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Hi, I pose these questions to my fellow members and friends.

What do you think the top three reasons are that people study the martial arts?

Which type of art do you think is the most popular?

Even if people study a less traditional art, do you think they still like to have some tradition to it?

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1. Self-defense

2. Interest

3. Ego

Martial art popularity in my opinion is for fly by night would be martial artists.  Before I began studying martial arts I didn't care what I learned as long as I could use it to protect myself.  I began with Chinese Kung-fu because it was the only thing that was available to me at the time. As time passed I was fortunate to meet other martial artists that trained in other things.  I'm not a fan of sport fighting or competitive forms demonstrations because so many sport fighting participants are ego driven and as far as forms are concerned, as long as it is understood how to use the forms for fighting I approve.  Just my opinion of course.

regards Guro David

Hi Zach,

What art(s) do you think are most popular...most studied?

Do you think there is some tradition in non traditional arts?


Guro Dave

Guro Dave,
In my opinion BJJ, MMA, and perhaps TKD are among the most popular and successful. Marketing strategies are good and the general public likes the competition aspects of these martial arts. Also a lot of people are attracted to the belt ranking aspects as well which is something FMA and Most Other Southeast Asian arts don't have.

Out here on gilligan's island aka guam, TKD and the MMA gyms are popping up faster than a pan full of popcorn.. One of the tkd schools just moved into a 6000 sq ft location and his classes are full.. He is a master of marketing and is closed minded when it comes to doing anything with the rest of the martial arts community here..

He has an ego bigger than the eruption of Mount St Helens and is arrogant to beat all.. He will not talk to any of the other instructors and doesn't advertise his seminars when he brings guest instructors in.. He brought one of the main instructors of the balintawak groups in from the states and didn't inform anyone.. When I talked to the instructor who was brought out here up on his return to the states he was surprised that we had a balintawak and kali ilustrisimo club out here..

This same instructor brought in one the doce pares instructors from cebu about 15 yrs ago and started teaching it after being named as the representative for wekaf here, but the classes went bye bye after a couple of months due to lack of interest..

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reply.

It seems like TKD was set on fire in the 90's and is still burning hot. The same with MMA.

I think you hit the nail on the head. Both disciplines are marketing machines.

BTW, do you know "Instructor Kash"? He retired a couple of years ago, and is back in the states.


Guro Dave


I've known Kash for over 15 yrs.. We met in texas in 2002 when I had to go to san antonio to settle a family issue with the military.. He was going through the Master at arms school when he made the transfer from the army to the navy.. He and I had talked on line several times prior to that and that is where we hooked.. Kash and I worked in the same agency when he came to guam and for a while was in charge of training.. He and I worked with GM Nene when I brought him to guam in 2011 and we tried to bring GM Vic to the island a couple of years before Kash retired..  I also know a couple of his students from the group here, one of which is in the Memphis area at Millington NAS.  Kash left a few guys here on island and there is a training group of which I know a couple of the guys..


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