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Who do you think has had the greatest influence on Filipino Martial Arts in your country?

There are a lot of great instructors in the world teaching Filipino Martial Arts but my question is not who is the best or who has the best system, but who has had the greatest influence in each country or on the world?

In America, my vote goes to Guro Dan Inosanto.  Guro Inosanto in my opinion, has had the greatest influence in America and parts of Europe through books, videos, seminars, and movies.  Everywhere you turn you see someone explaining sambrada, inside deflection, outside deflection, Hubad, Heaven 6, and so on... In my observations, there aren't many in the Philippines that use Inosanto's terminology or drills yet outside of the Philippines there are hundreds if not thousands of "instructors", that use his terms, drills, and techniques.  My only criticism is that the majority of these "instructors", don't give him the credit that he deserves.

 Who do you think has had the most influence and why?

Zach Jenkins

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Yes, GM ‘D’, it’s been a long time since back in the day when I attended your seminar in the 80’s at Finish Hall, Berkeley. I do remember your demonstration vividly with Princess Mila  and Master (Guro) Jeff Finder. I believe the last time we talked was at the W.E.K.A.F. World Championships in Los Angeles. In any case it is good to touch bases with you again Sir.
I do want to express my thoughts about what GM Tasi mentions about the GGM’s that also influenced FMA here in the America.

I mentioned there were others in my previous post and I did not mentioned the Manongs then because they were from the Hawaiian Islands which did not become a state until 1959.
But we cannot deny their contributions to the art that help FMA grow to what it is today. Those of course would be GGM Floro Villabrille, GGM Pedro Apilado and GGM Telesporo Subing Subing.
There are many GGM’s who still do not get the credit they deserve, some who were not well known and others who were not known at all.

My father, the late Eufemio Ducay told me about an experience he had once.
He is a Ilocano from the region of Santa Maria, Ilocus Sur and did not know Arnis, he mentioned to me around 1917 he was in the City of Vigan where he saw 2 brothers, there last name was Escobar. He actually saw them defeat 5 Chinese bullys who were carrying axes and knifes. The two brothers defeated them all with their canes as he put it, he just remembers that there was blood everywhere. Later, the town Police and Police Chief came to arrest them. pulling out his revolver. One of the brothers disarmed him, took his gun away they were all arrested.
Later, in the 1930’s my father had come to work in the fields in Stockton, Ca. he was assigned a place to stay where he ended up sharing the cabin with one of the eldest Escobar brother. He was an Eskrimador who probably trained, taught the art to others and will never ever be known for doing so.

Just thought I’d share the story…

Respectf to All,
Mahalo – Mabuhay –
Thanks for sharing!
Sir, you're absolutely correct in that there are so many Eskrimadors that remain unknown, past and present that had or have incredible skills. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm always humbled by actual combative accounts of true FMA GGM's, GM's, Masters, Guro's and pratitioners.

Zach Jenkins
Wie gehts Grandmaster "D" und vielen dank noch ein mal! I hope my German is not too bad, it's been a few years since I was back in Germany. :) Thank you for your comments, I'm humbled by them and I realize that I'm only a very small player amongst giants in the art. I appreciate the encouragement and I'll do my best to represent the art to the best of my ability.

In Deeper Respect!
It's hard to answer, I'm a Filipino and have just been here for 13 years! I believe though that Dan Inosanto is one if not the greatest influence in propagating the FMA here in US!
Thanks Guru for your comments. Since you are referred to as Guru and not Guro, does that mean that you also teach Pencak or Pentjak Silat?
Well Zach, I personnally have to disagree with you, Manong Danny did have an influenace here is So Cal in his time. You must remember that Manong Danny got his art from others. I would say that currently that a larger influence in the US and in the world is actually is Steven Dowd of FMA Digest. Instead of just focusing on himself and his methods he has developed an on-line magazine that has show FMA of many people from all over the world to the rest of the world. Now how many people can say they have influenced the world about FMA!
Kyud Dowd's influence in FMA has been significant in bringing it to the American conciousness . Point being is that it is the Filipinos who brought the knowledge of FMA to America and the world generations before it got media recognition that I give credit. They are my influence because they trained those who train everyone NOW !!!!!!!! SGM Cabales I think was the first if not one of the first to demonstrate live FMA at the Long Beach Internationals in the 60's with Dentoy Revillar , Dan Inosanto who was also an ED Parker blkbelt got the demo set up so that it was America's first glimpse of FMA including a young Chinese-American martial artist named 'Bruce Lee" before that demo FMA was still not known. "Knowing where it came from will tell us where it will go"
I would also like to add to your comment if I may. Written knowledge of the history and/or the technical aspects is one thing, but getting hands on learning is another. So in that regard, I tip my hat to GGM Cabales and all of the others that physically trained people in the art.

That's a very interesting prospective Marc and I appreciate your input. I agree that Mr. Steven Dowd through the FMA Digest has done much to educate practitioners and interested parties on many aspects of the Filipino Martial Arts during the computer age and when he established the online digest. But before people had PC's, and in many developing nations that are still discovering modern technology, many of the FMA legends that we know about in our lifetime, and as Grandmaster "D" pointed out in his comments, all the ones we don't know about, have shared their knowledge to one person or one group at a time and brought the art to various parts of the world.

Even though I have trained in the FMA for 30 years, my knowledge is still minute compared to many, and possibly yours, because of my limited exposure to those who I would consider Master and Grandmaster Eskrimadors.

We only stop learning when we reject knowledge and when we die and I hope that individuals like yourself will continue to share your knowledge and experience with us.

Thanks again, Respectfully,
Zach Jenkins
Yes, the FMA is appreciative to FMA Digest, Steven Dowd’s hard work in documenting the arts around the world. He should be commended for it!
…and as Mr. Jenkins had mentioned technology today is taking all of us to a new level in researching, writing to promote M.A..

It is however in the past that we still can learn from to help us progress for the future…
We should never forget and should keep looking under each stone for the people who in history help paved our way for what our FMA art is today.

A few known from the Philippines who were Arnis / Eskrima parishioners like Katupunero Andres Bonifiacio or Diego Salang. The FMA’s soldiers who fought in the Revolution and WWII such as Dalmacio O.Sayas (Saya-Lastra), Leo Giron (Bahala Na) and others who were just farm workers like the Escobar brothers (of Ilocus). Some were fortunate to leave behind their experiences, their journey, their FMA art.
Greetings Brother Guru/Sifu Ducay,

it's almost unimaginable to recall the many, many early FMA experiences that you & I have shared over the years together. I almost forgot about one of my first FMA 1980's seminars that you attended back at Finnish Hall in Berkeley, California. If I'm not mistaken, I think the legendary GM Eric Lee was our special guest attraction; and GM Fred Bandalan was also in attendance on that particular historical day; And! if recall serves me correctly, Brothers Guru Ed Abinsay & George Fernandez were both present on that day also. We were all just "Whipper Snappers" back then. "Now look at all of you"...You've all become 'Great Manongs' now; each of you in your own rights. Our sacred journey's together are never by accident. Your fire & courage in promoting FMA & the art of 'Kajukenbo' will always be highly acknowledged by the "World Serrada Escrima Federation" & will always be personally recognized & acknowledged by me as well. "Our friendship is everlasting".

Please pass my warmest regards over to Grand Professor Emilio Bautista & son Joseph, & if possible, also please pass my highest regards over to the Lastra brothers as well.

Until we meet again!

Heartfelt Regards,


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