JKD Concepts/ Wing Chun/ Inosanto-Lacoste Kali Training around Phoenix, AZ

Hi Friends, I have a small group of people training with me.We train on weekends.Anyone interested is welcome a million! Please let me know.Send me a msg here or mail me at: satyakigupta@gmail.com.

- Thanks \m/

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Where are you training

I would love to find and join your group at JKD concepts/ wing chun/ Inosanto-Lacoste kali training. I hope you can get back to me asap, i've been looking for a while now. And I want to start my training. Can anybody help me, my e-mail is dmendoza51@yahoo.com please, i'm getting to a point where i'm just about to give up. I also live in Glendale, Az. near Phoenix, any surrounding areas would be fine. But i'm really looking for is Inosanto- Lacoste kali training. If anyone can or will contact him and give him my e-mail adress. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you for your time, GOD bless.


Why is it so hard to find these guys.


Did you email them?

I left you a note on your portal to contact Inosanto directly.  Did you Google them and then call them for information regarding that or other groups in the area?

Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts
13348-13352 Beach Ave.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292



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Yes I did, and had no luck. I called them several times and all I get is a recording of where they are located, which is the adress you print. I'm out of ideas and about to give up, if they want to stay hidden oh well, maybe whoever is teaching the Inosanto-Lacoste kali system is all filled up and not takeing on anymore students on.What about you thomas, do you know of anyone out here in Glendale,Az. or the Phoenix area teaching.

I did not respond earlier with a multitude of possibilities because I thought that you were looking explicitly for Inosanto style FMA.

I just checked the MyFMA.net Schools Directory and I do not see anyone registered in AZ, but that does not mean that there aren't plenty of schools.  I Googled, "Arizona Arnis Escrima Kali" and came up with the following:

Bahala Na Multi-Style

Arizona Filipino Martial Arts - Located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Instructor: Ted Rabino : az-fma@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.az-fma.com/

Contact Phone (602) 679-9713

Asian Arts Center
318 North 5th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ

Wednesday Evening 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday Morning 7:00 am - 9:00 am
Saturday Afternoon 2:30 pm to 4:30




Phone: 602 - 421 - 3694
Email: SMAAAZ2011@YAHOO.COM----------


WWW: http://www.dteskrima.com/

Email: dtefma@gmail.com

Phone: 480-233-6039

Seminar in November: GM Rene Latosa


Kada Anan Martial Arts


Phone: 480 343 3362

Email: MichaelJButz@gmail.com



Atienza Kali

WWW: http://atienzakali.com/

Email: atienza@atienzakali.com

Phoenix, AZ
Contact: 602-697-9052

Lake Havasu, AZ

yes i was lookin for the Inosanto-Lacoste system specically, and thought there was a group out here in Phoenix or even Glendale, Az. practiceing. I could have sworn thats what the ad on your web sight said headed by Satyuki Gupta. Is he the one teaching or is he just promoteing it.


I have reached out to Satyaki.  Hopefully, he will get back to you shortly.

Dear sir. Thank you for being in touch. I have relocated back to my country and no longer live in the Phoenix area. The only Inosanto Instructor that lives in the locality is Sifu Vince Perez Mazolla. You can get in touch with him by writing to him at: vperezmazzola@yahoo.com

Sifu Vince may not be teaching publicly anymore but its best to personally be in touch with him and ask.

My best to you and your training.

- Satyaki

Sorry to hear, but greatful you gave me a place to start. GOD bless you sir


It might be a drive from where you are but I would check out all of the links that I gave you above.  Guro Dan Inosanto is graduate #1 of Bahala Na, so I would definitely check them out.  I've also practiced Bahala Na, in Stockton, California and the art was great!  Note that Bahala Na and Bahala Na Multi-Style are not one in the same...but extremely close.

Check them all out, and then make a decision based on travel times and who you like.



Will do and thanks for all your help brother, Peace and GOD bless.



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