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abel diaz
  • Male
  • Philippines
  • Abenir Kali (Kalis Illustrisimo)
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What style(s) do you practice?
Abenir Kali (Kalis Illustrisimo)


Abenir Kali System is primarily a blade based martial art which derives its bulk of techniques and fighting principles in the arts of Kalis Ilustrisimo, Yaw-Yan, other FMA styles and Pencak Silat. The founder Master Bong Abenir had fused these systems in order to come up with his own training system and also added techniques and strategies discovered effective during live sparring. Most of the techniques that were effective during a full sparring session without protective gear were thoroughly observed whether its efficiency were replicated many times and would therefore include it as part of its repertoire of techniques and skills to be practiced and developed over and over until it becomes an automatic response. The founder believes that during a fight wherein everything is sudden and happening so fast that you may not have time to think but instead rely on your quick reaction to any attack or situation you are in. 
"The empty hand fighting system could be practiced anytime at any stage or level of the practitioner"

The weapons progression is used in conjunction with the empty hand training progression of the system in order for the practitioner to get a "complete education" in the variables possible with the major techniques in and tactics employed in Filipino Fighting Arts.

The major characteristic of Abenir Kali is efficiency. It is a very pragmatic and practical system which applies the laws of physics and psychology. It does not waste time with unnecessary movements but instead goes right through the heart of the problem when dealing with an adversary. We make sure that the practitioner is able to fight or defend himself in just a few sessions of training within the system. Although it does not mean achieving mastery of the skills and techniques within the system in such a short period of time but rather the skill and confidence during a street encounter is what we are after (learn to fight first, then work on the finer points of the art later). That is we do a lot of drills during the first sessions and help the student analyze the different strategies and tactics that could be employed during a street fight. It does not matter much how well you execute the techniques during a fight as long as it scores or hits the target. People are not concerned on how beautiful or skillful you employ your techniques but whether who is left standing during the encounter. After learning these things, only then comes the formal training for the purpose of mastery and teaching of the system.


-Don't waste moves, be flexible. A parry which does not incorporate an attack is wasteful movement.
-The defense is an attack, an attack is a defense
-Hit,hit,hit until the opponent is no longer a threat to your safety.
-Avoid wide movements but use centerline theory in order to deliver your blows without telegraphing your attack as well as your defense.
-Wrist locks and disarming techniques are only incidental. A hit could cause a disarm that only counts as 1 beat which is faster and more practical to use than complicated locks during a heated encounter especially against multiple opponents.
-Hand techniques should correspond with your footwork.
-Hit the nearest and the open targets presented to you.
-Only engage in a fight if no other option or escape in order to avoid it is possible.
-Run if you must, fight if you must, whatever you do, do it decisively and quickly.


The founder of the art decided to explore more on the other side of Kali which is stick fighting with punches, elbows, knees, kicks and sweeps. We have posted a clip in youtube wherein both players fight with protective gear but allow the use of hand and foot techniques so as to turn the sparring session of Kali more intense, technical and explosive. Unlike the modern sport of Arnis where we see two players just banging up each other with padded sticks and turns the whole game of Arnis into a boring and sometimes even senseless match. You rarely see the fighters put up a good defense but rather they just keep on relentlessly attacking each other hoping to earn more points than the other. Do that in a real fight and you’ll probably beat the hell out of the other guy but you yourself might also end up in a very bad situation by having a lot of bruises, cuts and broken bones all over. And with this kind of sparring format there is more freedom of techniques to be used and it will also blot out most of the skeptics comment whether an arnisador or eskrimador would still be an effective fighter once he loses his sticks. Although it is a fact that FMA do have hand to hand techniques but still most of the uninformed would think that it is only stick fighting and nothing more. That is probably why a lot of Filipinos would rather take up other hand to hand arts because they don’t see much within our won martial art and watching most tournaments held here makes the impression a lot worse. I was present on two separate occasions where an Arnis tournament is being held and I heard a lot of negative comments by onlookers. The worse comment I’ve heard were from a group of young men who said “walang kwenta naman pala panoorin ito, hampasan lang ng hampasan ng mga ulo na parang mga bata! (This is not worth watching, they just keep banging each other’s head up like kids!) With that said, I left the place knowing why most Filipinos don’t seem to have interest in taking up Arnis, Kali or Escrima

