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December 17, 2017 from 12pm to 2pm
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Las Vegas Filipino Martial Arts get together in Las Vegas

Looking to see if we can organize a Filipino Martial Arts get together at Sunset Park or some other mutual place to share, collaborate and exchange ideas and culture. I am by no means an expert, though I have studied the martial Arts for over 33 years, and have some basic knowledge of Eskrima and Arnis. I teach Shudokan Karate for Clark County but have a keen interest in Filipino Martial Arts.

I would love to get the community together for all skill levels for a BBQ and a general practice and exchange. If there is interest in this in Las Vegas and Henderson let it be known on this forum and we can see if we can make it happen.

Best Regards.

Sensei Joe Knight

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I live ~5 hours from Vegas down in AZ. I'd be interested in something like this. I've been involved in MA for ~35 years with the past ~18 focused on Filipino & Indonesian martial arts. I have a fair amount of Inosanto blend in my background though my focus for stick work these days is Cacoy Doce Pares.

I wouldn't be able to do anything with this until after May (I leave for the Philippines in a couple of weeks and will be traveling until May 10). But after I get back I'd definitely be interested. I do travel quite a bit but with enough advance planning I can manage just about anything.

There will be a martial art seminar/ tournament on the 12th and 13th of July at the Reviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas featuring several escremadore teaching/performing if interested.

Love to just go down and hang out & BBQ!

I come to vegas once a quarter to teach at the Krav Maga Las Vegas on Rainbow, if you are really interested in the FMA's and Filipino Boxing.  Rene Latosa

I live down in Phoenix. It's a long drive, but if Rene Latosa decides to make it, I will definitely find a way to get up there. Rene, please post when you will next be teaching at the Krav school! --Steve Frerichs

Ok so there is some interest here..we will wait till after May and see if I can get some more folks interested. I appreciate all the support and look forward to doing something. Even if we just BBQ and play with the sticks a bit. When we have something solid I will do a flyer and drop them at some of the FMA schools here in Vegas.

On a side note we have a large population of Filipino folks here in Vegas, it is considered the 9th can't believe it's this hard to get a group of stick players


Joe Knight
4th Dan Shudokan Karate Do
1st Dan I Li Chi Gung Fu
Student Kuntilang Escrima


Our studio, Tribal Advantage conducts padded stick battles at Desert Bloom Park off Wigwam and Maryland Pkwy every Saturday morning from 1030am-noon.  You are welcome to join us anytime.  Our style is Ocho Kantos Kali.  The website is

Mabuhay ang mga mandirigma,

Punong Guro Jon Cuenca 


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