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Hey guys,

I'm doing a study and was wondering what type of questions would you ask, if you have the chance, to ask a master in Eskrima/Arnis/Kali, past or present.

There are a lot of videos we have seen on Youtube of Masters that have demonstrated their excellent abilities, but there are only a few videos to actually get to know them. So, people that doesn't really know who they are, or not "famous" or well knowned, they only see the art, but doesn't acknowledge the man who had dedicated part of his life to preserve it. So, if you had the chance to get to know a master, past or present, what would you ask them? We all had masters that have inspired us, one way or the other. 


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1. "What gave you the motivation to pursue developing and enhancing this craft, there are other sports, or hobbies you could have indulge yourself in, but why this?"

2. "Did you ever, once in your life, use this skill  to bully other people?"

3. "Did you ever feel invincible, proud or boastful that you are a master of this craft?"

Thanks Buddy,


1. Do you envision any unity of all Kali practioners as a whole entity as Nobel, peaceful, scholar warriors in pursuit of Justice and Compassion as subtle but dominant authority?

I can see all Kali practioners playing the role of Denzel Washington's recent movie, "The Equalizer"

You obviously see Tuhon Jeff Imada's signature as taught by Great Grand Master (Guro Dan) Inosanto in all the fighting scenes.

2. Is this our opportunity to apply just and correct behavior?

There is also another theme from the movie, "Repo Men" where we see all the demonic boardmemebers that hide behind a "corportation" to manipulate and control the masses to make everyone a slave!

3. Can you activate our brothers in Kali to apply these methods to all demons in our environments?

It's pathetic to see all these demons that are in the position of power that run entire countries to enslave everyone under their so called, "rule"! Look at china. China is getting too big for her britches. Look at Russia and what Putin is doing?

4. How can we Kali practioners assist You in changing this greed we all see going on in this world, "our only home"?

Look at the Philippines! They could have developed into a great economic power if the politians were only "Noble" "Honorable" and "sincere"! The U.S. left behind a massive amound of war machinery that ISIS took over by force! How pathetic that the U.S. leaders didn't just transfer all the U.S. war machinery to the Philippines instead of loaning billions of dollars that the Filipino politicians and corporate CEOs could embizle all the cash like they did when the last huge typhoon hit the Philippines! This way, the CEOs and the politicians couldn't steal because the war machinery would just go to the Philippine National Defense! Ask Grand Tuhon Supemo about it!

5. Where do we begin to make this a world of paradise instead of knowing it as a world of demons? These selfish demons in "power" are making the meek suffer to their deaths! We have the power to turn our world into "Paradise" and defeat these demons that are making our world into hell................

Now that the U.S. has failed on their WWII promised agreement of protecting the Philippines, the Philippines is in a pathetic position to protect Herself against the encroaching chinese military thugs slowly taking the outer islands!

6.How can we prevent this from happening with our very limited resources?

It's the "Duty" of all males in the family to know how to defend our loved ones, Defend our tribe, Defend our islands and Defend our country! It's not happening!

The masses are stuck on the "Material plane"! They only "lust" after material nonsense at the expense of others, whereas the ultra poor need to be educated so they become more self reliant and self sufficient without having to rely on government hand outs as in the U.S. methods.

They rely on "welfare" but there is no welfare system in the Philippines so what they do is allow "squatting rights" to the poor and the government knows that the people will take care of themselves, planing crops to feed their families and go fishing and hunting! People are starving out there but there is still a huge amount of wild food that grows every year by the hand of Mother nature for free, dispite where all the world's economies are failing. Again, because of their material lust where they "rape" Mother Nature and use these raw elements for their own selfish gains!

They steal Mother Nature's natural resources and utilize them into products, like plastic were we all see a massive amount of it all over the world that comes from the oil industries as a by product. This is one of the reasons why china wants the Spratlys other than the oil. Rare earth minerals as well. So they make molds and dies and make chemical formulas and compositions to produce a material object that they sell on the world market! They get so greedy that they produce more factories that pollute our precious oxygen and contaminate the soil and poison our water! These are very basic elements of survival. All humans need oxygen, water and food!