Panunumpa ng isang Kalisador (OATH OF KALI)

Ako ay isang kalisador, nanunumpang hindi gagamitin sa kasaamaan ang aking kaalaman. Ipinapangako ko na gagamiting lamang upang ipagtanggol ang mga naapi at maging aking sarili sa oras ng pangangailangan. Ako’y magiging mapag mahal sa aking kapwa at mananatiling tapat na lingkod ng aking inang lupa.

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Abel diaz's Blog


Posted on October 19, 2012 at 5:11am 0 Comments

Function Precedes Form

By Fernando “Bong “Abenir III

Martial arts were developed in order to find practical ways of dealing with self-defense situations. Every aspect of the techniques being used is supposed to be functional and whatever is outside of that simple concept is discarded. The approach must be simple, efficient and direct. No fancy movements, no dancing around, do not beat around the bush. But instead go right thru the heart…


Lethal Point

Posted on October 16, 2012 at 7:48pm 0 Comments

There are various points on the human body that are vulnerable that if they are struck with even a moderate amount of force would result in excruciating pain or death. Martial artist are aware of the location of these points which help them to develop defenses to avoid being hit in these areas. It also serves them well by striking the assailants in these points in the interest of personal safety. Whenever physical…

Preparation for street combat

Posted on October 16, 2012 at 7:40pm 2 Comments

It is not unusual to hear about a martial artist who has won trophies and medals from tournaments but ending up badly beaten in a street confrontation with someone who only had little or no martial arts training at all. Why? The reason for this is that most tournament fighters train only for combat competitions which emphasize technique to score points, rather than techniques for self-defense. There is no denying that the more sparring experience one has the greater his confidence and…



Posted on October 16, 2012 at 7:38pm 0 Comments

Arnis, Escrima , Kali and Kalis

Are Martial Arts which have its origins in the Philippines. The practitioners of these arts emphasize the use of blunt, projectile, hand to hand and bladed weapons. Projectile weapons may refer to spears, bow and arrow, blow guns and knives. (It does not include plates, glass, spoon, fork and other kitchen wares which Filipina wives throw at their husbands during marital warfare.)

Arnis de mano is…


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At 11:16am on October 23, 2012, Henry Paz said…

Thank you for your friend request. I am interested in knowing your english translation of the Oath of Kali and knowing more about the things that make Abenir Kali (Kalis Illustrisimo) distinctive. Much respect from Spokane WA USA.

At 8:11am on October 18, 2012, Guro David Battaglia said…

Hi Abel,

Good to meet you.

At 10:56pm on October 16, 2012, Black Swan Tactical said…

Thank you for inviting me to be your friend!




At 8:19am on September 6, 2011, Ricardo Marques said…

Forgive me. The Lodge is correct

At 7:41pm on August 31, 2011, Ricardo Marques said…
Hello brother! What a joy to find a brother from the Philippines! I visited several sites of stores in Manila, but did not get any contact. I am a practitioner of Kali Silat brothers and I want to interact with this art. I am a member of the Sesquicentenário Lodge No. 1915 and grade 30 of the Supreme Council of Brazil for the Scottish Rite.
At 9:16am on March 16, 2011, terry joven said…


welcome to!

thank you for adding me as  a friend!

if u like join my group..Bahalanamulti-style escrima!



At 8:16am on March 16, 2011, Dave Standeven said…
Welcome Abel, hope you enjoy the site.
At 6:53am on March 16, 2011, John R. Malmo said…
Abel, welcome to - Filipino Martial Arts Network!

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