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A friend forwarded this link to me. I don't agree with every single point of the author. However, he mentions points I've started discussion on. I find his article thought provoking and frank. Please read and comment.

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Thank you for speaking the truth.  I am often bound to some degree by my position/role - as what I write may be construed as the viewpoint of


Your words clearly illustrate that the pen is mightier than the sword.  Or as we, the secretary generals of Kombatan say, "by pen or by blade, it will be done."

Your are welcome John...



Mr. Rocales,

Well said!

Best wishes, Don

Gm Ron

Well said!!!



GM Ron,

I appreciate your response.




Guro Dave


Another great post Ron

just wanted to add the 2 & 3 beat are just the prelude to the 1 beat & the zero beat of FMA... :)




Its a means to an end not an end to the means...

said by a very famous person...

he also said obsorb what is useful and disregard the rest!

I am easy. The author only needs to show a video how he does his empty-hands and I will be convinced.
For so many years, the alleys and streets in the Philippines is always unpredictable. Anytime things could be surprising. Frats,gangs,bad elements, all sorts of misfortunes you can imagine. You've got to have something to survive a tough neighborhood. Rival gangs, or rival Frats alike or from different group of styles in Cebu hit each other back and forth fight to prove that there system is better that the other. The ugly reality of a street fight, when it comes down to a point that you have to stand on your ground and fight for your life, you need more than a lot of guts but right mindset and the will to do everything to cheat death. Trained with worst possible things could happen at least when you need it, first thing first ,you know how to react to certain situations. A fight on the street is no gentleman's fight, no standing rules but to walk away alive! How does it feels like? Guess you don't have to but if ever you'll get a chance, good luck because there will be turning back!

Survived the streets of Cebu! I believe there's an Angel watching over us! Or just pure luck!

Hello all;


  The points above are the ones that always come to mind when I see silly comments about FMAs on Youtube and Bullshido for example. What on earth do they think the ancestors in FMA were doing for centuries? Do they think that the warriors came up with something, tried it in battle, failed and then thought, sod it, can't be bothered changing the system I'll just stick with dying?


  We all know the stories of the old masters and their challenge matches, battles with the Japanese and how they had to use their arts on their travels etc. Last time I checked, human physiology has not changed since their time so I'm making a wild assumption that what they did still works.


  The "author's"  (thats about as loose as I can use that word) inability to distinguish between a sensitivity drill and a combative technique indicates on of 2 things to me; either he hasn't a clue (which I doubt) or he is being disingenuous for the sake of recruiting the less informed (who maybe are checking out the web to see which system they'd like to try).


  BTW Ramyer, there's an expression I like which may apply to you; "Luck is when a moment of opportunity meets a lifetime of preparation".


Peace to you all;



Greetings to All,


I will admit that I do not post very much on the site, and I do alot more reading and watching the videos than actually putting out commentary and such.  However I feel that this particular post has struck a chord.  Now mind you, I have gone to Master Gatdulas website and read alot (maybe about 20 to 35) of his articles.  Some I liked, others I didn't and the ones I didn't like so much were the ones where I could honestly say to myself that I personally, needed to work on my material in those specific areas.  

   I also saw on his website the name of my teachers' teacher, Greg Alland, who had a 'friendly' crossing of hands.  Now granted I don't know what kind of 'exchange' or 'demonstration' but thats not really important for the topic at hand.  What is important is the fact that we can take his article in one of two ways: we can say that he has said something insulting or that his views are extreme towards one direction or another. Or, we can strip away all the fluff of what he's saying in his writing and distill it down to the heart of what he's trying to get across.  Sure he has his ideas and he has his way of saying (which sometimes may annoy or even upset us!) but we can respond in a variety of ways and one of those ways is by taking what we think would be useful for our training, incorporate it, use it, refine it, and discard the rest.  At the same time we should also recognize and have the humility to see that the material that we discard may be useful later on in our study.

    The point of all this is to not let the writing of this man inflame you, but encourage the 'fire' within yourself and let that be the driving force that helps us be better artist, fighters, and survivors.


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