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"If you're proficient with your dominant hand, don't neglect your less dominant hand; don't neglect a struggling student."
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Great loss to world

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May 2, 2020

With GM Ernesto Presas Jr.'s permission, I am posting a letter addressed to all International Philippine Martial Arts Federation members concerning some recent events.  Below is the wording of the letter as well as an image of the letter itself.


The "World Kombatan Community", GM Juerg Ziegler and Recent Promotion

To All I.P.M.A.F. members,

Recently as you may have read on Facebook GM Juerg Ziegler promoted both Senior Master Allan Fami and Senior Master Michael Ermac to the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Kombatan and Modern Arnis and bestowed upon them the title of Grandmaster.  These ranks and titles were issued without my consent and knowledge.

As the heir of Kombatan (as bequeathed by my Father GGM Ernesto A. Presas) and the current President of the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation and Chief Instructor of Kombatan and Modern Mano Mano I would like to unequivocally state that these ranks as bestowed by GM Ziegler are held invalid by I.P.M.A.F. for the following reasons:

  1. Both Senior Master Fami and Senior Master Ermac are currently not members of the I.P.M.A.F. fraternity and as such are not eligible for promotion within Kombatan or I.P.M.A.F.
  2. Promotion to Grandmaster status must be initiated and approved by HQ in Manila, Philippines and endorsed with my signature on the current I.P.M.A.F. certificates (both of which did not occur in this case).
  3. The right to promote to this rank is solely mine alone as the Chief Instructor of Kombatan and Modern Mano Mano and President of I.P.M.A.F.

Furthermore I would like to take this opportunity to clarify my stance regarding the "World Kombatan Community".  It is true that my father approved the creation of this forum prior to his passing as a group that could assist in unifying I.P.M.A.F. members globally and appointed GM Juerg Ziegler as its chairperson in good faith.  The intention was not for this group to be an alternative organization and or be able to promote I.P.M.A.F. members to senior ranks without permission from HQ in Manila, Philippines.  The art of Kombatan will always be governed by the I.P.M.A.F. and more importantly the Presas Family.  To reiterate no rank, position and or title issued by the World Kombatan Community will be recognized by I.P.M.A.F. or its global members.

Finally I would like to address GM Juerg Ziegler and his status within the I.P.M.A.F. unfortunately given recent events it has become clear to me that he is not working in the best interest of the I.P.M.A.F. and more importantly in the best interests of the art of Kombatan (my late father's legacy to us all).  As such effective immediately I remove from him the title of Chief Instructor of Switzerland and remove all rights for him to use the name Kombatan, Modern Mano Mano and or promote any association to the I.P.M.A.F. and or the "Presas" family name.

I would ask that we continue to look at the positives e.g. a successful recent world camp in Finland and plans afoot to confirm our bi annual World Training Camp in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental in 2013 and our first World Camp in Spain in 2014.  The I.P.M.A.F. is thriving and I am sure my father would be very proud of all those who have worked to effect positive change for the organization and the art.

Yours in Kombatan,

Grandmaster Ernesto Presas Jnr.
President / I.P.M.A.F. Kombatan
Chief Instructor Kombatan & Modern Mano Mano


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