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Mind, Body and Soul, for the most part, do we practice the other aspect of the Martial Arts?

     For so many years and many discipline and styles that we tried to master, do we practice the other aspect of Martial Arts? Skills without knowledge is nothing and without the soul is emptiness.  For most of us we always believed that a style that applies bare hands, weapons and ground fighting is a complete system but most importantly the most neglected aspect of the Martial Arts is the cultivation of the mind and soul. 

     A skilled and knowledgeable warrior is not only equipped to fight in battle with armors and weapons but most all, psychologically prepared with the wisdom to guide us how to make a better decision and tactics to outsmart our adversaries when life is at stake.  Our practices reflects of who we are and what we will become in times of  difficulties.  In your personal thinking? when the moment calls for the last option to make a stand, do you think you would be able to give your best response accordingly?

     When the nerves sets in and the adrenaline rush flows so fast that sometimes we react in a certain manner beyond unexplainable reason why and consequences are only measured according to the result of our action.  In a more civilized world, the law of the land and the ignorance is not an excusable  alibi as per judgement. 

     Person who are trained and have expertise in Martial Arts are considered deadly and by the broad definition of the law, when an act of self defense is committed, it is always the burden of the practitioner to prove that it is the last recurse of action. It takes a glance to commit such actions and only if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that it is the last recurse of action when life is at stakes. 

     Most of the time when an action is driven by human weakness and uncontrollable human impulse we tend to react without  thinking of the consequences.  These simple facts is only processed after the unintended actions were already committed and what is being done is most likely the damage is always irreversible.

     By proper cultivation and enhancing the mindset is the only way to better understand how we are going to react accordingly so the unavoidable mistakes can be avoided.  We trained hard physically but never underestimate the power of the mind that creates the outcome of the soul. 

     Mind, body and soul is the perfect system and we are better off when we act upon solid and concrete life saving decision only and only if when life is truly at stake. He who humbled himself shall be exalted and he who exalt himself shall be humbled when people tend to prove something.


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