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Rudy Gaytan commented on the group 'Sayas-Lastra Brotherhood'
"hello to all my kapatids out there.  much love to eddie for all he has given me that enriched…"
Rudy Gaytan replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"i was taught by eddie and got to train with his brother robert and sometimes  jorges son…"
Issu Delabyme posted a status
"Not complaining, but it has been so long to be accepted on this social media that I was not even aware I was."
Jul 8
Philip J Sipkov replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"Hello Garrett, I was taught by Jorge Lastra and  Marlan Fuentes. "
Jul 7
Gena Martinez updated their profile
Jul 7
Ben Germano posted a status
"Anything happening in the Tampa Bay area?"
Jul 7
Ben Germano updated their profile
Jul 7
James Han posted a discussion

Schools or Teachers in San Diego

Looking for a good teacher/school in san diego, anyone have any suggestions?See More
Jul 7
Latosa Escrima and Adam M Cauler are now friends
Jul 7
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Jul 7
Garrett replied to the discussion 'sayas lastra style'
"Yep. Still keeping it alive out here in Maryland. I was taught by Curtis Knight who was taught by…"
Jul 5
Master Ron England posted a photo

6 dvd panel with prices

Set of 6 DVD's focusing on the application of Derobio Escrima utilizing different weapons.For more…
Apr 8

The most common mistakes made by martial artist while training

One of the most common mistakes I've noticed that some martial artists make is in feeding punches or strikes to their training partner. Often when we feed strikes to our training partners we leave the striking arm extended instead of retracting it. Granted some training requires a training partner not to retract a strike for a variety of legitimate reasons. But it's important to remember that most people retract or follow through with their strikes so it's important to train for that as well.

Another common mistake is to practice FMA drills and techniques while standing with legs straight. I tell my group this is lazy eskrima...

Also a common habit that I try to avoid is to always defend against a straight lead when demonstrating. Not everyone uses a straighead to attack with especially non-martial artists.

What other common mistakes have you noticed?

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"Aim for my head (target)" most annoying when partners want to "help you" and are aiming a foot off their target.

"Hands or guard hand up or back"

"Maintain form in drills" Angle 1 looks like 3 and 3s look like 5. Same for 2,4,6. They are over trying.

Can I mention "stop chatting and get training?" 

Before you go fast, you go slow. As students advance so does the level of training.


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