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Badger Johnson replied to the discussion 'A Developmental Sequence for Martial Arts Instruction'
"Guy, what you do to make this accessible to students is1. Alive application, using footwork,…"
Alessandro replied to the discussion 'A Developmental Sequence for Martial Arts Instruction'
"Dear Dr. Barber: A very informative, labour intensive piece and thank you for sharing much of your…"
Badger Johnson replied to the discussion 'A Developmental Sequence for Martial Arts Instruction'
"I applaud and appreciate whenever an instructor takes the material from the 'what to do'…"
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2016 California State Fair Demo at Cal Expo

July 10, 2016 all day
Bahalanamulti-style Escrima will be performing a Filipino Martial Arts demonstration at the 2016…See More
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Thug Tries To Rob 72- Year Old Who Happens To Be An 8th Degree BJJ Blackbelt – LOL - In yet another example of why you don’t rob people, this criminal clearly underestimated this 72-year old victim, who just happens to be an 8th degree BJJ Blackbelt. Of course, it didn’t go well fo...

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White admits his aggression has gotten him in trouble… - While many fans and media have had negative opinions towards Dana White for his brash talk, and unfiltered personality, the success of the UFC can’t be denied.  Listen to White discuss how his aggr...

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Mitrione Shares Kimbo’s Advice On How To Tell If Your Girl Is A Cheat! - “One of the lasting things about Kimbo is that he really hit us with some truth. If you ever leave your house and you’re married or have a live-in girlfriend or whatever, if you ever leave your hou...

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THIS Is Why Every 60-Year-Old Man Wants To Be Bruce Buffer - Fighters explain that there is no feeling like knocking your opponent out or submitting them, and it’s safe to assume Bruce Buffer feels the same rush of adrenaline when he brings an arena full of ...

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UFC Lab - UFC Lab takes us inside the science and statistics which underpin success inside the UFC Octagon. Host Kyra Gracie puts MMA under the microscope with the help of leading sport scientists and a stat...

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