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Hi Folks,

What knives do you carry on a regular basis?

I carry a Spyderco Manix, a Cold Steel 2X Voyager and a Fallkniven S1.

Here's a video that describes why I carry each one:

Tuhon Bill McGrath

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Hi bill my EDC is a Kershaw storm , and a small le griffe type knock off neck knife or if i am felling froggy I will carry a small double edge karambit. I also carry a Fred Perrin sap wallet and a pocket palm stick. The kershaw is my utility knife, my neck knife is the last resort , the pocket stick is the 1st level of force and the sap wallet is for when things must go nite nite right now but lethal force is not justified, make sense? I don't think it's overkill, I just believe in having the proper option for the job.

On a side note for those of you who don't own a sap wallet , they are great, i have never had a problem with them at the courthouse or any where else,(never flown with one) they run 55 bucks from a little pricey but in my opinion well worth it . worse comes to worse even at a fancy dress gala and the wife eyeballs you about the pocket knives or what ever , you still need your wallet right? check them out I don't think you will be disappointed-Josh
I look forward to reading what everyone prefers for an EDC. I will post mine when I have a few minutes to compose what I carry.

In the meantime, I hope everyone shares with with group!
It depends on the environment where I am at or going to that dictates what I carry as an edc.. I change from an emerson cqc 7 or 13 to a spyderco police or renegade in my front right pocket.. But on the job, I carry one of the knives already identified and back it up with a spyderco civilian or gerber applegate/fairbairn folder in my left rear.. It varies from day to day as I have several knives to chose from and I rotate them on a frequent basis..
My enemy carries my knife!
I don't know if I am legally allowed to carry this but I always carry the CRKT-CARSON DESIGNED M16-14SFG with a holster case.



That is the same blade that I bought for one of my daughters to carry. Her's is an earlier version so it has the old style of serrations. It works well for her responsibilities with Emergency Services and Ground Team functions with the Civil Air Patrol.

It's a great EDC for her, and it will get the job done if needs be.
Sir John,

Yes sir! it will surely do the job, full grip, extended handle for pakal dual guard, serrations and light weight, safety lock mechanism and easy to deploy and like a full Tanto blade. Keep it closed to the body and it is always gonna be so hard to disarm.

I carry the 2x voyager! I like the length of the blade as will as the ability to hold the weapon at the end of the handle for maximum distance. The front end has is heavy reminds me of a Pira, which also makes it eazy to open and deploy! It is a true Largomano knife and it feels comfortable in my hand!.
The X2 Voyager looks like a good blade. Doing a quick search of a few of my favorite suppliers I was able to find it for around $70.
I'm looking to get a couple more 2x voyagers cold steel is out and thebladeshop no longer has them! Do u have a supplier?

Cold Steel Voyager is a great knife. I think I will add one to my collection.

They are outstanding knives! I will be putting in an order shortly let me know if u want one... also Carlito has a wholesale account too!


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