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Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy more training blades to use at my new school. I have a kris dagger but now i am looking for a couple of different knives and a few different swords. I would like to get a bolo and a couple of other ones to help with training.

In Australia they are quite expensive, so I was thinking getting them from a supplier in the Philippines. I know Australia has tough importing laws so they would need to be blunt.

Does anyone know of a supplier in the Philippines? Or a supplier that is reasonable in there prices.

Thanks guys


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Kevin, I recommend you get in touch with one of my guys in Sydney, GM Craig Bajraktarrvic - Hayward from the East Coast Doce Pares Institute, Craig and his guys have been over this ground many times and have actually begun to manufacture soe blades locally from aluminium.

Try this as a contact...  I have a seminar that Im teaching this Weekend in Sydney at ECDPI Ill check if youve reached out.

Cheers - GMAK

GM Anthony Kleeman

I get my blades from Keen Edge knives.

if your looking for blade specific EDC I use Spyderco  they have blade specific trainers.

cold steel has a selection of trainers as well.


You can try TAK knives( are some kind of hard poly or plexiglass and most are cord wrapped. I have several and they are first rate but I don't know what shipping would be down under. He makes many different kinds both knives and swords, hope this helps. has some great dagger trainers

try they don't have a large selection but the prices look reasonable.

@GM Anthony Kleeman.... Thanks for your reply,I will send an e-mail to guro craig about the blades they make.

@ John R James, Thank you for your reply.... I have visited the site keenedgeknives, they have some nice blades and not too bad prices.

@Keith Richardson, Don McGrath, Wesley Richardson, I will check the websites that you suggested.

Thank you to all who replied to my post.



In 2008 I stopped at Gm Dionisio Caneta compound in Cebu City...they have a wide selection of training blades at there store in the compound! They were very hospitable, you should check it out.

Here in the states we use Ulep training blades email site they make fine training weopons!!

good luck!


Hi Kevin,

Here's a couple you might want to try. or  Hopefully this will work for you.


I make training blades out of hi-impact resistant plastic, made to look like wood.  These are designed for contact sparring and as such are superior to wood or aluminum; they don't chip or splinter, and I've yet to hear of one breaking.  I'm the first person to utilize these kind of plastics for marketing to the FMA community, going back to 1989.  Unfortunately shipping to Australia is very high (though I've done it a few times) and I'm not sure what gets through customs there these days.  My website is (but my blade page there needs updating).  I have pictures of more current work on my Stickman Escrima page on Facebook.


I've used this guy from the Philippines and he includes shipping to the U.S. in his pricing if you buy a minimum quantity (for the training bolos I think it might be 10?).

I've purchased his sticks and his Aluminum training bolos and his kamagong training knives. I was very satisfied with all of the products and his service. The training bolos were excellent (I have two), very well made, great feel to them. I'm not sure if they produce aluminum training knives but I have several different kamagong and aluminum training knives that I've purchased over the years from different people and I felt his kamagong knives were a decent price considering he included shipping in the price.

You can contact him Nonito Abiado

Mark Lynn
Hidden Sword Martial Arts

I use Bob Burgee's knives  (Edges2 Inc.). He hand makes each training blade. I'm not sure if he can do the volume you may need, but I have found his stuff to be very high quality and very safe for both training partners.


Derek Hammond



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