All the combinations of natural materials, like rubber for tires etc. metal for endless industries, sand for glass, gasses like methane for fuel to melt the metal and create energy etc. are stolen from Mother nature and turned into products like a Lexus, BMW, Hummer etc. So you can see they are catering to Your "False Ego" which people will pay millions of dollars to express their "False Egos"!

7. Great Grand Master, what is the difference between "False Ego" and "Super Ego"?

So when ther market declines and they have to shut down factories and maky massive layoffs, they call it a loss! So their stocks go down. When all they did was rippoff Mother nature and not return anything back to Her!

This is the trap of "Maya Devi" as the Hindus call it where Goddess Kali is a "Sister", the energy that stimulates the insatiable appatite for material nonsense!

The chinese are into deceiving the world. My Tai Chi teacher from HK said to me, " 9 out of 10 chinese are liars and cheats!" My other chinese friend said, "Stealing, lying and cheating in business is normal and accepted practice in the chinese culture!"

The Filipinos are not far behind as many in the world are in this same frame of mind with black hearts! Often they are Sociopaths! This is why they can step on anyone without any compassion!  Anyway the ones I've encountered in business!

8. How can we change the hearts and minds of the masses to perform their duties?

There are 5 classes in society!

1. The Bhraman Class: Spiritual Class

2. The Ksytria Class: Warrior Class

3. The Vishnava Class: Merchant Class

4. The Sudra Class: The Working Class

5. The mudha Class: The leaches in society

No matter what material illusion you portray in society, for instance; as a President, Congressman, Senator, Judge, lawyer, law enforcement, any government agency representative or any other position, your merits and behavior indicate what "Class" in society you are branded as being! Many are within the "mudha Class" as they flaunt their so called "title" as the above mentioned but in reality they are just in the "mudha Class"!

9. How can we change the consciousness of society to raise it to a much higher level?

The false ego is often used as a "weapon" against the meek and others where is is often misused and abused to try to dominate others so they can boos their own false ego and give them a sense of "power" whereas the "true" application of false ego is part of our evolutionary process. Competition is what stimulates our genetic cellular structure to improve it's functions and abilities. The false ego is connected to our material environment, this 3rd dimension that has a link to our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind is directly connected to our spirit. In between is a door that only we have a key to it! Once that door is opened, our subconscious mind and our conscoius mind merges and our left hemisphere and our right hemisphere of our brain become one which raises our physiological nature to a higher state of mind and body!

Namaste! Kyp

History: Personal bladesmith under Guro Dan Inosanto from 1979

Trained under Guro Dan 1976 to 1986

Made training blades as well as genuine tradional Filipino balisongs, knives and swords from damascus, 154 CM stainless, ATS 34 stainless, 1095 carbon etc.

Aquisitioned bladesmithing by Grand Tuhon Supremo Leo T. Gaje Jr. 1975

Trained under: G Tuhon Mike Inay - Serrada 1975 and Tuhon Jimmy Tacosa, Tuhon Rey Subega and Sifu Mike Edow,

Pendekar Herman Suwanda, Pendekar Eddie Jafre, Tuhon Alfredo Bondolan, 1975, Pendekar Billy Mc Grath 1975 and Mike Franciotti


Great questions! I think with similar questions like these would help us understand the masters that have inspired us just a little bit more. Maybe we can put things together, the reasons why they train the way they train.

I would ask "Would you like to spar first?"

They must be able to demonstrate leadership and competence in their skills first. Im old school, but thats what I was taught in combat though. If they could demonstrate their skills in a duel and "show" me they are a master, then I would ask for them to teach me. But if they cannot demonstrate their skills, thenI know they are hiding behind their title. I believe in the old times, like Leonidas and his mighty 300, a king is a king for a reason, and they bleed for their men and die with them. . . but at least he doesn't hide behind his title. A master is a master for a reason, so they better be able to prove it. 

If I would get a chance to ask some questions to any of the master then my questions would be:

There are many other sports & activities that give you fame or popularity, why you have chosen this?

Do you actually transform your schedule to learn Eskrima/Arnis/Kali?

Which type of difficulties you faced during learning face?

1.) How did you come to know the art?

2.) What methods and techniques separates your style?

3.) Have you ever used your skills? if so did you regret it after?

These are the questions I would ask a master,.


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