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Jul 1, 2021
I was speaking to several last week in the forums about surviving knife fights and thought that I would bring to everyone's attention the existence of a relatively new clotting agent the U.S. Military is using. 

Allegedly 100% of all recipients of this cauterizing agent LIVE!  I put in a few days looking at the videos and then put together a PlayList at YouTube on my  "Military and Martial Arts Channel."

The first PlayList called, "Survival - Combat Triage." The cauterizing agent is called, "Quik-Clot" and it would
be very useful for anyone going in to armed combat.  I will say it again, "allegedly 100% of all recipients of this cauterizing agent LIVE."

If you are a member of YouTube add me as a friend!  I am going to go full bore on this knowledge base and see what I can amass as far as military and martial arts. I am no longer just linking to things, I am doing hard core research, watching every video and will be adding it to a PlayList only if it is worth it to an audience greater than myself.  I will also be deleting many things, which others may not need to see.  So some of what you see will go away, but there is a ton more to come.


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I think at the moment that the jury is still out on whether or not this second formulation burns anyone. I did not review all videos on the subject because over the past two days, I spent at least 30 hours on the YouTube portal, looking for martial arts related material.

Any single video making a negative claim would be inconclusive and statistically immaterial. One video, which stated that the first formulation burned people and then went about testing the second formulation of this technology was very very poorly made. I am not knocking non-scientists, but the methodology used to test the second formulation was useless. I cannot verify whether or not the second formulation burns anyone. The videographer that brought the fact up said that the temperature of the Quik-Clot "pad," a second formulation test, which was soaking in water, became cooler. This person was not in any way following any scientific method, and did not even have a thermometer to tell us what the initial and final temperatures were nor did he measure the temperature every 15 to 30 seconds with a digital thermometer as one would expect had he actually taken one science class in his life and experienced what it takes to debunk a claim. He estimated the temperature of all components, water and Quik-Clot pad, based on what he could sense with his hands! Ahhhh... lets just take a look at this for a second.

I do not want to get burned in any way either. But lets assume that you are in the middle of a firefight, or knife fight, and the bad guys have retreated or stopped shooting you long enough for you to apply the Quik-Clot. If you look at the videos that I have on the PlayList you will see that the test developed was very severe and included a femoral artery wound. If you know anything at all about that wound, basically, you die. If you get in to a knife fight and your femoral artery gets cut, allegedly there is no way you can stop the bleed out, as the artery retracts under strain of the muscle up toward the groin and you will likely be unable to pinch it.

Go to my PlayList and see the video, "Quickclot Hemostatic Agent" and you will clearly see that the mortality rate for all other agents is between 30% and 80%, whereas Quik-Clot has a 0% mortality rate! 100% survivability.

I do not want to get burned... yet, I would beg to be bathed in Quik-Clot the moment I get struck! I would stuff my clothes with this technology and if I got hit, I would immediately coagulate. And if I had ten, twenty grand... I would invest in it and these are the best non-medical recommendations I can give.
I am a former Corpsman. Good post, I will look for you on youtube. I imagine that you still have a medic / first responder bag in your home, and in each vehicle, and cached away in various places, I do. : )

Thank you Steven!


I only did the research on this topic after the topic came up on  Had I not been here in this system, I would have missed out on discovery of this product.  Every martial arts instructor, police and fire department vehicle, and ambulance should be equipped with Quik-Clot technology.


Enjoy my videos on YouTube.  I am not maintaining the site as much as I use to but I put in many hundreds of hours looking for great martial arts videos.





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