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I'm beginning to think that some students of martial arts not only learn the principles of the club, they also become what the master is.  Often times, the ego of the master can be passed on to their selected students who adore their masters so much.  In one of my trips in Thailand, I noticed that Muay fighters are encouraged to offer prayers and food to the temple because they need to take away the ego that often destroys the practitioners, especially after a victory.  It's a good club tradition.

I have trained with many masters and each of them has their own character.  Some masters begin their training by checking their egos first, while others will speak like a god as if they are a cult.  This kind of approach may work to boost the student's ability to feel superior, but then it can also destroy the students character especially when he begins to believe that all other masters and all other clubs are no good compared to theirs.  That's when the building of ego begins.  Like master, like student.

I speak on behalf of my experience.  Once upon a time I became an egoistic sonov without realizing that I am becoming like my egoistic master.  I am simply glad that yesterday was finished.

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     You are right. In some cases,the student acts different while away from the group, over confident, a tough guy gangster, some teens get a big head and believe they are like those in movies. We as teachers can do so much, but parents are responsible from those young people, to teach them right and wrong behavior, and we are to reinforce that. We must remember there will always be other/outside influences, music, movies, fads, even religions, friends both good ones and bad ones. How about that crazy uncle that comes by every so often. Yes there will be many other influences other than us when it comes to younger students, and older students who come to us already with...

of course i couldn't leave without posting a video...proof is in the pudding!

Thank you for your contribution to this thread.  I wish to ask you,

Is there a law in your country that says what age a child must learn the fighting arts? I am asking because there is one case in the city of Saint Petersburg that a 7 year old kid learned hwarang do.  He "hwarang do" a classmate that ended up in the local court, charges pressed against the parents for molding their kid to become dangerous to other children.  Included in the case is the instructor, for allowing a young child to be "fatal".  Here's the funny part... The MA teacher's waiver was not recognized by the local court.  What the fox!

Please feel free to share.  I guess we need to know what our position will be if this happens to us.

I have never heard of such a law in the U.S.  But my not knowing of it isnt definative proof that one doesn't exist. lol

Hello Mumbakki;

My muay Thai kru had a student that he put so much effort in to. All the rest of us gave my kru due respect but not this student. It was so clear that there would be issues as he ascended the ranks to a moderate enough level but he was embewed with nothing more than the mere physical.

Due to health issues, I dropped off the scene but recently met my old teacher. As it turns our, the student completely denies that he ever learned a thing from his instructor and that he was living off his coat tails.

As for me, I don't have an arse licking bone I my body, in whatever aspect of life, but neither do I disrespect those that have imparted their hard gotten knowledge. Maybe what is harming in martial arts is merely a reflection of issues in society.

Anyway, some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you. There is no space for ego in the reality of combat. It might get your killed some day.

All the best;


Yes Mani, there are so many people who seem like they were born with no debt of gratitude.  I know many people who sees help as a "duty to be done for them".  There are also masters and students as well, despite of being respected by younger generations, would still act like gods who will take your whole arm once you offer your hand.

Family plays a big role in shaping a person's character, but in the absence of family members or guardians, the teachers become our "role model" sort of.  Thanks for your input Mani.  Cheers!

Great post!  I agree that students are a reflection of there instructors.  It's important to know that instructors are not just those who teach an art but are mentors and life coaches also.  It's important to instill positive values.  In a world of increasing violence we are supposed to be preserving and protecting these positive values. 


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