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I was out for awhile due to health concerns but am anticipating being back in the fight again soon.…See More
Jul 17, 2019

Just for fun I wanted to see what everyone's favorite blade designs are. Maybe tell why and add a photo if you can. Right now I am digging on the Benchmade Marc Lee Glory Knife. The main things I like are the recurve blade and I love the canted handle. I also think it looks cool. lol In my mind's eye it is very FMAesque. No. That is not a real word, but it works well don't it? lol I made a few training knives using this as a stencile and I really like the feel in the hand. Your turn!

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These are all my favorites.. All were made by Bob Appleby and is a top notch bladesmith.. He retired about a year ago, so these are my last projects for a while.


My 2 favorites that i carry!  Cold Steel 2x-large voyager and the Rajah II peffect for espada daga or largomano!

I Carry one blade and have had the same blade for 8 years maybe, it's a folder. It's called a spy deco Native, partially serrated. I have it so worn in that I can draw it and deploy the blade with a quick flick of the wrist. It's not a big blade but it is stout. I love it. Though I have been looking at a few new ones lately..may be time to retire this bad boy..
Ok auto correct on IPad is so annoying..the knife is a

In the areas where my fixed blades aren't politically correct, I carry an emerson cqc 7 or my cqc 13 with the wave opening feature.. It is a great blade for those places where people freak out when you pull out a knife to spread your mustard on your burger

My EDC is a green assisted open (No-Name) Karambit folder I bought off ebay for $10. First thing I did was locktite all the screws on it. It has actually been a pretty good knife. (Even if it was only $10) It takes a good kean edge from my Arkansas wet stone. And it has done everything I have asked it to.

I used to carry one of the no named Karambits from Ebay also.. I was using one at work and decided to test the lock.. Needless to say, the lock failed when I did the normal test of hitting the spine of the blade on a work bench as normally done for lock tests.. I wound up getting 10 stitches in the area between my index finger and thumb.. It was the first time that I saw one of my Coworkers turn white after I felt the bite of the blade and when I saw the muscle of the hand sticking out, I said now that was stupid.. That is when I saw my coworker turn white.. I haven't carried a folding karambit since then, but mostly carry one of my spyderco civilians if I am going to work on karambit drills..

Yikes! I don't plan on testing mine any time soon. I'll take your word for it. lol I am prolly going to switch to a higher quality folder some time this year. I really like the zero tolerance knives. I just don't know about that price. lol



the Emerson locker karambit is good and can be got cheaply. I also have a chem Mtech one and its never given me any problems and cuts well. I like a good curve on the blade to do the hard work of cutting through clothing, should I even need it.

By looking at the one I have I would bet that it was made in the same factory as M-Tech. If not then right across the street. lol I found the emerson for $150-$200. For my budget that is not a reality for a pocket knife.

Inspired by our debate, I got the Fox Karambit. A fantastic blade and a reasonable price. The Smith and Wesson can be got for a reasonable price on eBay and Amazon, one seller being suspiciously cheap but his store looks legitimate.

Just checked. That seems to be the right price

I saw this smith and wesson going for $8 at a flea market a few days ago.


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