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A special Gift....another great story from Ron Saturno

When someone has a 'special gift' they will be envied and envie will 'eventually' turn into hatred. Fitting 'into' a group has survival value. Being a member of a group was the primary way that man has survived many a moonless night. We have all but forgotten about a not too distant time, that men's hearts sank with the sun as it slowly disappeared over the horizon.

Fear of the dark today is 'downplayed' as just a primordial vestige of our past: Fear of the dark is something that only…


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FMATalk Live with Master Jon Escudero on iTunes

This week we were excited to have Master Jon Escudero of Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel.  We'll be chatting about his upcoming US tour and the importance of weapons training in the modern world.

Visit his website:

Our hosts will be Guro Federico Malibago, Guro John Bednarski, Guro Mark Basel and anyone else we can convince to join in on the madness.

Listen to this show live and streaming this…


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Horizontal and Vertical lines

When you think about  it there are only two directions strikes can come from based upon planes: Horizontal, Vertical.

Regardless of how the strike is thrown they are still on these planes. Period!

The skill lays in the ability to deal with them on different planes of the three zones of the body.These are the head to neck, chest to abdomen, hips to feet. This process involves punches and kicks, all edges weapons & impact- pole weapons. you must be able to think in these…


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“It’s your baby”

“It’s your baby”

-Guro Mike Cardenas

Many years ago, when we used to train out of Master Jorge’s school off of Fremont Street in Stockton, GM Art had been teaching us a variety of defenses against mugging scenarios. On this particular evening we started the lesson in a very controlled manner with a single attacker, yielding a knife. We would react with a series of quick and deliberate movements to escape the situation, over the first hour my confidence grew as I quickly…


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Punching and Kicking with stick fighting

Last night we trained at the park like we do every week. This week's topic was how to punch and kick while stick fighting. I took a lesson out of Manong Espi's book he used to say the you distract with stick and change ranges and punch. My students found that basic punches like jabs crosses, bolo and hooks worked the best. The striking area's with punching were limited to the upper and mid zones of the body. From the belt line down kicking and kneeing worked the best simple kick not less.…


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I started off the class on Saturday morning with a recommendation on some really nice documentary work done by the PBS people on the making of and philosophy surrounding traditional sword craft in Japan. For anyone who may be interested, here is a link to the video: What I have always admired about the Japanese culture is the level of commitment both expected…


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Tai Chi & Kali in Las Vegas

Creative Warrior Academy of Las Vegas offers high quality progressive and traditional martial arts, my instructors Guro Richard Lamoureaux & Sifu Jack Soderberg have trained me in such a versatile , eclectic way that Im able to offer to you a well balanced system that includes brazilian jiu jitsu, western wrestling, kickboxing, lama kung fu, Tai Chi and Kali all with JKD concepts.

I teach at 2 store front locations and working on setting…


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Ground Zero....Ron Saturno

I grabbed a 'short' Serrada stick last night to work out with. I was visiting the old Harding Way School where Angel Cabales started Filipino Martial arts on the mainland in 1968. There is 'a lot' of history in that building.

So many famous people have gone through the doors of the Harding Way School that I can only hope that it is never torn down for 'any' reason. If it should ever come up for demolition, it should be lovingly taken apart brick by brick and moved to another…


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FMATalkLive with Author and Healer Virgil Mayor Apostol on iTunes

Virgil Mayor Apostol has dedicated himself to the research, development, and promotion of Filipino cultural and healing traditions. He descends from a paternal and maternal bloodline of healers and from the teachings of respected elders. 

His book, Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions, which is now in its second print, was released by North Atlantic Books back in 2010.

We had a great…


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Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas


Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas is the founder of Kombatan and one of the most accomplished Filipino martial artists. In 1970 he created ARJUKEN, the Arnis, Kendo, Jujitsu, Karate Association to promote Filipino martial arts within the Philippines. In 1975 he founded the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation (IPMAF) to promote Filipino martial arts around the world. Currentlly Kombatan has schools that reach from the United States, Australia, Mexico…


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New FMATalk Live episodes are on iTunes

Checkout  and subscribe to FMATalk Live on iTunes.  New episodes with Maha Guro Brian "Buzz" Smith and Stick Fighting World Commissioner Datu Tim Hartman.  We also talk about the deadly Piper Knife method from South Africa.

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Latest Stop on the CTS Virtual Tour

Here is the latest stop on the Counterpoint Tactical System virtual tour. Filipino Martial Arts in the Missouri Ozarks. Check it out.

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Of Spears and Lances

Of all of the weapons the spear is one of the oldest ones,  think about it, its a long skinny pole with a pointed end. It may or may not have metal pointed end and still is effective. It is not complex to teach someone how to use it as it is simple weapon, yet how many martial art schools teach how to use it or even throw it. I know some Kung Fu schools do they make it a bit fancy, I know groups like NAWA do and spar with them, the Hawaiian Lua schools do but only a hand full of FMA schools…


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Hello everyone,

Don't know if you heard, I've been appointed commissioner of STICKFIGHTING WORLD (a Cage Stick Fighting League). If you or any of your people are interested, let my know. Our first card is in Hamilton Ontario on April 5th. 

Respectfully yours,

Tim Hartman

SFW Commissioner…


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Kali/JKD in Las Vegas @ 3 locations now!

You can join our Kali/JKD group or I can put together a personalized program to fit YOUR specific needs and/or goals.

I also teach Tai Chi which is meant more for the elderly as the training is very soft, but it is enjoyed by all ages and teaches YOU to slow down in these busy times, and has great health benefits.

Kali-Filipino Martial Arts is an ancient weapons/empty hands art that is here to stay, come check out this rare style of…


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Congratulations to My Teacher

The Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) has some great news. 

Master and CTS Founder Zach Whitson and master Dian Whitson were promoted to Grandmasters in the Cacoy Doce Pares system by Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete this past January during their trip to Cebu. Click …


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The Federally Dilemma

“The federally dilemma”

By Guru Mike Cardenas

Excitement mixed with nervousness is how I would describe my mood as I packed my bag in preparation for a martial arts trip down to Mazatlan Mexico. My instructor, GM Art had requested I join him along with two other senior students in order to assist with the training we were scheduled to give to members of the Mazatlan Police Department and Mexican DEA Agents. We were just one group amongst a few instructors from the United…


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Lunar New Year the Year of the Horse

We sit in a new Lunar New Year it being the year of the Horse. Most people do not know the origin of the Chinese Lunar New Year, as Chinese were settlers and traders in the Philippines, this celebration  still happen every year.The story I heard about this was one going back in time. As many on myths and legend go this is good one to share.  According to the legend, over 17 centuries ago, during the Yin-Shang Dynasty, an evil monster lived in the depths of the Yellow River. Every New Year’s…


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Eskabo Daan Teams with Mark Munoz

Eskabo Daan with Team Munoz

On January 11th, Eskabo Daan joined “The…


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March 2nd 2014 " A Good Day to Visit Stockton!" From Ron Saturno

From Ron Saturno...
Yesterday Guro Michael Butz of Phoenix, AZ., Belinda Sanchez his running buddy and my niece as well (Michael just Isn't bright enough to recognize an absolutely superb chunk of woman flesh and all…

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