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Dragon Flower Boxing

The Dragon Flower Boxing system,is my collective oriental martial arts experience and innovations.From Silat and Kuntao(Kung Fu).This system focus on practical use of martial arts to fight any combat-en through the use of internal force principals.

Location: Midland Texas USA
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Dragon Flower Boxing

Dragon Flower system of Martial Arts is based of a variety of Silat and Kuntao influences,all the these sources of information have been focused into less of a stylistic expression.Like animals, artistic,ext.This collective pool of knowledge is expressed as a weapons/human bio-mechanical efficient form of martial arts.That is geared towards internal form(chi energy) combat based operational principals vs jurus,katas,or even forms.This type of structure has its purpose to teach a wide variety of peoples and back grounds and skill levels in the shorts period of time to gain a higher level of skill.An at the same time allow the individual to develop their own set of skills unique unto the selves,compared to a more traditional/structured style of martial arts.

Dragon Flower Boxing's,operational principals.
Dancing with the Dragon.
Word principals.
Dancing with the dragon is a training tool used to teach any form of martial movement.In a free flowing method using sensitivity of your environment and opponents.Any and all movements can practiced at a slow Ti-Chi type speed or at a higher combat level.This is a tool that designed to practice and train realistically and safely as possible with out sacrificing quality.Both Silat and Kuntao(Kung Fu) use similar type training concepts.

Internal Power of the Dragon Flower.(Dragons Coiling the Sphere)
Dragon Flower Boxing has a strong rooting in internal power principals as a cornerstone of this art. There are 3 types of chi power used in dragon flower a soft Chi Gung witch has the Elements of Air/Water,a harder more physical for Nei Gung which is Elements of Earth/Fire.The final expression of chi is a form that combines both Soft and Hard, is the Element of Steel.

Internal Combat Power of the Dragon Flower.(Dragons Riding the Storm)
I have discussed the internal health and training side to my systems internal power applications.Now i am bring to light a more war based applications,the Chinese call this fajing or shaking/thunder destruction energy.When properly applied this form of internal destructive energy can simply sting your adversary when little touched.Or on the opposite end of the spectrum when death is to be dealt out you can snap bones or even destroy internal organs with this.The type of power is not a heavy handed in nature, this is done through the training of sensitivity of your self and environment. In the Bahasa dialect this is called Rasa or feeling/sensitivity.This can only be properly accomplished through training of the Dancing With the Dragon concepts and principals.

Weapons of the Dragon Flower.
Knife,Sword,Krambit,Fighting sticks(Kali type),Short staff,Grappling rope,Chinese style Butterfly Knives.
These are more of a so-called traditional weapons,that you might find in many southeastern
Asian area martial arts.These weapons in my system are not structured around forms or jurus,like i have referred to before what i do is bio mechanical/weapons style of fighting.That takes the movements of each of these weapons an combines all of these.And promotes a comprehensive way of weapons based fighting(learning) in empty hand as well a weapons form of combat..

Weapons principals.
3 SS,Spear,Sword,Shield.

1.Spear long range movement,with some circular actions all designed to over whelmed your opponent defences.
2.Sword short to medium range slicing/stabbing movements that are passive in nature.Which are used to overcome your opponent with softness.
3.Shield short range movements that are defensive in nature that can be used to attack the combatant.An to take on opponents regardless of size and weight.

Dragon Flower Boxings combat ranges.

The Dragon Flower has a variety of ranges of fighting at its disposal.This style does not use long range kicking/hi above the waist. To compensate for this we use mobile foot work to move in and out, and to move into western boxing ranges.Even most Asian form of martial arts use some sort of range variation of this.Next range is medium hi and low this level is very typical in allot of chinese and indonesian styles of kung fu and silat.Deep style horse stances are typical of this range.Being at this lower stance helps in stability and getting under most upright types of fighting. Next level is low or ground fighting.Most people how think of ground fighting,envision some-type of western wrestling,or brazilian jujitsu hows idea of most fighting end up on the ground is true.But does not take in consideration the reality on combat and war,where your very life is on the line.So this dictates movement and strategies that deals with nutralization of any combantens quickly and leathly if necessary.

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Comment by xxxxxxxxx on May 18, 2010 at 1:36pm
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Comment by Brian "Buzz" Smith on April 28, 2009 at 6:25am
I am a long time practitioner and follower of Kuntao/Kuntaw. I am very interested in the history and the substance of these arts.

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