas women. Childhood memories of rigorous sinawali drills and repetitive practice of…


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MARPPIO Mataas na Guros

Remy P. Presas, Jr., Ph.D. is the eldest son of the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas. His father started training him even at the tender age of six almost every morning in their gym at Quiapo, Manila Philippines, on various styles of…


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GRAND MASTER The Man Behind Modern Arnis

A true lover of sports, Mr. Remy A. Presas is the man behind Modern Arnis today. From the cold tomb of oblivion, Mr. Presas gave new life and meaning to the true Filipino martial art called Arnis. Arnis died with the passage of time as the incontrovertible onslaught of modern living and foreign influences blotted out this gem of the Filipino culture to merely one of the things of the forgotten past. Truly Arnis died with the…


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Cardinal Rules or Principles in Arnis

By nature man is never violent. Unless otherwise affected by some physical or psychological affliction, or forced by outside reasons or provocations, no man will harm a fellow human being (or animal for that matter) let alone feast on their physical sufferings. Man is an "institution" of love and kindess.

However, history is replete which stories of man's brutalities to his fellowman. Wars were waged and lives were laid in battlefield after battlefields. This…


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History of Modern Arnis

Before it was introduced in Manila, modern arnis has its humble beginnings in Bacolod City in the Visayas where the author first learned the techniques of the art. Being a master of many martial arts, the author was able to compare the intrinsic qualities of Arnis with other martial arts. And this comparison led him to improvise the antiquated techniques of Arnis not only for reasons of pacing with the times but also for utmost effectivity. These improved techniques were then taught for the…


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To All Martial Arts Exponents Everywhere:

Welcome to the next generation of Modern Arnis! The Modern Arnis Remy P. Presas International Organization MARPPIO, founded in 2002 and dedicated to the loving memory of our father, Grand Master Remy. A. Presas (founder of Modern Arnis), and to carry on the legacy he left us as the children and Family of Modern Arnis. MARPPIO was established for three reasons: first, continuous promotion and propagation of the Filipino Martial…


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Bahala Na Multi-Style / Larga Mano - Retirada Drill

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Espada y Daga DVD Preview

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