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Hello All,

This may already have been a topic but I think that with the untimely passing of Master Tony Diego, that the topic of preserving FMA needs to be discussed again.

For me as a Filipino-American, FMA is a rare jewel of the my culture that I feel should be promoted and shown not only to non-filipinos, but younger filipinos, especially those who live in and were born in America.

As instructors we wish to teach anyone who has a sincere determination to learn. For those of you who feel you have been successful in targeting filipino youth and youth in general, how did you go about doing it? Does it already happen and am I just paranoid. I just feel that, regardless of style, the younger generation should know that the Philippines has a bunch of formidable martial arts styles that they can choose from.

What do you guys think?


Guro Norman Malonzo

Inayan Martial Arts Association

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Other than in the Philippines I have never seen a children's program in the United States as big as Bahala Na Multi-Style.

Bahala Na is # 1 when it comes to children FMA programs. Maybe other systems can adopt their programs if the information is available.

I ran a kids program for 3 years. I maintained an enrollment of 60 kids ages 4-14. Great experience, but I did it all by myself - definitely recommend having assistants. ;)

Wow!!!!!!!!!!  Even if you had assistants, I have no idea how you did that.  Wow!!!!!  Definitely alot of hard work from you manong Malmo.

There were a number of things that worked in my favor. It was at a charter school that all three of my children attended, and I used the school's gym so it didn't cost me anything in overhead. I offered class an hour everyday Monday through Friday shortly after school let out so it was extremely convenient for a lot of parents. I offered very competitive prices compared to other available after school options. The vast majority of the teachers and administration loved what I offered the school.

The first day, shortly before starting the class, I was waiting for all of the school's students to be dismissed from the gym. The teacher in charge for the day told all of my potential martial arts club members to get in the bleachers and take a seat. As can be expected for a bunch of young elementary and middle school aged kids, they made a lot of noise and were starting to be a distraction for the teachers trying to usher students to their respective rides. I turned towards the bleachers and in a loud booming voice I commanded, "SIT." The entire gym of hundreds of students, some parents, and several teachers all immediately sat down and shut up. An awesome silence fell across the gym. After a few seconds, one of the teachers nearest me whispered, "how do you do that? I want to be able to do that!"

Lots of good times! But several pain in the butt moments as well!!


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